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General is the fifth and last bodyguard of Shogun. He is a high-ranking officer in Shogun's military army. General appears as a bearded man, covered in purple armor, and wears a bandanna over his forehead. He is loyal to Shogun and heads his personal mercenary unit.

General wields a unique type of glaive, which has a functioning ditto to the Sapphire Fang and Silver Glaive. Unlike all other bodyguards, he cannot be fought directly after beating the previous bodyguard. Before he can be fought, players need to defeat five mercenaries in a row without break, similar to Survival or Enemies in a row in Challenge. After these mercenaries defeated, however, the player does not need to fight General directly, and can be fought later if the player opts to. He later returns to fight for Shogun in the Interlude.


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There are a total of five mercenaries which need to be fought before players can fight General.

  1. First Mercenary is armed with Sai.
  2. Second Mercenary is armed with Blade Tonfas.
  3. Third Mercenary is armed with Wakizashis.
  4. Fourth Mercenary is armed with Three-pronged Claws.
  5. Fifth Mercenary is armed with Spiked Axes.


  • Y-yes, my lord. I'll have my best mercenary unit hunt him down. They won't fail! - Before the fight with mercenaries
  • I know you have no mercy for the defeated, Prince. - After General is defeated
  • But whatever torture you've prepared, it will not compare to the fate awaiting those who fail to carry out Shogun's will.


  • Just like other Shogun's bodyguards and his last three mercenaries, General's weapon is unobtainable.
    • He is the only bodyguard of Shogun who does not wield a weapon based on real life traditional Japanese weapons.
  • He is the only bodyguard who has mercenaries to be defeated before he can be fought.
  • General is Shogun's bodyguard but ironically, Shogun means General.
  • Shogun appears for the first time to the player, while giving orders to General to execute Shadow.