He hides away between the barren rocks of another dimension. Get lost - and you will become his next meal.
Gaki was a Demon the players could fight in Shadow Fight 1. Having the lowest HP out of all the demons, he was the easiest to defeat. Players had to equip Batons, Advanced batons, Maces or Klevtsov to fight him. Charges of Fire could be used to increase the player's total damage made to the demon when he was stunned (or when his health was almost completely depleted).


  • HP: 2100
  • Minimum HP to perform without clan members: 70
  • Weapon: Klevtsov
  • Rewards1500 EXP, 75 Temporary Glory, 1/2 GakiR

Charge of FireEdit

Charge of fire

A player using the Charge of Fire

This circular orb of blue fire was the only charge that could be used to deal additional damage to Gaki, causing 10 additional damage. It could be earned as a battle drop from fighting Gaki or by purchasing it for 9 rubies.


After defeating Gaki, the player could randomly earn a fragment of the Klevtsov as a battle drop. Once they had five fragments, they could combine them in the Workshop section of the Inventory to form the complete weapon.


Players would receive different types trophies from defeating Gaki. The type of trophy players they got depended upon the number of times they had defeated Gaki. The trophies could be identified by Gaki's face on them. The following were the types of trophies obtainable:



Requirement: Defeat Gaki 1 time

Reward: 125 permanent glory



Requirement: Defeat Gaki 5 times

Reward: 325 permanent glory



Requirement: Defeat Gaki 25 times

Reward: 550 permanent glory