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Fox Hunt is the name of a special event in Shadow Fight 3. Kitsune-1 has arrived from Itu's Plane, where she is seeking to meet the Descendant, to ask for their help to revive her sister.

Fox Hunt is a part of Anniversary celebration of Shadow Fight 3. This event formerly introduced new things like the Ninjato weapon, Battle Pass and the legendary Predator set along with its skin, albeit locked in the premium tiers of said Battle Pass.

Note: For the purposes of the event preview, the screenshots shown are as experienced in Marcus's Plane. Minor differences may exist for fight locations based on the player's progress in the game.


Protection is a One vs One fight, where the player faces one opponent at a time. The player fights various opponents in order to protect Kitsune-1: ranging from opportunist mercenaries, cult members, to criminal leaders. This fight can be entered for free, although only once for a set timer; the timer's cooldown can be skipped with gems. The amount of rounds needed to be won depends on the fight. There are three Protection fights: Slackers, Pursuers, and Assassins.


Shibata informs the Descendant that they have been visited by a guest from another world: a hunter fox bot named Kitsune. Upon seeing the Descendant, Kitsune hastily explains her plan to them. She comes here to seek help from the Descendant to recreate her sister, Nanami. She is supposedly the smartest bot ever created whose personality got erased by the Creator. As she makes a plea for their help, Shibata points out that she somehow managed to forget explaining that she is currently being hunted by amateurs and professionals alike. Kitsune explains that she used to work for Security Committee, an organization that hunts down criminals and malfunctioning bots. When asked if their world has a similar one, Shibata replies that they do not have many bots, and none of which they have can talk. Kitsune continues by saying she ran away because she never liked hunting down bots. As a result, she is assumed to be malfunctioning and now has a bounty on her head. Kitsune claims that the Committee has agents and mercenaries even in this world. However, she has no time to explain it further as she is focused on saving Nanami. She has nicked the Creator's notes, where he writes down his works even to the smallest details, and she hopes that she will be able to recreate Nanami using his design. According to Kitsune, they need specific boards, materials and some kind of special shadow energy, which other Hunters are made of.

The player will fight many hunters that want the bounty on Kitsune's head. The opponent can regenerate their health when standing on a specified zone on the ground. The player needs to win two rounds in order to win the fight. The timer for this fight is 4 hours, but it can be skipped by using up to 125 gems. Winning this fight will reward the player with a Rare Slackers pack and 60 Battle Pass points (and 25 Shadow Energy through bonus card).

  • Name: Bounty Hunter/Huntress, Committee Agent, or Mercenary
  • Weapon: Various Weapons
  • Armor: Various Armor
  • Helm: Various Helm
  • Ranged Weapon: Various Ranged Weapon
  • Rule: Life Fountain


Kitsune claims that she was hunted by some people in strange robes as well. Shibata recognizes the people and informs her about the Cult of the Dawn which had emerged recently. They preach that shadow bots are dangerous and will one day destroy humanity, and Kitsune offends them just by existing. They aim to assassinate Okada and infect bots with viruses to assist them with their goal. Thankfully, Kitsune is immune to the virus due to her emotional system, although she has no idea as to how exactly. Shibata says that these cultists are actually intelligent people even though they do not seem like it. He is actually surprised that they have succumbed to this mass psychosis, to which Kitsune replies by telling him that this is one of the main laws in bot-building: the more complicated the intellectual system becomes, the more easily it breaks. Shibata commends Kitsune's observation as he never tried to compare people to bots himself.

The player will fight the cultists and the hacked bots. They can recharge their shadow energy quickly. The player needs to win three rounds in order to win the fight. The timer for this fight is 8 hours, but it can be skipped by using up to 175 gems. Winning this fight will reward the player with an Epic Pursuers pack and 100 Battle Pass points (and 25 Shadow Energy through bonus card).

  • Name: Cultist of the Dawn or Hacked Bot
  • Weapon: Various Weapons
  • Armor: Various Armor
  • Helm: Various Helm
  • Ranged Weapon: Various Ranged Weapon
  • Rule: Shadow Adept


Emissary Wei comes and informs them that according to his sources, the leaders of three most powerful criminal syndicates made a bet on which on them will be the first to kill a talking bot. Wei states that bots do not talk, although his confusion goes away when he sees Kitsune and is also relieved about her safety when seeing the Descendant. Meanwhile, Kitsune is upset that people find her ability to talk out of all things the most interesting. Shibata deduces that these leaders will probably hunt Kitsune down personally as it is akin to the fox hunts that are popular within the aristocracy - they just want Kitsune's head that they can show off at parties. While they are no matches for the Descendant, these leaders will not back down easily. If anything, their failures only make them raise stakes.

The player will fight the three criminal leaders. They can restore their health with every successful attack. The player needs to win four rounds in order to win the fight. The timer for this fight is 12 hours, but it can be skipped by using up to 250 gems. Winning this fight will reward the player with a Legendary Assassins pack and 130 Battle Pass points (and 25 Shadow Energy through bonus card).

Name Weapon Armor Helm Ranged Weapon Rule
Snakeheads Leader Dark Sky (Kamas) ABL-12 Crested Cover Massive Mines (Electromine) Vampire
Red Hunger Leader Blood Reaper (Kusarigama) Utopian Glow Seahorse Veil Obsidian Strike (Pilum)
Brainiacs Leader Purple Peeler (Iaido Katana) Final Judgement Neurovisor Crimson Death (Kunai)

Notes: In the later version of Fox Hunt, all the protection fights become one as Pursuers. The fight mode is Ascension, which consisting 5 stages, which each stages are consisting 3 rounds. The tickets packs is also removed from the event, and now the Pursuers fight rewards the player with 110 rare tickets, 70 epic tickets, and 20 legendary tickets.


Shibata questions Kitsune about the whereabouts of hunters whose parts are needed, in which Kitsune confidently claims that they will come to them themselves. Shibata decides to inform Okada as she does not seem to be fully aware of the consequences.

Tickets are required to enter a Hunt fight, which can be obtained from the packs won from Protection fights. Initially, a Hunt fight starts as One vs One - the player has to pay tickets for each time they want to challenge an opponent, and defeating an opponent rewards them with Battle Pass points. After all the three opponents of a Hunt fight have been defeated, that fight will turn into Ascension - the player can challenge all three opponents by just paying the tickets one time, but the Battle Pass points will only be rewarded after the player has defeated all three opponents, and the player is given three attempts for each run. There are three Hunt fights: Energy, Hardware, and Soulware. The player needs to win two rounds in order to win, except for the third opponent, where they have to win three rounds instead.


Z-type are bots produced as meat shields for military purposes. The "Z" stands for zero subtlety. Due to their purpose, the Creator did not bother to give Z-types much intelligence, if any. Each of them only has one good move in their entire disposal, making them predictable. Z-types need lots of shadow energy to simply move, and their generators provide it for them. Kitsune needs the said generators, as Nanami's mind consumed shadow energy so much, that the Creator used an ancient Z-type military generator for her. Upon closer look at these bots, Shibata is reminded of Legionaries. Kitsune confirms that the Creator indeed based the bots on Legionaries, either as inspiration or to mock them.

Energy requires 100 Rare tickets as entry fee. Winning the fights will reward the player with 75 Battle Pass points.

Enemy Unique Behavior/Ability
  • Name: PUMA
  • Weapon: Steel Claws
  • Armor: Quality Carcasse
  • Helm: Ataraxia
  • Ranged Weapon: Heralds' Standart (Kunai)
Fox hunt energy (8)

Puma is programmed to repeat one attack pattern: he will start the round with either dashing forward or a Heavy attack (either Claw Heavy Attack or Heralds Heavy Kick), then repeat the sequence of Claw Basic Attack, kunai throw, and Claw Heavy Attack over and over. If he gets hit, he will restart the sequence from Claws Basic Attack. In the later version of Fox Hunt, Puma will only attack with claws basic.
  • Name: A-3700
  • Weapon: Keen Katana with One-handed Sword moveset
  • Armor: Significator
  • Helm: Blind Rage
  • Ranged Weapon: None
Fox hunt energy (10)

A-3700 uses a Katana like a One-handed Sword due to his lack of mastery. Because of this, he can use both the Legion's unbreakable attacks and Heralds critical charge.
  • Name: SAMSON
  • Weapon: Spiked Maul (Two-handed Hammer)
  • Armor: Shine
  • Helm: Empire Tribute
  • Ranged Weapon: None

Samson has an increased defense to every attacks. But he has a weakness: if the player gets to his back, Samson will be rendered immobile while covered in unbreakable state for 3 seconds. While in this state, Samson's defense decreases greatly.


D-types are mass-produced attractive models. They are often used as personal bodyguards or assassins, due to their ability to move and fight better than humans. Kitsune and Proxy are based on D-types. Shibata points out that one of these bots looks like Kitsune, except that it does not talk. Kitsune informs that it does not have consciousness, just like other hunters, as they are designed to follow orders and not to question them. Nanami was a P-type bot, but Kitsune is planning to use D-type circuits to make the new Nanami strong and fast, to ensure that nothing will be a threat to her. Shibata naturally questions this, as he thought Nanami was a threat herself. Kitsune responds by telling him that everyone has a right to be wrong from time to time. She believes that Nanami will not be able to ignore all of their efforts to rebuild her.

Hardware requires 75 Epic tickets as entry fee. Winning the fights will reward the player with 150 Battle Pass points.

Enemy Unique Behavior/Ability
  • Name: C.I
  • Weapon: Scalpel (Katana)
  • Armor: Eclipse Armor
    Helm: Modulator
  • Ranged Weapon: Cutjaw (Bullet Gun)

C.I can switch between two strategies freely against the player. He may attack the player aggressively (mostly C.I will use Rolling Wave) and after a few moments, he will retreat and occasionally use the Removal ability when he gets far enough, before he starts attacking aggressively again.
  • Name: STORM
  • Weapon: Stream (Composite Glaive)
  • Armor: Arrowproof Vest
  • Helm: Scolopendrae
  • Ranged Weapon: Glacial Harpoon

Once her shadow bar is full, Storm turns invisible and approaches the player, before reappearing instantly by performing Blast shadow ability.
  • Name: KITSUNE-6
  • Weapon: Dark Cogs (Sai)
  • Armor: Kitsune (Modified)
  • Helm: Kitsune (Modified)
  • Ranged Weapon: Solar Bombs (Fire Orbs)

Kitsune-6's bombs form a shadow cloud upon exploding. The cloud put Interference that removes the player's ability to block attacks and reduces their health over time and heals Kitsune-6 gradually. She can also use Blink ability to teleport to behind the player before throwing a bomb. Occasionally, the Interference can stay permanently if the player still in the cloud while it faded away.


P-type bots are the most crucial part of Kitsune's goal, as their components are the most needed. Their main target is the newest invention of the Committee, a jackal hunter bot known as Reformatter. Aside from fighting capability, Reformatter also possesses the ability to reformat bots on the spot, essentially making him a mobile engineering device. Nanami used the same technology to hack bots. Kitsune is aware of the danger it possesses, but Nanami will not be Nanami without it. P-types have very complicated behavior models, and they were claimed to feature soul at the bot market. In fact, they simply imitated human behavior and speech. Kitsune then reveals that Nanami's decisions were a result of some kind of error, which she describes as beautiful error and that she will try to replicate it.

Soulware requires 50 Legendary tickets as entry fee. Winning this fight will reward the player with 300 Battle Pass points.

Enemy Unique Ability
  • Weapon: Fireflies (Composite Glaive)
  • Armor: Detachment
  • Helm: Melting Rays
  • Ranged Weapon: Lotus Petals (Throwing Daggers)
Fox hunt soulware (6)

Fox hunt soulware (7)

Tutu can use some acrobatic abilities akin to Jet's Wasteland Harmony.
  • Name: KAGAMI
  • Weapon: Dragon's Roar (Dadao)
  • Armor: Savannah (Recolored)
  • Helm: None
  • Ranged Weapon: Demigod (Bullet Gun)

The player will receive Burning damage if they stand on the specified zones on the ground, reducing their health over time. As for Kagami, she has the ability to unleash fire breath, knock the player down, and inflict Burning damage to them. She can also summon a giant shadow feline that will pounce at the player. If the player gets hit, the feline will bite and shred the player mercilessly before throwing them back to Kagami. The shadow feline can be dodged by rolling backward. If the player is cornered when the feline pounces them, they will simply get knocked back instead. In the later version of Fox Hunt, the fire zones does nothing.
  • Name: FIERY THEO
  • Weapon: Revival (Ninjato)
  • Armor: Savannah
  • Helm: Jackal Paradigma
  • Ranged Weapon: Okada's Razor (Kunai)
Fox hunt soulware (15)

Fox hunt soulware (18)

Before the round starts, the player must pick between two choices of buffs. The buff that does not get picked by the player will be taken by Theo. Next choices of buffs will appear each time the player wins a round. There is no fixed order for each rounds the set of buffs appears, and they last for the whole fight. Furthermore, all perks and set bonuses are disabled during this fight.

Choice 1:

  • Damage Absorption - Reduces all incoming damage for 5 seconds. This effect can only occur once for every 10 seconds.
  • Transfusion - Every successful shadow ability recovers health proportionate to the damage dealt.

Choice 2:

  • Basher - Stuns the opponent with any successful regular attacks for 3 seconds. This effect can only occur once for every 10 seconds.
  • Breacher - A chance to deal full damage through opponent's block.

Choice 3:

  • Amplification - Deals more shadow damage than the shadow energy the opponent has.
  • Shadow Leech - Steals the opponent's shadow energy with every successful ranged attack.

Choosing multiple bonuses will not stack.

After completing all three Ascensions, the trio will be visited by Master Okada, who is revealed to be the Creator who created Proxy, Kitsune, and Nanami in the other world; he is amazed to see Kitsune alive when currently, he still only has the idea of her designs. When he asks if she wants to recreate Nanami, the fox bot enthusiastically says that she missed her sister so much. Kitsune does not care about the fact that Nanami tried to destroy her world, as she knows that everyone makes mistakes and she loves her sister as she is. Okada tells her that he had been working on Nanami project for many years, as he tried to teach her to love others, only for her to project her sympathies to other bots instead. When asked by Kitsune if Okada himself loves anyone besides his bots, he realizes where his mistakes might be. He states that he will continue with Nanami project before thanking the fox bot.

Booster Pack and Tickets[]

Unlike the regular system, the packs of Fox Hunt do not contain equipment, perks or resources and they are not in the shop. Instead, the packs are rewarded every time the player wins any of the Protection fights. These packs contain tickets, the main (and only) currency in the event required to enter the Hunt fights.

  • Rare Slackers pack contain Rare tickets for Energy, one pack may drop 1-4. There is a chance to obtain 1-4 Epic and/or Legendary tickets.
  • Epic Pursuers pack contain Epic tickets for Hardware, one pack may drop 1-4. There is a chance to obtain 1-4 Legendary tickets.
  • Legendary Assassins pack contain Legendary tickets for Soulware, one pack may drop 1-4.

The daily event quest also rewards 3 Rare tickets and 1 Epic ticket. Alternatively, players can exchange their tickets for higher rarity tickets in the shop. Each ticket costs 5 tickets of lower rarity, i.e. 1 Epic ticket costs 5 Rare tickets. Unlike the usual event currencies, these tickets will not be converted into coins when the event ends.

In the later version of Fox Hunt, these packs are removed.

Battle Pass[]

Battle Pass is a newly-introduced feature that came with the Fox Hunt event. It takes place of the usual marathon and technically works the same way as one - win event fights to get points to progress in the Battle Pass tiers to get rewards. There are 50 tiers in the Battle Pass, with each tier requiring 200 points - 10,000 points are needed to complete the Battle Pass. The player will get points by winning the fights in the event, with varying points depending on the fights. The tier is divided into Free and Premium version. As the names suggest, rewards in Free tiers can be claimed for free, while Premium tiers contain better rewards but require the player to unlock them before the rewards can be claimed. The player can unlock Premium tiers by purchasing them with a set price.

By winning event fights, the player can get points to progress in the Battle Pass tiers. Both the Free and Premium tiers follow the same progression, meaning that winning a fight gives the player points for both tiers.

  • 60 points for winning a Slackers fight.
  • 100 points for winning a Pursuers fight.
  • 130 points for winning an Assassins fight.
  • 75 points for winning Energy.
  • 300 points for winning Hardware.
  • 1000 points for winning Soulware.
  • If the player has purchased Premium tiers, they can buy tiers instantly by using gems (300 gems per tier).

The main rewards in the Battle Pass are as follows:

  • Havoc, Epic Ninjato, available at Tier 40 in the Free tiers.
  • The Predator set in the Premium tiers. The set is completed once the player has reached Tier 40, where the last piece of the set is placed.
  • Dissection, the Legendary special move for Ninjato. It is available at Tier 46 in the Premium tiers. Upon obtaining, the move will become level 22 instantly.
  • Re4matter, the skin for Predator set, available at Tier 50 in the Premium tiers.
Tier Points Normal Rewards Premium
1 200 Coins 10 Epic Tickets
2 400 10 Rare Keys 30 Rare Keys
3 600 Bright Shuriken (Epic Shuriken) Okada's Razor (Legendary Kunai)
4 800 25 gems 75 gems
5 1000 100 Shadow Energy 300 Shadow Energy
6 1200 5 Epic Keys 10 Epic Keys
7 1400 Rare Booster Pack Epic Booster Pack
8 1600 Coins Coins
9 1800 Unique Prism Unique Prism
10 2000 50 gems 100 gems
11 2200 100 Shadow Energy 300 Shadow Energy
12 2400 10 Epic Keys 20 Epic Keys
13 2600 Rare Booster Pack Epic Booster Pack
14 2800 Coins Coins
15 3000 Lunar Shroud (Epic Helm) Jackal Paradigma (Legendary Helm)
16 3200 75 gems 150 gems
17 3400 3 Legendary Keys 7 Legendary Keys
18 3600 125 Shadow Energy 350 Shadow Energy
19 3800 Epic Booster Pack Epic Archive Booster Pack
20 4000 10 Epic Keys 20 Epic Keys
21 4200 Unique Prism Unique Prism
22 4400 Coins Coins
23 4600 Rare Archive Booster Pack Epic Booster Pack
24 4800 5 Legendary Keys 10 Legendary Keys
25 5000 150 Shadow Energy 500 Shadow Energy
26 5200 75 gems 150 gems
27 5400 10 Epic Keys 20 Epic Keys
28 5600 Ghost Doublet (Epic Armor) Savannah (Legendary Armor)
29 5800 150 Shadow Energy 500 Shadow Energy
30 6000 Epic Booster Pack Epic Archive Booster Pack
31 6200 Coins Coins
32 6400 Amplification (Epic Perk) Interference (Legendary Perk)
33 6600 5 Legendary Keys 10 Legendary Keys
34 6800 Unique Prism Unique Prism
35 7000 75 gems 150 gems
36 7200 Epic Archive Booster Pack Epic Booster Pack
37 7400 25 Rare Keys 45 Rare Keys
38 7600 150 Shadow Energy 500 Shadow Energy
39 7800 10 Epic Keys 20 Epic Keys
40 8000 Havoc (Epic Ninjato) Revival (Legendary Ninjato)
41 8200 Epic Archive Booster Pack Epic Archive Booster Pack
42 8400 Coins Coins
43 8600 5 Legendary Keys 10 Legendary Keys
44 8800 Unique Prism Unique Prism
45 9000 100 gems 200 gems
46 9200 Interference (Legendary Perk) Dissection (Legendary Special Move - Ninjato)
47 9400 200 Shadow Energy 750 Shadow Energy
48 9600 Epic Booster Pack Legendary Archive Booster Pack
49 9800 8 Legendary Keys 15 Legendary Keys
50 10000 Legendary Booster Pack Re4Matter (Legendary Skin)
>50 +1000 None Legendary Booster Pack


<gallery> fox hunt (10).jpg|Epic Ninjato with Epic Spectre set from the Free tier fox hunt (11).jpg|Predator set from the Premium tier fox hunt (12).jpg|Re4matter skin </gallery>


  • Fox Hunt is the third event that introduces a new fighting style (Ninjato), after Hidden Treasure (Sanjiegun) and Big Splash (Two-handed Hammer and Dadao).
  • This is the first event which does not feature tokens, marathon and Unique Booster Packs.
    • It is also the first event where all of the currency will not be converted to coins when the event ends.
  • The world where Kitsune and Nanami hail from is Itu's Plane, one of the alternate worlds created after Bolo sent the Descendant to the past three times in order to save their personality.
  • Okada is disappointed at the fact that Nanami only projected love to bots. This aligns with Nanami's claim in Itu's Plane about this world's version of her possessing feelings and being despised by her creator.
  • A-3700 wields his Katana the same way as Gizmo during his boss fight in Itu's Plane Part III.
  • SAMSON shares some resemblances with Samson, a Biblical figure known for his superhuman strength. Samson would lose his strength if his hair were cut, similar to how SAMSON has weakness despite his high defense.
  • Her name suggests that KITSUNE-6 is probably the sixth version of the fox bot. Her lack of consciousness is probably a result from the Creator's decision to remove her emotional system, as he deems that it does not suit a hunter bot.
  • KAGAMI's ability to summon a giant shadow feline is the same ability used by Yukka in Shadow Fight 4: Arena. Furthermore, the Burning damage in the fight is reminiscent to Fireguard in the same game, who has the ability to inflict similar Burning damage.
    • Kagami (鏡/かがみ) is a Japanese word for mirror. This alludes to how she looks like Nanami and also acts as a pun to her name.