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Forest Wrath is a weapon in Shadow Fight 3. It is a Epic Knife and belongs to the Legion faction. Knife is a compact weapon specialized for close range combat, and is meant to be used to defeat the opponent quickly. Knife also has a short range, moderate speed, and moderate to high recovery. Forest Wrath features 2 perk slots for Perks and one special slot for Special Move. It carry the Butterfly Shadow Ability.

During the Wolfblood event, Forest Wrath is available in event booster pack, with a certain drop chance. Later, Forest Wrath can be obtained as a random reward by opening Chest, or by purchasing the Legion Booster Pack when the player reached June's Plane or Level 25.

Other variants include:

Attack Overview[]

Disclaimer: The preview below uses Hand of Fire as the weapon. Since both Hand of Fire and Forest Wrath are Knife, they share the exact same moveset, with the only differences being the rarity and design.

Move Name Controls Base damage
Knife Stance Start of Fight
Knife Basic Attack SF3Punch, SF3Punch

5 Base damage

6 Base damage

Knife Heavy Attack Hold SF3Punch

8 Base damage


8 Base damage

Knife Spinning Attack SF3B + SF3Punch, SF3Punch

6 Base damage

5 Base damage

Knife Upper Attack SF3U + SF3Punch 6.7 Base damage
Knife Low Attack SF3D + SF3Punch 8.2 Base damage

Shadow Ability[]


Turns around and spins the knife telekinetically forwards, attacking the opponent if they come too close. The user then kicks the weapon's hilt, hurtling it into the opponent's chest, before telekinetically retracting the knife, slashing the opponent in the process.

Special Move[]

Icon Name Controls Move
ICON SUPER BIG KNIFE 1 Heart - To - Heart SF3F + SF3Punch, SF3Punch
Heart to Heart