Fire Pillar is a magic in Shadow Fight 2. It is the second magic available in Act V: The Greatest Temptation, unlocked at level 27. Fire Pillar is used by Wasp (after losing twice and at the Gates of Shadows and during the Interlude), Shogun (after losing once), and by some fighters during the Interlude. It is also used by the Eternal Volcano.


Fire Pillar is one of the magic attacks that is not directly aimed at the opponent. The user kneels, forming a swirling ball of fire in their hand, and then slams it to the ground. After that a huge pillar of fire rises up from the ground from where the enemy is standing, damaging them by 45. This magic is tricky to use because the fire pillar sprouts up at the last location of the opponent, unlike Dark Implosion which travels along the ground and can hence damage opponents even if they move from their position.


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