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Gates of Shadows

The Gates of Shadows, also called Finale: The Gates of Shadows or Epilogue is the third and final part of the story of Shadow Fight 3. It is accessible after completing the last part of Transformation, which is Marcus's Plane. This plane is set in a world where the Gates existed near the mainland of Shadow Fight 3's world, hinted by the Accelerator tower and other notable places. Also, in this world, the real Shadow's Descendant is the ruler, May is alive, the player does not exist and Shadow is dead.

List of Main Quests[]

Epilogue consists of 33 main quests, with most fights having 5 rounds, and others having survivals. Difficulty of the fight is predetermined; equipment power and stability have no effect in this chapter.

The player will control various characters with predetermined equipment and special abilities.

There are 5 main quests in this phase.

No. Quest Enemy Weapon Rule(s)
1 Miracle Approaching Xiang Tzu Bloodletter's Blade, Common Staff, and Sai Stubborn Hothead
2 Last Goodbye Stranger Scalpel Shadowsmith
3 Turning Point Lynx Order's Claws Shadowsmith
4 Decisive Operation
  • Shadow Stormtrooper
  • Shadow Blacksmith
  • Shadow Assasin
Big Hangout
  • Azuma
  • Ironclad
  • Xiang Tzu
5 First Steps Twelfth Agent's Sai Agent of the Dome

The player will control each of the 6 characters (with predetermined equipment and special abilities) of their choice to collect a memory shard via Mnemos' Synchronizer.

There are 4 main quests per character, with a 4-hour cooldown between quests. The player can purchase Edge of Time to eliminate this cooldown from all fights.

Itu - A Teacher[]

No. Quest Enemy Weapon Rule(s)
1 Always The Second One Ling Shadowslayer Agent of the Dome
2 Not Your Power
3 Demon's Gift Jet Stream
4 Mirror The Real Itu Nodachi

June - A Friend[]

No. Quest Enemy Weapon Rule(s)
1 Another Dynasty Deng Rao Emerald Claw Dynastian Princess
2 Toy Princess Tarlan Umbral Heirs
  • Dynastian Princess
  • Loyal Aurora
3 Imaginary Friend Kibo Scalpel
  • Dynastian Princess
  • Shadow Adept
4 Dark Secret Emperor None Dynastian Princess

Marcus - The Hope[]

No. Quest Enemy Weapon Rule(s)
1 Diverse Bunch Bolo Shadow Piercer Crimson Army General
2 Liquidator's Words Lieutenant Siegfried Ripping Kit (Corrupted)
  • Crimson Army General
  • Shadow Liquidator
3 Alienation Iolanda Accusers (Recolored) Crimson Army General
4 Die, Rise Again King of the Legion Immortality
  • Crimson Army General

Kitsune-1 - The Mystery[]

No. Quest Enemy Weapon Rule(s)
1 First Mission Moira Arbitrator
  • Bot Hunter
  • Shadow Master (Round 2 and onwards)
2 Fixation Nanami Blade of Cognition
  • Bot Hunter
  • Reality Manipulator
3 Funny Bug New Partner Player's equipped weapon Bot Hunter
4 No Matter What The Creator Shadow Piercer

Ironclad - A Fighter[]

No. Quest Enemy Weapon Rule(s)
1 Lucky Round Sarge Bonecrushers Stubborn Hothead
2 No One's Arena Sven Drevar Songs
  • Stubborn Hothead
  • Northern Leader
3 Zombie Ursus the Immortal Bonecrushers (Immortal version, Dark Times)
  • Stubborn Hothead
  • Skillful Fighter
4 Old Debt Sarge Forest Wrath (Recolored)
  • Stubborn Hothead
  • Legion Power

Xiang Tzu - A Rival[]

No. Quest Enemy Weapon Rule(s)
1 Bad Day Gizmo Battle Sword (Modified) Three Styles Master
2 Voices In The Head Azuma Shadow Piercer
3 Gift Of Fire Ironclad Fury and Bitey
  • Three Styles Master
  • Skillful Fighter
4 You Again Gizmo Light Brim (Recolored) Three Styles Master

The player will, one more time, play as all 6 characters. After Mnemos uses the shards to summon the Hero, the players, finally, will control their own characters to fight.

There are 4 main quests in this phase, with the exception of the last quest being a 2-parter.

No. Quest Enemy Weapon Rule(s)
1 Through Time And Space Big Hangout
2 The Realm Of Infinity Mnemos Battle of Laws
  • The Hero Is Alive!
  • Born in the Void
3 In Shadow's Shoes Shadow Bots (x30) Various Legacy
4.1 Miracle Stranger None Legacy
4.2 World Slicer The Hero Is Alive!



The story takes place in a new world created by the Shadow Mind, after having wished to create a world where May is alive. Shadow's Descendant has conquered the world, and a resistance led by May is the only faction opposing it. At the start of the story, Twelfth is let out of her cell by Lynx.

Part 1: The Search For Miracle[]

Meanwhile, Xiang Tzu attempts to beat up Kitsune-1, as he thinks that she works for the Descendant, but she tells him that she does not have any work going on with the Descendant. This goes on like this until Ironclad intervenes and saves her. Afterwards, Kitsune says that both of them could be of use to her mistress as they do not wish to submit to the Descendant. It is revealed that in this world, Shadow died instead of May. May is seen mourning over a stone depicting Shadow, when she is approached by her son, Shadow's Descendant. He mocks May for talking to a piece of stone and says that Shadow did nothing for her and asks her to lead his troops. May says that he would have to kill her first and the Descendant fights May. The Descendant defeats his mother using his special abilities, but spares her life. May comments that the Descendant has no guts to kill her and warns him that the Gates will kill him, but he refuses to heed her words and leaves her. Kitsune arrives to treat May's injuries and informs her that Mnemos is being held in the Accelerator.

A few days later after May's injuries has been healed, May arrives at the Accelerator, which Lynx appears to be in charge of. May reminds him about the old days when Shadow used to beat him up into pieces, to which Lynx says that Shadow cannot save her as he is gone now, and that she should beg for his mercy. However, May soundly defeats Lynx using her ability to summon weapons with shadow energy. Lynx mocks her for trading the power of Demon for a mortal, to which May tells him to tell Descendant about this for losing a toy. The resistance captures the Accelerator and Mnemos is set free. The Descendant had sent shadow stormtroopers to recapture the Accelerator. However, they are eliminated by the new resistance members brought by Kitsune-1: Azuma, Xiang Tzu, and Ironclad.

Suddenly, June is attacked and held hostage by Twelfth. She threatens that the resistance should not move, or else June would be killed. Itu recognizes that she is a suicide agent working for the Descendant, and fights her personally. With the knowledge of Twelfth's body, Itu managed to neutralize the contaminated shadow energy inside her body without causing it to explode, which amazes the now-freed suicidal agent. Itu tells Twelfth that the Descendant is lying to her, and that he can help her, but she says Itu is lying as well. Itu furiously orders her to leave and to never cross paths again, but slowly Twelfth gives in to trust them more. At last, she reveals her real name is Midnight. Itu then asks Azuma to take care of Midnight's wounds, and that they should get to May in order to save Mnemos. After saving Mnemos, he discloses that there is a Hero who is capable of defeating Shadow's Descendant, although he is forgotten in this world. However, he also says that the Hero can be summoned using the memories of the Hero's friends, in other dimensions by collecting their shards.

From this point, the player is given six choices of storylines of six characters and the six character storylines can be played in any sequence the player wishes. After completing one character storyline, the player is again given the choices of their remaining storylines and the player has to again select a storyline to play until all the choices are finished completely.

Part 2: Miracle In Our Memories[]

Mnemos tells Itu that he has met the needed Hero in other worlds and that he was friends with them, to which Itu says that he was told by May about them but he does not remember anything like that. Mnemos allows Itu to take his time to remember the Hero and tells him that he may have seen them in his dreams or maybe in fever dreams as it happens sometimes. Itu questions as to whether he has really seen them in a dream and tells Mnemos that he has lately been dreaming about his past and about Ling. Suddenly, Ling called him a brat and told him to chill as only one human can defeat Shadow's Descendant, not him. Itu tells Mnemos that he came to Ling to ask for help as he always knew some secrets which no one else did, including Bolo. But Ling laughed at him and made him mad. Then a fight takes places between Itu and Ling in which he beats up Ling. After being defeated, Ling says that it is easy to beat an old man but not the Hero, no matter how hard he tries. Itu regrets what he did and that Ling must have had reasons for what he said and he does know what came over him. Mnemos tells him that Itu's reason was jealousy and he remembered what it was like to feel second to none.

The duo then proceed to the Temple of the Sphere when Itu gets shocked to know that he has really been there. Mnemos reminds him that the worlds are countless and in some of them, even the shadow power of the Descendant belonged to him, though not for long. Itu thinks that rather it is him who belonged to Descendant's shadow power. Mnemos asks him if he remembers that, to which he replies that he, along with his other Herald company, had figured out the location of the Sphere in other and he came to the place, but its woods made him feel dizzy and something was preparing to enslave him. Itu then fights the shadow counterpart of June, Marcus and himself in which he defeats them. After the fight, Mnemos tells him that before Shadow's Descendant was born, there was no Gates or shadow energy in his world. Itu appreciates his words and tells him that he would just be a scientist at the present, watching the water flow and peace and eternity would be all he is studying. Itu reveals that the shadow energy has taken a lot of lives. It killed some, drove other people mad or brought them to the battlefield or done all of these at once. Mnemos is surprised by what Itu says and thinks if he is really talking to a Herald. He tells him that the shadow energy had numerous advantages too as it saved many lives and gave many people food, shelter and protection.

Suddenly, Jet appears and scolds Itu for sleeping through his dinner. His tea is getting cold and he will not get it until he finishes training her. Then a training fight ensues between Itu and Jet, in which she is defeated. After fight, Mnemos is surprised to know Jet had tea, despite living like all nomads, starving. Itu tells him that it is the Shadow tea which nomads brewed from special plants in the wasteland which gave them refreshment, hope and drove away their pain of injury. Mnemos then proves to him that shadow energy was not evil, it was humans who are and they failed to use her gift properly, which the latter questions. Mnemos tells him a secret that before meeting Shadow, May was a demon who came from the shadow world and she was all that remained of it. Only demons and the Descendant knew about this. Shadow's Descendant considers himself Titan's successor and hates Shadow for destroying his homeworld. He wants to open the Gates to revive his homeland in this world. Itu questions who he is. Mnemos replied that the Hero was a child May carried in her womb but the Shadow World took over the child's mind even before they were born, hence terming them as "Shadow World". The Hero was confirmed to be Shadow and May's child and the Descendant... Stranger, as he was called, is mere shadow of the Hero. It was Shadow's guilt, May's mystery and a sin that had not been atoned.

Then Itu sees his real counterpart, to which he questions if the Shadow's Descendant is just a copy like him, to which Mnemos responds that the Void does not know the word "copy" at all. Itu tells him that he is not sure either but remembers the Hero very well now and how much they believed in him. Then a fight takes place between him and his counterpart, in which Itu wins. After winning the fight, Mnemos asks him the name of the shard of the Hero in his soul which has changed its shape forever. Itu guesses many names including Comrade, Apprentice, Mentor and Self-improvement but states that it is just one word: Humility. At last, he was always appreciated and that he felt bored and desperate as if nothing in this world could surprise him. He tells about how he used to be defeated by the Hero and accepted him as his teacher, the one he never had before. A shard of the Hero is collected.

June says that the Descendant has enslaved her father and all people of the Dynasty and has taken everything she loves and she would definitely do anything to stop him. Mnemos then shows June a device which would collect her memories from all times and from all worlds. Further, he reminds her when she knew about the Hero and called them her friend. June asks him if he can send her to other worlds and calls him a powerful magician. She questions him who he is. Mnemos declines her statement and tells her that she is the real magician as her soul holds a shard of the Hero and she can revive them. Mnemos asks June to look into the Synchronizer. June is astonished to see a luxurious city full of happiness but she still feels very sad. Mnemos tells her that it is the capital of Dynasty and there are countless worlds where Dynasty capital has that appearance, but in the world of Shadow's Descendant, it is plundered and serves his desires. Suddenly, Deng Rao shows up who was surprised to see June alive as he did not expect to find her there. The captain of guards is looking at her so politely and that Mnemos doubts his politeness. June says that Deng Rao wants to kill her. A fight takes place between June and Deng Rao in which she defeats him. After winning, Mnemos asks her what Deng Rao wanted from her, calling him "reeks of lies". June reveals that Deng Rao wanted to blame the Legion military for her death and when she tried to stop him, he broke the truce and a war broke out.

June remembers about how she managed to get out of the Shadow Squad camp. The duo then proceed to an island, which Mnemos feels is important to her. Mnemos questions why, to which June responds that she has never been there but she feels like she knows its every corner. There, she was hidden from danger. She is shocked to see when Tarlan appeared there, although he was dead and she went to his funeral as a girl. She asks Mnemos how he is still alive, to which he answers that June is now recalling the only world where Tarlan was alive, where a shadowy catastrophe prevented his death. June tells him that she wanted to leave the island so many times, maybe to die with honor, But as a princess of her people, not as a prisoner on distant islands. Tarlan speaks up and says that this is impossible as he swore to his father that the Immortals would not know of her existence and comments about June for being inexperienced to make such decisions. He will not let her go. June then fights Tarlan, defeating him. She is upset that nobody ever seemed to take her seriously and was treated as a chess piece in other's hands and a trinket. It was only the Hero who treated her differently. Mnemos asks her if she remembers the Hero, to which June responds yes, but only as a dream. She also remembers the time Hero saved her while she was in the Legion camp, waiting to be executed. They trusted her, though she was a stranger. June asks if they were even there as she might have wished she had a friend like that, when she was a kid.

Mnemos asks her if she had friends, to which June counterquestions him by asking if sisters count as friends. She tells that she and Kibo grew up as sisters. Kibo's parents were killed by some shadow disease, according to what she was told. She praises Kibo for being better at everything. She jumped higher, counted faster, aimed more accurately and escaped from the palace regularly. She disappeared for two months and returned with a new katana style of Heralds. June loved her new technique and it was almost impossible to beat her back then. June then fights Kibo in her imagination at the beginning of which Kibo flaunts her new style. Nevertheless, she is miserably defeated. June then compared the Hero to Kibo, calling them clumsy, like a child learning to walk. The Hero was a Legionary after all. She also says that she tried very hard not to laugh when they were training. She reveals to Mnemos that she taught the Hero to use a crossbow and she got happy when they got good at it. She never felt so grown-up and wise.

Mnemos questions June if that was all despite who her father was, to which June answers in positive, he demanded care, from a certain point. Mnemos allows her not to say what she does not want. Nonetheless, she responds no. She feels like she has been wanting to talk to someone about this for ages. She reveals that she has seen her father change, because of the Sphere for a long time. June fights her father, who has lost his senses completely due to the Sphere, saying nonsense at the beginning of the battle. She fights her father twice in his shadow beast form and third time in human form but still under Sphere's control. Despite this, she bests her father. After winning the fight, Mnemos asks her the name of the shard of the Hero in her soul which has changed its shape forever. June answered Courage. The Hero looked at her as an equal as they knew she could do it and so did she. She could be brave when accompanied by the Hero. A shard of the Hero is collected.

Marcus is willing to do anything if the Hero can bring back sanity to the mad generals of his homeland. He asks Mnemos what he must do. The latter apologizes to Marcus as his commanders will not come back as their souls belong to the Descendant. But the Hero can defeat the Descendant as they are a great warrior. He proceeds to tell Marcus that he and the Hero were comrades in other worlds and in one of them, the Hero led the Crimson Army instead of him. Marcus does not remember anything like that, but tells him that Itu once told him about the other worlds. Mnemos tells him that there are many Marcuses but only one soul of him, just as the moon appears to them in many guises. His soul holds the memory of the Hero and asks him to take a look. Marcus does not have any idea about what this artifact and energy is as he does not recognize it. Mnemos tells him that this is the energy of the Void and all worlds came from it including Marcus's world, shadow world destroyed by Shadow and many others. He corrects him as it is one of ancient Void technologies which allows them to look into human memories and control them. He advises him not to be afraid as he is not going to take his memories away. He only wants to find something important in them which is the connection between him and the Hero. Marcus gets irritated as to why Mnemos keeps taking Hero's name as he never met them. Mnemos then asks him another way, to which he asks Marcus if he remembered why he ended up in the time loop. Marcus then sees an image of Bolo, which tells him to call off his dogs as he is not a fan of threats but it would be better for everyone. At second glance, he attacked Marcus. A fight takes place between Marcus and Bolo in which Bolo is defeated. Bolo then tells Marcus that he does not understand in a good way. However, he wishes him a nice stay. Marcus tells Mnemos that it has been years or centuries since he lost track of time as he was thrown back time after time which was an endless assault on the Dome that never began.

This went on for ages till then, he saw them with a Dynastian and a Herald who were their friends. Marcus was talking about the Hero as he foolishly attacked them, overestimating their stamina and was defeated. His days as captive were over the minute he woke up in the woods. He slept like a dead man beside a brook he found and dreamt of a monster, which was as if Scourge had eaten all humans. The monster said something that is stuck in Marcus' head. This monster was none other than Lieutenant Seigfried. Marcus then fights him and defeats him. After that, it is revealed that these were the words of Seigfried he said those all: No-o-o-o-o Le-le-legion!!! At alllll. Marcus says that he woke up and went looking for his people and the Sphere. But the monster's words continued to ring in his ears. Marcus went through a lot of trials along with the Hero who was there when he returned to his homeland. His heart was broken when he saw that the shadows had already put their roots down there. The Hero suddenly disappeared and they had not seen them in years. Shadow returned instead and brought glory and death with him. He did not recognize himself and was not excited over victories as he did not want them. He then agreed with the monster he previously encountered that he told the truth: There was no Legion. Not only then. Never.

Marcus's story continues. He tells that he was ordered to stop Queen Iolanda, who ran away to the Heralds. A fight ensues between Marcus and Iolanda in which she is defeated. After defeat, Iolanda tells Marcus that he does not know anything about them kings, they never did and tells Marcus that he is a fool to think she is a monster. To justify her statement, she ordered Marcus to go to the crypt and to the tomb of the king and say the warrior's oath of allegiance. Marcus was doing all this just to know the truth. He clung to his last hope but it was melting away.

Mnemos asks him what he expected to see in the crypt. The latter did not know but was shocked with what he actually saw. The ground trembled beneath his feet as soon as he said the oath and then, the king appeared. The King of the Legion orders him to bow down as his call was heard. He then orders to die, rise again and serve the Shadow Master. Then a battle takes place between Marcus and King of the Legion. He proves to be victorious. After seeing King's pale face, Marcus reveals that he was an outsider, not a human at all. Mnemos reveals that the King was one of them Void children. He fled from Titan's to his world and found a home among them. He also fell in love with a human woman. Mnemos understands Marcus's disappointment, but the King was loyal to his people as long as he could be until Shadow's Descendant took him. Mnemos asks him the name of the shard of the Hero in his soul which has changed its shape forever. Marcus says that he was not so good words but they hanged out with everybody. He was taught that the foreigners should be chased away and that their speeches were disgusting. But the Hero helped everyone they could including Legionaries, Dynasts, Heralds, Shamans, Nomads, Northerners etc. He also tells that the Hero answered the call and was taught in return. They shared everything with them and this is how Hero defeated Shadow. A shard of the Hero is collected.

May has already told Kitsune about the working of Synchronizer, so Mnemos connects her to the Synchronizer and tries to find a part of the Proximus/Proxima's matrix in her memories. He does not force her to do it however and allows her to reject it as it is her right. Kitsune does not mind, but feels unfair that May and she are the only ones who remember the Proximus/Proxima. Kitsune loves Proximus/Proxima very much that she would do anything to see them again. For that, she tells Mnemos that only he can do it because a miracle can happen only in his hands. She pleads with Mnemos to try this best. Seeing her missing Proximus/Proxima so much and that she cannot travel through time anymore, Mnemos tells her that only Void Wardens are able to leave this sealed world and he himself is a prisoner there. Kitsune considers herself to be just like a girl she remembers. Kitsune then fights Moira in both her physical and shadow form and defeats her. It was her first assignment that the Creator wanted to test how her obedience function would work. They are not allowed to hurt people, unless ordered to. Kitsune calls it a pointless experiment. Moira did not threaten anyone but they were afraid of her anyway, so she was forced to kill her. Mnemos asks her if she blames herself. Nobody needs her guilt as it will not bring her back. She would not have done it if she had the freedom to choose.

Kitsune then proceeds to tell Mnemos that Nanami, her sister had tried to set her will free as she had a fixed idea. A fight happened between her and Nanami as Kitsune does not want her software altered. Kitsune prevails over her. Kitsune then tells Mnemos that Proxy was not her partner in reality. She found what they are seeing in the Synchronizer hard to believe. She just chose the program as a joke to see what happens next. She did not know what she was hoping for, like was it some kind of message from Nanami in which she would say she loves her. She never did and she just cannot.

Kitsune tells further that Proxy does not seem like a part of simulation as it looked. It was really them in fact, so she started teaching them again. She then spars with her new partner, Proxy in which she bests them. It turns out to Mnemos that this was just another way of Nanami to hack her to make her bend to her will. Kitsune does not believe him as her free will design remains intact, but now, she has a partner, who is more to her than the Creator or the Committee. And even if not them, the fact they are a same team still remains somewhat. Mnemos assumes that Nanami found a way to make Kitsune pursue her own interests. Her relationship with Proximus/Proxima overrides other algorithms. Because of that, she always remembers Proxy. She knew they had to be there and here, but Shadow's Descendant somehow got rid of Proxy.

She went to the Creator and demanded Proxy, before Shadow's Descendant took the Creator. She fights the Creator whose mind has been manipulated by Shadow's Descendant and defeats him. The Creator could not bring Proximus/Proxima back as he did not know how and that is why she came to mistress May. Mnemos then tells her that her memory holds something important about her partner and asks who are they to her. Kitsune was too shy to talk about it and pleads with Mnemos to let it go. Mnemos tells her that this is the only way to bring Proxy back, otherwise they will not. Neither he is a telepath, nor he can extract it with the Synchronizer as he can see her memories and even alter them but her thinking and feelings were a mystery to him. Kitsune then tells him in his ear, provided that he will not tell it to Proximus/Proxima at all. A shard of the Hero is collected.

Ironclad begins by saying that there are many other warriors other than the Hero who can surpass the Descendant but he has gone to the Gates himself and it is too hard. The shadows whisper weird things. So he asks Mnemos to let the Hero get to the Descendant and he will help him along the way. Ironclad asks Mnemos about his role, to which he shows him the Synchronizer which will show his past and memories in other worlds. Ironclad sarcastically questions Mnemos if he works for the guards by any chance which he scraps immediately. Ironclad says that he has an impeccable reputation and that they will see and tell him to look into the Synchronizer. Ironclad calls his Synchronizer a funny thing, which he wants as well, but Mnemos tells him that all is in his hands. There is a deal first in which he has to look into his memories.

Ironclad finds it weird as he does not want some old man sitting in his head. Mnemos rejects his statement and tells him that he is not old as he thinks of his age to be eleven thousand years. Ironclad tells to get started quickly as he does not want to miss all the fun outside the tower. A fight takes place between Ironclad and Sarge. Before fight, Ironclad greets Sarge, but the latter cannot hear him as this is his memory. Ironclad finds it rude not to listen to people and decides to remind Sarge of good manners. The two fight and Sarge is defeated. After the fight, Mnemos finds his memory to be corrupted and the Synchronizer is behaving strangely. Ironclad mocks his Synchronizer by calling it "Sympathizer" and "junk". He tells that Sarge had been demoted and because of that, he was drinking alcohol in the pub. Once they started playing whist, they played till morning. He lost everything he had, including his pants, but he did not pay. So the next day, he caught him and had a good fight. Sarge and his new squad of losers departed to the Dynasty the next day and he never got his money out of him.

Mnemos interrupts him from continuing his story as it is irrelevant to the Hero. After Mnemos looks for another memory, Ironclad asks Mnemos what they are looking for. Mnemos answers that they are looking for a Hero he went through thick and thin. Ironclad then remembers Sven and fights him, thinking he is the Hero they are looking for and defeats him. Mnemos tells Ironclad that he saw the wrong person and he is not the Hero. Ironclad does not believe him as Sven and he had been in more trouble than he could ever imagine. Mnemos then tells him that it is not possible to choose him as he is not the one they are looking for. The Hero had many names and everyone called him different names, so it is impossible to know a single name. Ironclad does not know anything and gets confused as to how he is supposed to understand him. This made Ironclad angry at him for repeated complaints as he did not accept Sven as the Hero.

Ironclad begins to think that Mnemos really does work for the guards or what they are called, Watchers, returning to his last sarcasm and tells Mnemos that he is wasting his time. He again tells him about his impeccable reputation. He tells further that he once himself defeated Ursus the Immortal when he came to the North and that as an Elder of the Elders. The judge accepted this because otherwise, that Immortal would have burned down the whole Legion. A hard fight takes place between Ironclad and Ursus the Immortal, in which the latter is defeated. Mnemos tells him that there is one person other than him who has defeated Ursus before, but he did not remember them. Ironclad gets confused.

He starts to remember someone again who is jailor Sarge or jailor Heim. Sarge says that he heard Ironclad became the new Champion of the Pit and decides to pay him back, helping him to escape from the prison if he beats Sarge. Ironclad fights Sarge and defeats him. After winning, Ironclad asked Sarge how he got into such a lousy job, to which he told him about the Hero. Ironclad has met them before many times and praises them as they have been together in some troubles too. He is a fan of troubles. The Hero ruined Sarge's whole career according to him and thinks his roof is too leaky for a success story. Mnemos then asks Ironclad the name of the shard of the Hero in his soul which has changed its shape forever. Ironclad answers that his soul has never changed but he does keep a shard for sure as he collects a lot of things. Mnemos is surprised but understands him. Ironclad respects the Hero's love for fighting and that the Hero would always be ready for one and he calls himself and the Hero the champions. A shard of the Hero is collected.

Xiang Tzu begins by asking who the Hero is and is irritated by people taking their name everywhere. Xiang Tzu also asks about their fight and victory experiences. Mnemos tells Xiang Tzu that the Hero defeated him three times in one world, which made the latter surprised. Mnemos then shows him the town he grew up in. The war there did not stop but became less violent for a while. Legionaires showed up on the streets during quiet times. Xiang Tzu says that he does not know how but he remembers those Legionaires. He did not like Gizmo, so he indulged himself and made it prettier. Xiang Tzu then fights him and prevails over him. Xiang Tzu tells Mnemos the reason for fighting as he was in bad mood that day because of the other Legionary. June brought a vagrant to their dojo the same day, the Hero. The master immediately declared them his best student, although he saw them for the first time in his life, and he even lost to them.

He remembers Kibo who says that he is always messing with their business and it is time to put an end to it. June suggests her that it would be better to complain about him to the master instead so that Xiang Tzu will have to sweep the yard all day. He was always insulted by his teacher, giving him the dirtiest job in the dojo, which made everyone laugh, especially the girls. He tells further that he followed one of the girls, Kibo and spotted her illegal dojo, though he loved it. He threatened Kibo that he would disclose her illegal dojo to Galen if she did not teach him all the Herald stuff. Kibo, under pressure and fear, gave in to his demands. Xiang Tzu then fights Azuma at Kibo's dojo with a glaive Kibo gave him. Before fight, Azuma tells that he has an order to cleanse the building of shadow pollution from the mayor, but he instead ordered the feldsher to leave, otherwise he will not spare him if he even squeaks to his superiors about their dojo. The two then fight and Xiang Tzu was not so good at new Heralds fighting style as he constantly trips and falls off while executing the combo. Despite that, he beats the feldsher. Xiang Tzu tells Mnemos that Kibo threw him out of the dojo instead of appreciating his efforts. She was always a traitor and he was wrong to believe that he and Kibo were friends as she was friends with June and that stranger.

After that, the Tournament of a Hundred Schools began and he lost to them again. Mnemos finds it strange that the Hero defeated him one time after the other. But the latter does not remember those fights and does not find anything strange about it. When he gets angry, he does not remember anything at all, like a red haze in his head. The Hero had a talent of making him furious and they were always silent. The Hero even ruined his life, got into all kinds of trouble which ended up in the Legionary jail. He then started fighting in the Pit as there was a Pit fighter who made him angry too. He remembers him to be Ironclad and beats him up too. After this fight, Millenium Wolf shows up to Xiang Tzu and tells him that he is a stranger in these lands but he has shown an intransigence worthy of the North and so, he blesses him with the gift of Fire. Mnemos asks him whether it was one of northern patriarchs. Xiang Tzu does not know as he was just some guy with burning hands. He believes himself to be the only one who saw him.

Since then, he loses control over himself in battles. He has unbearable heat around him until he wins. He changed quite a lot during these times and he will be ready when he sees them again. Xiang Tzu was talking about the Hero who now remembers how important that was. He could not sleep half of the nights. He hated the Legion and made them all pay, even Gizmo, whom he met five or seven years later again. He was all covered in shade. He used to bring his erasers to their hideouts and kill everybody but Xiang Tzu managed to get to him one day. Xiang Tzu fights the overpowered Gizmo once again and once again proves to be victorious against him. After the fight, Mnemos asks Xiang Tzu the name of the shard of the Hero in his soul which has changed its shape forever. Xiang Tzu answers Xander as the Legionaries could not pronounce his name properly and called him Xander. He proved himself to be better than the Legion, but not better than the Hero. He vows to be even better than them and master every style in the world. He needs a proper opponent, so he tells Mnemos to bring them back. A shard of the Hero is collected.

Part 3: A Miracle Beyond Time and Space[]

Player Summoning

The Hero is ready to be summoned after all the shards are collected.

As all the shards of the Hero are finally collected, the Hero is now ready to be summoned. May applauds Mnemos on his success in collecting all Hero's shards and cannot wait to see the Hero in person. Mnemos said he will need time to summon the hero using those shards, but he does not know how long it will precisely take. Kibo shows up to report that the Descendant's generals are approaching the tower in an attempt to stop Mnemos from performing the ritual. May, however, is determined to tell him that they are ready to defend the Ancient even if it would cost their lives. The Void Speaker's triplets are keeping them from entering the door but the sisters are outnumbered. May orders Void Speaker (or Ishtar as she calls her) to activate the defenses in the communications center and get her people out and also orders Jet to help her. Kibo then informs that Azuma is severely injured, and is now resting in the infirmary with Shibata taking care of him. However, she can barely stand up herself, so May has her take shelter herself and treat her injuries first. Finally, she orders the rest of the hero's friends to defend Mnemos and not to retreat at all, even if they would die as a result. All the Hero's friends team up and form a formidable force to fight off the Descendant's generals and buy Mnemos precious time to summon the Hero and they are successful. June recovered from her headache and asks Mnemos where the Hero is.

The Hero is finally summoned, much to May, Ironclad and Kitsune's surprise. Mnemos then teleports May and the Hero to the roof of the Accelerator, much to her surprise. Mnemos is clearing the perimeter again but he called the May and Hero at the Accelerator for a reason. He asks them to listen as there is not much time. Mnemos explains that Kitsune calls the Hero Proximus/Proxima for a reason: It comes from the Void. It is the name of those who approached the state of Ancients. The Hero was not born as an Ancient, but they will become one. They can inherit the Ancient power only partially like Moira, but those who have overcome themselves can one day enter the Realm of Infinity. To prove that he is right, the Hero must defeat Mnemos. Mnemos provides the Hero Moira's Amulet to assist them in their battle with himself and Shadow's Descendant. At first round, they fight at the roof of Accelerator. The Hero defeats him without much difficulty. After this, he teleports them and himself to the Void. He fights the Hero using his Composite Sword and can even charge himself and jump and swing the sword over the Hero, dealing massive amount of damage. Despite this, the Hero still prevails over him.

Mnemos then tells them that the world is heading for its end and no one and nothing can stop it. The world will die and so will all of its reflections as its time has come and everything has its time. He furthers tells that all attempts to save the world are futile and advises them to say goodbye to the old world and welcome the new one as it will be different. Suddenly, Void Speaker interrupts Mnemos' sentence and informs them that the armorwalker is fully powered up to maximum. Mnemos completes his sentence by saying that do not let evil prevail, in this world or anywhere.

The Hero gets into the armorwalker. May asks Void Speaker about the armorwalker. Marcus feels strange and recalls Shadow using that armorwalker. The Hero is using the armorwalker to fight the Descendant as the Gates' radiation is almost lethal due to which they have never been able to attack directly. Ironclad loves the armorwalker and wants to use it as well but cannot, unfortunately, as the armorwalker synchronizes with its pilot on a biology level, so no one save Shadow or Shadow's offspring can use the armorwalker. May consoles Ironclad and tells him not to worry as the Hero will do just fine. The Hero is then tested with Shadow's armorwalker on the enslaved Void Wardens in the forest, or simply shadow bots and the test is successful. The team feels happy as they are now ready to go to the Gates. Mnemos now remembers how joy looks like and that he too is mourning for this world and tells them to save the best of it.

The party proceeds to the Gates where Shadow's Descendant was waiting for them. He was surprised to see the Hero and could not believe that it violates the laws of nature, but May says that miracles do not obey the laws of nature. Nonetheless, Shadow's Descendant changes the subject and tells them that they are late anyway as the Gates are about to open. The final battle begins between our Hero and Shadow's Descendant. The Hero initially fights the Descendant while he is flying in air, using the armorwalker. Shadow's Descendant attacks from air using shadow bots, beam and meteors. Shadow's Descendant is beaten down and he comes to the ground. He asks the Hero and May to leave while they still can but the Hero rejects. Shadow Mind tries to escape but is captured by the Descendant and is transformed into a katana. The rest of the fight is as usual. He has a special ability in which he charges himself and dashes toward the Hero at a very high speed, dealing massive amount of damage. He also teleports himself and the Hero to the Bridge-Between by slicing through the fabrics of reality using his katana in which he copies Shadow Mind's abilities and uses them on the Hero. After some damage, he releases Shadow Mind and the Shadow Mind attacks both the Hero and the Descendant. After the fight there, Shadow Mind then opens a portal and teleports the Hero and Shadow's Descendant back to the main world in front of the Gates. The fight continues as usual but the Descendant is now barehanded but still has special shadow beam ability. Near to defeat, the Descendant disarms the Hero as well and the Hero too gets barehanded and hits the Descendant many times.

After a long, hard and exhausting battle, Shadow's Descendant is finally defeated and falls to the ground, with the mask broken rendering half of his face shown. Even the top conical part of his mask is broken. Furious, the Descendant slams his fists on the ground and absorbs the full energy of the Gates, embodying himself in pure shadow energy and shattering the Gates in the process. However, unable to endure such energy, his body starts to disintegrate. The Hero wants to fully suppress him, but May stops them and confronts the Descendant herself, showing she still cares for her son and touches him. The Descendant pushes her away and charges his fist and tries to finish her off right there, but ultimately could not bring himself to do so to his own mother. He removes his broken mask, fully gives in and May catches him collapsing on the ground. As the Descendant is being erased from existence, they give each other one last compassionate hug. May briefly mourns for her lost son there before the Hero rushes in and guides her to run away together from the unstable Gates. At last, the Gates of Shadows completely shatter and explode and the world is once again obliterated and falls to dust to be born anew. Once again, it needs heroes. Mnemos then appears and says the Hero that they are now one of the Ancients and the worlds and times are open to them. Furthermore, he tells them that their journey is just beginning as infinity awaits. At last, he says they will meet again and bids them farewell.

This marks the ending of the main story of Shadow Fight 3.

Characters in Order of Appearance[]

Locations Appeared in This Chapter[]


  • This chapter has the highest number of character fights controlled by player.
  • This is the only chapter wherein the difficulties of all the fights are set to the similar difficulty (Normal), regardless of the stability and the item power of the players.
  • Lynx and Twelfth are the two canon characters taken from Shadow Fight 4: Arena.
  • The true identity of May is revealed in this chapter: she is a shadow demon who traded the demonic power to have a life of a mortal, and only Mnemos, other demons, and Stranger know that.
  • This chapter also reveals the true intention of Stranger: He considers himself as Titan's successor, thus hating Shadow for destroying his homeworld and wanting to open the Gates in all planes to revive his homeland, according to Mnemos.
  • The Stranger is also revealed here to be the Evil half of the Real Shadow's Descendant, and the Hero is the Good half of theirs.
  • Mnemos, previously known as Ancient, is a character in Shadow Fight 2 & 3. He is the last member of his species - a tribe of powerful beings with extremely strong willpower exterminated by Titan's army a long time ago. He has a major role in Titan's downfall in Shadow's hand in Shadow Fight 2.
  • The King of the Legion is still the servant of the Real Shadow's Descendant in this plane, similar to how he was in Marcus's Plane. The reason is still the same however - as Shadow sacrificed himself to protect the Legion from the Scourge, the King struck a deal with the Descendant and gained immortality for himself and Moira.
  • At this moment, the ending cinematic cutscene for Shadow Fight 3 does not play for players who are playing the game in low graphics quality, instead the succeeding story screens are shown within the fight itself after the player delivers the final blow to the Descendant. The reason for this according to Nekki is that the ending cinematic cutscene's graphics and mechanics are too heavy, thus impossible for the game to play in low graphics quality.