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In Shadow Fight 2, fight terms appear during, before and after battles to display information about the fight and fighters.



Fighters in Shadow Fight 2 can enhance their fight abilities through Styles. They describe how well the character is doing in a round and in turn, help in doing better. Players start on Passive style and can progress through Styles by dealing damage to the enemy through utilizing various moves and techniques. Each successful non-repeated attack helps in filling up the Style Bar by a small amount. However, the Style Bar progress will decrease if hits are blocked, the character does not attack the enemy, or the character uses the same moves repeatedly. Styles will not degrade or drop even if the progress bar is empty. The Styles are:

  1. Passive: All rounds begin at this Style and then progress to higher Styles. It is indicated with the white color, and the game does not name it below the Style bar like other styles; but it does display its name at the end of the fight when presenting rewards.
  2. Hard: It is depicted with a yellow color.
  3. Brutal: It is shown in an orange-yellow color.
  4. Aggressive: It is shown with an orange-red color, and reaching this style for the first time awards the player the achievement "Aggressive".
  5. Crazy: Colored in light green, reaching this Style for the first time awards the player with the achievement "Crazy".
  6. Fantastic: Blue in color. Reaching this Style for the first time awards the player with the achievement "Fantastic".

Attacks and Battle Events

  • First Strike: Only one of the two fighters can perform a first strike during any round. This is granted to whoever lands the first unblocked hit. Players get bonus coins at the end of the fight if they secure first strikes.
  • Head Hit: Landing a strike on the opponent's head triggers a Head hit, making it deal 60% more damage.
  • Combo: Performing 3 or more unblocked attacks in a short time will activate the combo counter, increased with each unblocked hit. If player doesn't perform a hit for a some time, the combo meter will be reset and the message will disappear. The players are awarded bonus coins at the end of a fight for the highest combo they managed to pull off.
  • Critical: Each unblocked hit has a chance to yield a Critical hit, which will deal 50% more damage and make the victim fall to the ground. Falling can be prevented with the Rock perk or the Crag elixir in raids. Titan cannot be knocked off.
  • Shock: Dealing a head hit to the opponent has a small chance to result in a Shock, which will disarm the enemy and make them fall to the ground, forcing them to fight barehanded afterwards for the rest of the round. Shock is triggered randomly, no matter how much damage is dealt. If a hit is simultaneously critical and a shock, the victim will not fall to the ground. Bosses cannot be shocked. If a barehanded enemy or one that is already shocked, is shocked (again), nothing will happen and they will only be knocked off. Players are awarded bonus coins at the end of the fight for the number of shocks they inflicted.
  • Perfect: If the player defeats the enemy without taking a single hit (blocked or not) from the latter, "PERFECT" will show up on the their screen at the end of the round. This has nothing to do with the health of the player, as it could drop due to some fight rule or challenge or some enchantments that make health drops, and the round would still be perfect if it meets the aforementioned criteria. Players are awarded bonus coins at the end of the fight for the number of perfect rounds they secured.
  • Great: If the player defeats enemy with 10% health left or lower, "GREAT" will show up on their screen at the end of the battle.
  • Time's Up: If the time runs out and the fight rule (if any) does not state that the player will win on timeout, the player will lose and "TIME'S UP" will show up on their screen.
  • You Lose: If the player loses the challenge given by the game (during a challenge, a duel, Gates of Shadows, or the underworld), they will lose the round and "YOU LOSE" will show up on their screen.
  • You Win: If the player wins the challenge given by the game, or performs a given task, they will win the round and "YOU WIN" will show up on their screen. Also shown when Kali temporarily stuns Shroud and saves Shadow from the ambush at the beginning of Act VII.


  • Hot Ground: Staying on the ground for the indicated number of seconds will result in a loss.
  • Ring Out: A zone is marked with red, and if the player steps into it, they will lose the round and "RING OUT" will show up on their screen. If the player has already depleted all of the enemy's health and they enter the red zone, it will not count as a loss.
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