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Faction Wars map

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Faction Wars is the new game mode added together with the Forge and Tournament of Fame in Shadow Fight 3.


Players can choose the faction they will join in the Faction War. There are three choices that the player can sign a contract with them:

  • Inquisition of the Light (Legion): Acolytes of the Lights carry the Legion's faith to all corners of the world, practicing both combat and forbidden arts.
  • Golden Chamber (Dynasty): Dynasty merchants have access to a multitude of goods and are relentless in their pursuit of new markets.
  • Academy of the Paths (Heralds): This Heralds Institute is spreading its influence in the west in the name of science and technology.

The player can change their contract with other factions by paying 400 gems.

Choosing Territory[]

Tournament of Fame Lobby


Once players sign a contract, they will have access to the Territory, where they will fight. Depending on the territory icon, fighting in it will determine if that territory is successfully captured or defended. There's total 6 fights in a territory.

Territory Fight

Territory fight tab

The faction wars fights are consist of 4 three-rounds survival fights and 2 boss fights. Some fights also can carry a fight rule. Winning a Faction Wars fight will rewards the player with small amount of upgrade components, as well Fame Points through Combat Task. There are 8 tasks in the Combat Task; 6 tasks for winning a faction war fight (45 points), one task for winning 2 duels (180 points), and one task for completing other tasks (450 points).

By earning Fame Points, the player will give their contribution to that territory, and progress the Fame Pass to claim its rewards. The Fame Pass mainly rewards the player with some upgrade components, shadow energies, gems, rare and epic packs, and the Emporium Tags (10 per week).

Aside from the Combat Tasks, the player can get 5 Fame Points infinitely by winning Tournament of Fame.

However, the player can change their territory once for free, but with consequences their Fame points will be resets.

Territory Leaderboard[]

Players who earn a large number of Fame Points will be listed on the Leaderboard, and those who reach a certain rank on the leaderboard will be given additional rewards when the Faction War phase ends.

  • 1st rank: 2100 faction coins, Important Components pack: 10000 brokens, 1500 qualities, 350 essences, 3 spheres
  • 2nd rank: 1500 faction coins, Important Components pack: 9500 brokens, 1400 qualities, 250 essences, 2 spheres
  • 3rd rank: 1000 faction coins, Important Components pack: 5000 brokens, 900 qualities, 150 essences, 2 spheres
  • 4th-10th ranks: 850 faction coins, Important Components pack: 1500 brokens, 400 qualities, 115 essences, 1 sphere
  • 10th-100th ranks and unranked: Important Components pack: 1200 brokens, 190 qualities, 95 essences, 1 sphere

Ling's Emporium[]

Ling's Emporium

Ling's Emporium tab

Ling's Emporium is a place where the players can use their Emporium Tags to roll the set upgrade components and their spheres (similar to SF4's Shadow Rift). Everything at Once is the default Emporium which has no time limit, while the Ling's Recommends is seasonal and lasts for 2 weeks (started and ended from Skirmish phase). Moreover, there are several event-limited Emporium that required special tags (depends on the emporium itself) to claim it's rewards.

The full list of Emporium rewards can be seen here.

The list of Ling's Recommends are:

  • Stranger - alongside with Arrow and Scourge Liquidator
  • Demon Prince - alongside with Dynasty Heritage and Condensing Eraser
  • Champion of the Pit - alongside with Guardian Dragon and Shadow Artisan
  • Abdicator - alongside with Star Chaser and Gloomy Spectre
  • Steppe Prince - alongside with Wolf Leader and Anomaly Hunter
  • Divine Judge - alongside with Warmonger and Torturous Nightmare
  • Hand of Magmarion - alongside with Octopus of the Damned and Void Warden
  • Shadow Colossus - alongside with Destroyer of the Epochs and Usurper
  • Elders' Lion - alongside with Raven of the Looming Night and Demon of Wrath