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Equipment Sets are the sets of gears in Shadow Fight 3 that include certain equipment items: a Helm, an Armor, a Weapon and a Ranged Weapon. When the player collects a certain set for the first time, they can get a reward. The reward for each set can only be obtained once. Set is considered to be collected if the player possesses all four equipment items it consists of. They can get these items from the Shop, as a fight reward, or by opening Booster Packs and Chests.


This is the easiest type of sets to be collected. There are a total of 18 Common Sets. Collecting all the items of a Common Set will only reward the players with a small amount of coins.

Legion Small
Weapon Armor Helm Ranged Weapons
Wpn onehanded sword 01 01

Crude Sword

Arm str 02

Mountaineer's Doublet

Helm str 03

Mountaineer's Cap

Rng axes 01 01

Training Hatchets

Wpn dual swords 01 01

Plain Swords

Arm str 12

Training Uniform

Helm str 12

Nomad's Cap

Rng knives 01 01

Training Blades

Wpn spear 01 01

Iron Lance

Arm str 14

Rogue's Doublet

Helm str 15

Campaigner's Helm

Rng arbalest 01 01

Wooden Crossbow

Wpn hammers 02 01

Riffle Hammers

Arm str 11

Purist's Plates

Helm str 13

Purists' Helm

Rng pilum 01 01

Copper Pilum

Wpn twohanded sword 01 01

Battle Sword

Arm str 23

Belted Cuirass

Helm str 23


Rng pistol 01 01

Crude Pistol

Wpn axes 02 01

Solid Hatchets

Arm str 29

Elder's Robe

Helm str 29

Strengthened Helmet

Rng trap 01 01

Iron Grip

Dynasty Small
Weapon Armor Helm Ranged Weapons
Wpn nunchaku 01 01


Arm agl 13

Peasant's Breastplate

Helm agl 13

Conical Hat

Rng boomerang 01 01

Banded Boomerangs

Wpn sabers 01 01

Double Scimitars

Arm agl 09

Embroidered Suit

Helm agl 05

Seahorse Veil

Rng agl knives 01 01

Novice Daggers

Wpn shuangou 01 01

Metal Shuang Gou

Arm agl 08

Plain Waistcoat

Helm agl 08


Rng chakram 01 01

Banded Cakrams

Wpn staff 01 03

Common Staff

Arm agl 16

Monk's Wrap

Helm agl 16

Epiphany Kasa

Rng bow 01 01

Light Bow

Wpn chain knife 01 01

Crafted Sting

Arm agl 23

Ritual Armor

Helm agl 23

Tribal Helmet

Rng bomb 01 01

Exploding Pots

Wpn guandao 01 01

Peasant's Guandao

Arm agl 26

Gladiator Armor

Helm agl 26

Gladiator Mask

Rng spike 01 01

Iron Sparks

Herald Small
Weapon Armor Helm Ranged Weapons
Wpn sai 01 01

Steel Sai

Arm prc 03

Cinder Coat

Helm prc 03

Solid Band

Rng shuriken 01 01

Onyx Shurikens

Wpn naginata 01 01

Acute Naginata

Arm prc 08

Initiate Kimono

Helm prc 09

Leather Casque

Rng kunai 01 01

Iron Kunai

Wpn katana 01 01

Keen Katana

Arm prc 09

Compression Suit

Helm prc 08

Composite Mask

Rng harpoon 01 01

Wooden Harpoon

Wpn dual kama 01 01

Wooden Kama

Arm prc 02

Envoy's Plates

Helm prc 01

Envoy's Helm

Rng needle 01 01

Piercing Needles

Wpn claws 01 01

Stinger Claws

Arm prc 18

Fine Leather Cloak

Helm prc 18

Military Sakkat

Rng folding shuriken 01 01


Wpn katana scabbard 01 01

Hermit Katana

Arm prc 28

Turquoise Coat

Helm prc 28

Cap of Concentration

Rng electromine 01 01



There are a total of 21 Rare Sets. Collecting all the items of a Rare Set will reward the players with 75 shadow energy.

Legion Small
Weapon Armor Helm Ranged Weapons
Wpn axes 01 02


Arm str 05

Bedrock Armor

Helm str 01

Visored Casque

Rng axes 01 02

Prepper's Hatchets

Wpn twohanded sword 01 02

Silver Squall

Arm str 03

Reinforced Coat

Helm str 08

Bedrock Helm

Rng knives 01 02

Iron Crosses

Wpn spear 01 02

Metal Sting

Arm str 04

Scout's Jacket

Helm str 11

Scout's Hat

Rng arbalest 01 02

Steel Crossbow

Wpn hammers 01 01

Signets of War

Arm str 21

Hunter's Woolfell

Helm str 21

Steel Guard

Rng pilum 01 02

Steel Pilum

Wpn twohanded hammer 02 01

Spiked Maul

Arm str 22

Marauder's Breastplate

Helm str 22

Marauder's Helm

Rng pistol 01 02

Trustworthy Pistol

Wpn dual swords 01 02

Double Skivers

Arm str 26

Guard's Uniform

Helm str 26

Guard's Helmet

Rng trap 01 02

Crushing Jaws

Wpn shield knobstick 01 02


Arm str 30

Steel Order

Helm str 30

Encouragement Helm

Dynasty Small
Weapon Armor Helm Ranged Weapons
Wpn guandao 01 02

Sentry's Guandao

Arm agl 10

Recruit's Doublet

Helm agl 06

Recruit's Hood

Rng agl knives 01 02

Trifolium Daggers

Wpn sabers 01 02

Lightweight Sabers

Arm agl 05

Padded Vest

Helm agl 10

Horse-tail Helmet

Rng boomerang 01 02

Rigid Boomerangs

Wpn staff 01 02

Wooden Staff

Arm agl 01

Gilded Vest

Helm agl 01

Gilded Headgear

Rng chakram 01 02

Crimson Chakrams

Wpn deerhorn 01 02

Deerhorn Knives

Arm agl 19

Rebel's Overcoat

Helm agl 19

Crested Visor

Rng bow 01 02

Composite Bow

Wpn chain knife 01 02

Four-sided Blade

Arm agl 17

Sea Devil's Doublet

Helm agl 17

Sea Devil's Mask

Rng bomb 01 02

Tighten-up Fire Orbs

Wpn nunchaku 01 02

Rebel Nunchaku

Arm agl 24

Fur-lined Cloth

Helm agl 24

Silky Fez

Rng spike 01 02


Wpn dadao 01 02

Governor's Dadao

Arm agl 29

Prince of Wastelands

Helm agl 29

Empire Tribute

Herald Small
Weapon Armor Helm Ranged Weapons
Wpn naginata 01 02

Slick Naginata

Arm prc 06

Ebony Armor

Helm prc 06

Kendogu Mask

Rng shuriken 01 03

Tracker's Tri-blades

Wpn glaive 01 01

Razor Edge

Arm prc 04

Arrowproof Vest

Helm prc 04

Vigilante Mask

Rng kunai 01 02

Heralds' Standart

Wpn claws 01 02

Steel Claws

Arm prc 12

Enchanced Wrappings

Helm prc 12

Conical Headgear

Rng harpoon 01 02

Ragged Fin

Wpn dual kama 01 02

Lightweight Kama

Arm prc 20

Scavenger's Mail

Helm prc 20

Scavenger's Mask

Rng needle 01 02

Sticking Needles

Wpn kusarigama 01 02

Jagged Kusarigama

Arm prc 23

Deepsea Plate

Helm prc 23

Deepsea Mask

Rng folding shuriken 01 02

Bladed Mill

Wpn katana scabbard 01 02

Classy Katana

Arm prc 25

Robe of Silence

Helm prc 25

Cryptkeeper's Hood

Rng electromine 01 02


Wpn whip katar 01 02


Arm prc 30

Eclipse Armor

Helm prc 30

Blackout Half Hood


There are a total of 21 Epic Sets. Collecting all the items of an Epic Set will reward the players with some coins and 150 shadow energy. Aside from the usual methods, some Epic items are also obtainable from certain events.

Legion Small
Weapon Armor Helm Ranged Weapons
Wpn twohanded sword 01 03

Ornate Two-Hander

Arm str 13

Kagun's Woolfell

Helm str 14

Kagun's Horns

Rng arbalest 01 03

Black Strike

Wpn axes 02 03


Arm str 27


Helm str 27


Rng knives 01 03

Scarlet Blades

Wpn hammers 02 02

Wicked Twins

Arm str 17

Swamper's Camouflage

Helm str 17

Swamper's Headgear

Rng axes 01 03

Chained Hatchets

Wpn giant sword 01


Arm str 20

Lupine Plate

Helm str 20

Rigid Barbute

Rng pilum 01 03


Wpn twohanded hammer 02 02

Storm Hammer

Arm str 24

Mariner's Coat

Helm str 24


Rng pistol 01 03

Rusty Rascal

Wpn dual swords 01 03

Ash and Light

Arm str 15

Laminar Cuirass

Helm str 02

Cuirassier Helm

Rng trap 01 03

Death Grip

Wpn spear 01 03

Spear of Mercy

Arm str 31


Helm str 31

Blind Rage

Dynasty Small
Weapon Armor Helm Ranged Weapons
Wpn chain knife 01 03

Aerial Lotus

Arm agl 04

Dragon Jacket

Helm agl 04

Serpentine Cap

Rng agl knives 01 03

Gilded Daggers

Wpn nunchaku 01 04

Weightened Nunchaku

Arm agl 11

Prefect's Robe

Helm agl 11

Kernel Casque

Rng boomerang 01 03

Wave Cutters

Wpn staff 01 01

Gilded Staff

Arm agl 12

Inwrought Armor

Helm agl 12

Cycle Armet

Rng bow 01 03

Emperor's Vow

Wpn deerhorn 01 03

Crane's Wings

Arm agl 18

Fine Raiment

Helm agl 18

Wrapped Kui

Rng chakram 01 03

Luna Chakrams

Wpn dadao 01 03

Golden Bud

Arm agl 22

Sea Guard Plates

Helm agl 22

Sailor Cap

Rng bomb 01 03

Solar Bombs

Wpn shuangou 01 02

Ancient Legacy

Arm agl 25


Helm agl 25


Rng spike 01 03


Wpn sabers 01 03

Dancing Sabers

Arm agl 28

Solar Flare

Helm agl 28

Melting Rays

Herald Small
Weapon Armor Helm Ranged Weapons
Wpn glaive 01 03

Fate Slicer

Arm prc 07

Thick Plackart

Helm prc 07

Bright Kabuto

Rng kunai 01 03

Crimson Death

Wpn sai 01 03

Dark Cogs

Arm prc 14

Ghost Doublet

Helm prc 14

Lunar Shroud

Rng shuriken 01 06

Bright Shurikens

Wpn naginata 01 03

Shadow Piercer

Arm prc 17

Feldsher's Uniform

Helm prc 17

Feldsher's Mask

Rng needle 01 03

Endless Pain

Wpn katana scabbard 01 03

Purple Peeler

Arm prc 19

Heralds' Raiment

Helm prc 19

Crested Cover

Rng harpoon 01 03

Red Arrow

Wpn claws 01 03

Iridescent Slicers

Arm prc 24

Volcanic Armor

Helm prc 24

Lava Muzzle

Rng folding shuriken 01 03

Edged Fin

Wpn dual kama 01 03


Arm prc 26

Saccadic Masking

Helm prc 26


Rng electromine 01 03

Massive Mines

Wpn katana 01 03


Arm prc 31

Version 707

Helm prc 31



These are the hardest type of sets to be collected. There are a total of 18 Legendary Sets, 6 of which have a name and set bonuses usable in fights. Collecting all the items of a Legendary Set will reward the players with coins, 50 gems and 500 shadow energy.

Legion Small
Set Name Ability Description Weapon Armor Helm Ranged Weapons
Scourge Liquidator Icon

Scourge Liquidator
Burn your enemy's shadow energy with successful hits and deal +50% damage when it is depleted.
Wpn dual swords 02 01

Ripping Kit
Arm str 10

Liquidator's Hardshell
Helm str 10

Liquidator's Headpiece
Rng arbalest 01 04

Slicing Crossbow
Wpn spear 01 04

Sun Splinter
Arm str 16

Lion's Pride
Helm str 16

Lion's Gaze
Rng axes 01 04
Gilded Hatchets
Wpn hammers 01 02

Arm str 07

Warlord's Plates
Helm str 09

Rng knives 01 04

Gilded Blades
Wpn giant sword 02

Ancestors' Wrath
Arm str 18

Valor's Might
Helm str 18

Valor's Headpiece
Rng pilum 01 04

Obsidian Strike
Abdicator Set Icon

When your Health is out, you become invincible for 10 seconds and deal 2x damage.
Wpn twohanded sword 01 04

Arm str 25

Divine Retribution
Helm str 25

Higher Calling
Rng pistol 01 04
Wpn onehanded sword 02 02

Light Brim
Arm str 28

Helm str 28

Shiny Darkness
Rng trap 01 04
Black Maw

Dynasty Small
Set Name Ability Description Weapon Armor Helm Ranged Weapons
Guardian Dragon Icon

Guardian Dragon
Gain +5% to your shadow energy for each successful weapon attack.
Wpn guandao 01 04

Emerald Claw
Arm agl 06

Guard's Armor
Helm agl 02

Guardian's Helm
Rng agl knives 01 04

Lotus Petals
Wpn chain knife 01 04

Eagle's Dive
Arm agl 07

Three Arrows' Glory
Helm agl 03

Golden Fang Crown
Rng spike 01 04

Wpn staff 01 04

Prosperity Staff
Arm agl 14

Demon Ward
Helm agl 14

Demon's Crown
Rng bow 01 04

Sky Lord
Wpn nunchaku 01 05

Flying Jade
Arm agl 21

Kraken's Eye
Helm agl 21

Kraken Kabuto
Rng bomb 01 04

Burning Rain
Wpn shuangou 01 03

Crown Defender
Arm agl 20

Wings of Reign
Helm agl 20

Chief's Crown
Rng boomerang 01 04

Wyvern's Claw
Star Chaser Set Icon

Star Chaser
When your Health is out, you enter Shadow Form with full shadow energy bar and become invincible for 10 seconds.
Wpn dadao 01 04

Dragon's Roar
Arm agl 27

Northern Lights
Helm agl 27

Rng chakram 01 04

Dragon Chakram

Herald Small
Set Name Ability Description Weapon Armor Helm Ranged Weapons
Gloomy Spectre Icon

Gloomy Spectre
Gain spectre badges for up to 3 successful hits to increase your damage by 50%. Badges are lost overtime.
Wpn claws 01 04

Cyan Talons
Arm prc 10

Agony Gleam
Helm prc 10

Mind Protector
Rng kunai 01 04

Ice Fangs
Wpn naginata 01 04

Improved Pruner
Arm prc 16

Shadowdiving Suit
Helm prc 16

Shadowdiver's Muzzle
Rng electromine 01 04

Judge Set Icon

Divine Judge
3 succesful hits fully replenish your shadow energy, but it vanishes after 3 seconds.
Wpn kusarigama 01 04

Blood Reaper
Arm prc 15

Final Judgement
Helm prc 15

Crescent Visor
Rng needle 01 04

Dragonfly's Bite
Wpn katana scabbard 01 04

Fate's End
Arm prc 11

Helm prc 11

Rng harpoon 01 04

Glacial Harpoon
Wpn katana 01 04

Arm prc 22

Obscure Jacket
Helm prc 22

Stealth Visor
Rng folding shuriken 01 04

Wpn sai 01 04

Nocturnal Clutches
Arm prc 27

Helm prc 27

Rng shuriken 01 07

Steel Dragonflies


As their rarity name suggests, these sets are more unique than the other four rarities in the sense that they are time-limited sets. Unique equipment has a special theme and can only be obtained while their respective events are ongoing. There are a total of 6 Unique Sets, 1 of which comes with a set bonus usable in fights. Collecting all the items of an Unique Set will reward the players with 50 gems.

Set Name Ability Description Weapon Armor Helm Ranged Weapons
Monkey King set could be obtained during the Lunar New Year special event, Lunar Tournament
Wpn monkey king staff

Monkey King Staff
Arm monkey king

Monkey King Outfit
Helm monkey king

Monkey King Mask
Rng bottle monkey king

Monkey King Flask
Executioner's set could be obtained during the Sanguine Forest event
Wpn executioner sword

Sin Eater
Arm str 19

Sanguine Cowl
Helm str 19

Eye of the Reaper

Spring Champion Set could be obtained during the Blossom Festival event
Sakura Set Icon

Spring Champion
Your shadow energy restores itself (much faster if you're close to the enemy). Any shadow ability fully depletes it.
Wpn glaive sakura

Iron Foliage
Arm sakura

Sakura Phantom
Helm sakura

Blossom Mask
Rng harpoon sakura

Petal Thrower
Frozen Dragon Set could be obtained during the Dragon Lesson event
Wpn sabers frozen dragon

Snowstorm Blades
Arm frozen dragon

Frozen Dragon
Helm frozen dragon

Frost Helmet
Rng bomb frozen dragon

Glacier Orbs
Halloween Set could be obtained during the Halloween special event, Creepy Party
Wpn onehanded sword halloween

Call of the Cursed
Arm halloween

Crimson Thirst
Helm halloween

Rng arbalest halloween

New Year Set could be obtained during the new year special event, Winter Frenzy
Wpn kusarigama new year

Icy Reaper
Arm new year

Shadow of the Snow
Helm new year

Steel Focus
Rng folding shuriken new year

Winter Star

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