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This article refers to Equipment Sets in Shadow Fight 3. For other uses, see Equipment Sets (disambiguation).

Equipment Sets are the sets of gears in Shadow Fight 3 that include certain equipment items: a Helm, an Armor, a Weapon and a Ranged Weapon. When the player collects a certain set for the first time, they can get a reward. The higher the rarity of the set, the higher the reward. The reward for each set can only be obtained once. Set is considered to be collected if the player possesses all four equipment items it consists of. They can get these items from the Shop, as a fight reward, or by opening Booster Packs and Chests. All equipment sets (including the ones collected already) become collectable once again when the player enters a new plane of Transformation story mode.


These are the easiest type of sets to be collected. There are a total of 21 Common Sets. Collecting all the items of a Common Set will only reward the players with a small amount of coins, 50 stability points in June's Plane, 30 stability points for each item and 30 stability points for a set in Itu's Plane.

Legion Small
Weapon Armor Helm Ranged Weapons
Wpn onehanded sword 01 01
Crude Sword
Arm str 02
Mountaineer's Doublet
Helm str 03
Mountaineer's Cap
Rng axes 01 01
Training Hatchets
Wpn dual swords 01 01
Plain Swords
Arm str 12
Training Uniform
Helm str 12
Nomad's Cap
Rng knives 01 01
Training Blades
Wpn spear 01 01
Iron Lance
Arm str 14
Rogue's Doublet
Helm str 15
Campaigner's Helm
Rng arbalest 01 01
Wooden Crossbow
Wpn hammers 02 01
Riffle Hammers
Arm str 11
Purist's Plates
Helm str 13
Purists' Helm
Rng pilum 01 01
Copper Pilum
Wpn twohanded sword 01 01
Battle Sword
Arm str 23
Belted Cuirass
Helm str 23
Rng pistol 01 01
Crude Pistol
Wpn axes 02 01
Solid Hatchets
Arm str 29
Elder's Robe
Helm str 29
Strengthened Helmet
Rng trap 01 01
Iron Bite
Wpn shield knobstick 01 01
Sentinel Pack
Arm str 33
Opportunist's Armor
Helm str 33
Ribbed Helm
Rng str blaster 01 01
Model 8

Dynasty Small
Weapon Armor Helm Ranged Weapons
Wpn nunchaku 01 01
Arm agl 13
Peasant's Breastplate
Helm agl 13
Conical Hat
Rng boomerang 01 01
Banded Boomerangs
Wpn sabers 01 01
Double Scimitars
Arm agl 09
Embroidered Suit
Helm agl 05
Seahorse Veil
Rng agl knives 01 01
Novice Daggers
Wpn shuangou 01 01
Metal Shuang Gou
Arm agl 08
Plain Waistcoat
Helm agl 08
Rng chakram 01 01
Banded Chakrams
Wpn staff 01 03
Common Staff
Arm agl 16
Monk's Wrap
Helm agl 16
Epiphany Kasa
Rng bow 01 01
Light Bow
Wpn chain knife 01 01
Crafted Sting
Arm agl 23
Ritual Armor
Helm agl 23
Tribal Helmet
Rng bomb 01 01
Exploding Pots
Wpn guandao 01 01
Peasant's Guandao
Arm agl 26
Gladiator Armor
Helm agl 26
Gladiator Mask
Rng spike 01 01
Iron Sparks
Wpn glaive knives 01 01
Arm agl 30
Dust Storm
Helm agl 30
Protection Helmet
Rng bow 02 01
Elegant Bow

Herald Small
Weapon Armor Helm Ranged Weapons
Wpn sai 01 01
Steel Sai
Arm prc 03
Cinder Coat
Helm prc 03
Solid Band
Rng shuriken 01 01
Onyx Shurikens
Wpn naginata 01 01
Acute Naginata
Arm prc 08
Initiate Kimono
Helm prc 09
Leather Casque
Rng kunai 01 01
Iron Kunai
Wpn katana 01 01
Keen Katana
Arm prc 09
Compression Suit
Helm prc 08
Composite Mask
Rng harpoon 01 01
Wooden Harpoon
Wpn dual kama 01 01
Wooden Kama
Arm prc 02
Envoy's Plates
Helm prc 01
Envoy's Helm
Rng needle 01 01
Piercing Needles
Wpn claws 01 01
Stinger Claws
Arm prc 18
Fine Leather Cloak
Helm prc 18
Military Sakkat
Rng folding shuriken 01 01
Wpn katana scabbard 01 01
Hermit Katana
Arm prc 28
Turquoise Coat
Helm prc 28
Cap of Concentration
Rng electromine 01 01
Wpn whip katar 01 01
Folding Katars
Arm prc 29
Quality Carcasse
Helm prc 29
Rng prc blaster 01 01


There are a total of 21 Rare Sets. Collecting all the items of a Rare Set will reward the players with 75 shadow energy, 100 stability points in June's Plane, 60 stability points for each item and 60 stability points for a set in Itu's Plane.

Legion Small
Weapon Armor Helm Ranged Weapons
Wpn axes 01 02
Arm str 03
Reinforced Coat
Helm str 01
Visored Casque
Rng axes 01 02
Prepper's Hatchets
Wpn twohanded sword 01 02
Silver Squall
Arm str 05
Bedrock Armor
Helm str 08
Bedrock Helm
Rng knives 01 02
Iron Crosses
Wpn spear 01 02
Metal Sting
Arm str 04
Scout's Jacket
Helm str 11
Scout's Hat
Rng arbalest 01 02
Steel Crossbow
Wpn hammers 01 01
Signets of War
Arm str 21
Hunter's Woolfell
Helm str 21
Steel Guard
Rng pilum 01 02
Steel Pilum
Wpn twohanded hammer 02 01
Spiked Maul
Arm str 22
Marauder's Breastplate
Helm str 22
Marauder's Helm
Rng pistol 01 02
Trustworthy Pistol
Wpn dual swords 01 02
Double Skivers
Arm str 26
Guard's Uniform
Helm str 26
Guard's Helmet
Rng trap 01 02
Crushing Jaws
Wpn shield knobstick 01 02
Arm str 30
Steel Order
Helm str 30
Encouragement Helm
Rng str blaster 01 02
Dynasty Small
Weapon Armor Helm Ranged Weapons
Wpn guandao 01 02
Sentry's Guandao
Arm agl 10
Recruit's Doublet
Helm agl 10
Horse-tail Helmet
Rng agl knives 01 02
Trifolium Daggers
Wpn sabers 01 02
Lightweight Sabers
Arm agl 05
Padded Vest
Helm agl 06
Recruit's Hood
Rng boomerang 01 02
Rigid Boomerangs
Wpn staff 01 02
Wooden Staff
Arm agl 01
Gilded Vest
Helm agl 01
Gilded Headgear
Rng chakram 01 02
Crimson Chakrams
Wpn deerhorn 01 02
Deerhorn Knives
Arm agl 19
Rebel's Overcoat
Helm agl 19
Crested Visor
Rng bow 01 02
Composite Bow
Wpn chain knife 01 02
Four-sided Blade
Arm agl 17
Sea Devil's Doublet
Helm agl 17
Sea Devil's Mask
Rng bomb 01 02
Tighten-up Fire Orbs
Wpn nunchaku 01 02
Rebel Nunchaku
Arm agl 24
Fur-lined Armor
Helm agl 24
Silky Fez
Rng spike 01 02
Wpn glaive knives 01 02
Scattered Blades
Arm agl 29
Prince of Wastelands
Helm agl 29
Empire Tribute
Rng bow 02 02
Wild Inflorescence

Herald Small
Weapon Armor Helm Ranged Weapons
Wpn naginata 01 02
Slick Naginata
Arm prc 06
Ebony Armor
Helm prc 06
Kendogu Mask
Rng shuriken 01 03
Tracker's Tri-blades
Wpn glaive 01 01
Razor Edge
Arm prc 04
Arrowproof Vest
Helm prc 04
Vigilante Mask
Rng kunai 01 02
Heralds' Standart
Wpn claws 01 02
Steel Claws
Arm prc 12
Enhanced Wrappings
Helm prc 12
Conical Headgear
Rng harpoon 01 02
Ragged Fin
Wpn dual kama 01 02
Lightweight Kama
Arm prc 20
Scavenger's Mail
Helm prc 20
Scavenger's Mask
Rng needle 01 02
Sticking Needles
Wpn kusarigama 01 02
Jagged Kusarigama
Arm prc 23
Deep Sea Plate
Helm prc 23
Deep Sea Mask
Rng folding shuriken 01 02
Bladed Mill
Wpn katana scabbard 01 02
Classy Katana
Arm prc 25
Robe of Silence
Helm prc 25
Cryptkeeper's Hood
Rng electromine 01 02
Wpn whip katar 01 02
Arm prc 30
Eclipse Armor
Helm prc 30
Blackout Half Hood
Rng prc blaster 01 02
Wasteland Dragonfly


There are a total of 21 Epic Sets. Collecting all the items of an Epic Set will reward the players with some coins, 150 shadow energy, 150 stability points in June's Plane, 90 stability points for each item and 90 stability points for a set in Itu's Plane. Aside from the usual methods, some Epic items are also obtainable from certain events.

Legion Small
Weapon Armor Helm Ranged Weapons
Wpn twohanded sword 01 03
Ornate Two-Hander
Arm str 13
Kagun's Woolfell
Helm str 14
Kagun's Horns
Rng arbalest 01 03
Black Strike
Wpn dual swords 01 03
Ash and Light
Arm str 15
Laminar Cuirass
Helm str 02
Cuirassier Helm
Rng trap 01 03
Death Grip
Wpn hammers 02 02
Wicked Twins
Arm str 17
Swamper's Camouflage
Helm str 17
Swamper's Headgear
Rng axes 01 03
Chained Hatchets
Wpn giant sword 01
Arm str 20
Lupine Plate
Helm str 20
Rigid Barbute
Rng pilum 01 03
Wpn twohanded hammer 02 02
Storm Hammer
Arm str 24
Mariner's Coat
Helm str 24
Rng pistol 01 03
Rusty Rascal
Wpn axes 02 03
Arm str 27
Helm str 27
Rng knives 01 03
Scarlet Blades
Wpn shield knobstick 01 03
Spikey And Big Guy
Arm str 31
Helm str 31
Blind Rage
Rng str blaster 01 03

Dynasty Small
Weapon Armor Helm Ranged Weapons
Wpn chain knife 01 03
Aerial Lotus
Arm agl 04
Dragon Jacket
Helm agl 04
Serpentine Cap
Rng agl knives 01 03
Gilded Daggers
Wpn nunchaku 01 04
Weightened Nunchaku
Arm agl 11
Prefect's Robe
Helm agl 11
Kernel Casque
Rng boomerang 01 03
Wave Cutters
Wpn staff 01 01
Gilded Staff
Arm agl 12
Inwrought Armor
Helm agl 12
Cycle Armet
Rng bow 01 03
Emperor's Vow
Wpn deerhorn 01 03
Crane's Wings
Arm agl 18
Fine Raiment
Helm agl 18
Wrapped Kui
Rng chakram 01 03
Luna Chakrams
Wpn dadao 01 03
Golden Bud
Arm agl 22
Sea Guard Plates
Helm agl 22
Sailor Cap
Rng bomb 01 03
Solar Bombs
Wpn shuangou 01 02
Ancient Legacy
Arm agl 25
Helm agl 25
Rng spike 01 03
Wpn glaive knives 01 03
Imperial Pearls
Arm agl 28
Solar Flare
Helm agl 28
Melting Rays
Rng bow 02 03
Emerald Straw

Herald Small
Weapon Armor Helm Ranged Weapons
Wpn glaive 01 03
Fate Slicer
Arm prc 07
Thick Plackart
Helm prc 07
Bright Kabuto
Rng kunai 01 03
Crimson Death
Wpn katana scabbard 01 03
Purple Peeler
Arm prc 19
Heralds' Raiment
Helm prc 19
Crested Cover
Rng harpoon 01 03
Red Arrow
Wpn sai 01 03
Dark Cogs
Arm prc 14
Ghost Doublet
Helm prc 14
Lunar Shroud
Rng shuriken 01 06
Bright Shurikens
Wpn naginata 01 03
Shadow Piercer
Arm prc 17
Feldsher's Uniform
Helm prc 17
Feldsher's Mask
Rng needle 01 03
Endless Pain
Wpn claws 01 03
Iridescent Slicers
Arm prc 24
Volcanic Armor
Helm prc 24
Lava Muzzle
Rng folding shuriken 01 03
Edged Fin
Wpn dual kama 01 03
Arm prc 26
Saccadic Masking
Helm prc 26
Rng electromine 01 03
Massive Mines
Wpn whip katar 01 03
Arm prc 31
Version 707
Helm prc 31
Rng prc blaster 01 03
Removal Serenade


These are the hardest type of sets to be collected. There are a total of 37 Legendary Sets, 28 of them has their own name and set bonuses usable in fights. Collecting all the items of a Legendary Set will reward the players with coins, 50 gems, 500 shadow energy, 200 stability points in June's Plane, 120 stability points for each item and 120 stability points for a set in Itu's Plane. As of the update 1.34, all legendary sets with bonuses have been improved or saved, and are available to be upgraded at the Forge, together with the Faction Wars.

Legion Small
Set Name Ability Description Weapon Armor Helm Ranged Weapons
Scourge Liquidator Icon

Scourge Liquidator
You burn your opponent's shadow energy to deal more damage and heal yourself.
Wpn dual swords 02 01
Ripping Kit
Arm str 10
Liquidator's Hardshell
Helm str 10
Liquidator's Headpiece
Rng arbalest 01 04
Slicing Crossbow
Elder lion set icon

Elders' Lion
Avenge the Elders by stunning your opponent with a roar and raining down lightning!
Wpn spear 01 04
Sun Splinter
Arm str 16
Lion's Pride
Helm str 16
Lion's Gaze
Rng axes 01 04
Gilded Hatchets
Warmonger set icon

You can enter shadow form faster and it gives you many extra benefits
Wpn hammers 01 02
Arm str 07
Warlord's Plates
Helm str 09
Rng knives 01 04
Gilded Blades
Valor Set Icon

Living Legend
You're protected by a shield that each 10 seconds absorbs your opponent's attacks with a blast and throws him back when he misses
Wpn giant sword 02
Ancestors' Wrath
Arm str 18
Valor's Might
Helm str 18
Valor's Headpiece
Rng pilum 01 04
Obsidian Strike
Abdicator Set Icon

The Power of Light gives you offensive and defensive abilities and saves you when you receive lethal damage.
Wpn twohanded sword 01 04
Arm str 25
Divine Retribution
Helm str 25
Higher Calling
Rng pistol 01 04
Night Warrior N/A
Wpn onehanded sword 02 02
Light Brim
Arm str 28
Helm str 28
Shiny Darkness
Rng trap 01 04
Black Maw
Eraser Set Icon

Condensing Eraser
You use advanced shadow technologies and can paralyze your opponent with electric shock
Wpn shield knobstick 01 04
Final Countdown
Arm str 32
Helm str 32
Rng str blaster 01 04
Northern Leader N/A
Wpn mace 01 05
Drevar Songs
Arm str 35
Flame Charmer
Helm str 35
Fiery North
Rng axes 01 05
Woodland Wolves
Wolf Set Icon

Wolf Leader
You inflict Lacerations, which deal damage to your opponent when they move, and can strengthen this effect by using Horn
Wpn big knife 01 04
Drevar's Heart
Arm str 36
Leader's Oath
Helm str 36
Law of the Pack
Rng battlehorn 01 01
Silver Tooth
Ironclad Set Icon

Champion of the Pit
You despise ranged weapons, score critical hits frequently and can reduce your opponent's defenses
Wpn knuckles 01 01
Fury and Bitey
Arm str 37
Born Again
Helm str 37
Bear's Thicket
Rng trap 01 05
Just A Trophy
King set icon

Ancient Overlord
You perform a Sorrowful Prayer, which allows you to perform powerful area of effect attacks and unleash angry souls on your enemies
Wpn twohanded sword 01 05
Arm str 34
Voice of the Bones
Helm str 34
Moan of Eternity
Rng pilum 01 05
Kings' Grief
Magmarion set icon

Hand of Magmarion
You feed a giant living Fire sword with shadow energy and gain its abilities in battle
Wpn giant sword 03 01
Arm str 40
Law of Fire
Helm str 40
Forgotten Hero
Rng pilum 01 06
Warrior's Will
Shadow colossus set icon

Shadow Colossus
Enhance your shadow moves, rain spears on your enemies and shake the earth itself
Wpn twohanded hammer 01 03

Arm str 42

Inmate's Heart
Helm str 42

Commander's Wreath
Rng arbalest 01 05

Fire Lord
Steel hound set icon

Steel Hound
Build up Fire energy in Guard phase and unleash a fiery hell on your opponent during Pursuit
Bane of Giants

Steel Heart

Vigilant Sentinel

Call of the North

Dynasty Small
Set Name Ability Description Weapon Armor Helm Ranged Weapons
Guardian Dragon Icon

Guardian Dragon
Gain more shadow energy from attacks and deal additional shadow damage with weapons
Wpn guandao 01 04
Emerald Claw
Arm agl 06
Guard's Armor
Helm agl 02
Guardian's Helm
Rng agl knives 01 04
Lotus Petals
Arrow Set Icon

Move to get more shadow energy and increase shadow damage
Wpn chain knife 01 04
Eagle's Dive
Arm agl 07
Three Arrows' Glory
Helm agl 03
Golden Fang Crown
Rng spike 01 04
Golden Demon N/A
Wpn staff 01 04
Prosperity Staff
Arm agl 14
Demon Ward
Helm agl 14
Demon's Crown
Rng bow 01 04
Sky Lord
Octopus Set Icon

Octopus Of The Damned
Stun your opponent by throwing fire orbs and placing mines
Wpn nunchaku 01 05
Flying Jade
Arm agl 21
Kraken's Eye
Helm agl 21
Kraken Kabuto
Rng bomb 01 04
Burning Rain
Usurper Set Icon

Break through your opponent's block and deal increased boomerang damage
Wpn shuangou 01 03
Crown Defender
Arm agl 20
Wings of Reign
Helm agl 20
Chief's Crown
Rng boomerang 01 04
Wyvern's Claws
Star Chaser Set Icon

Star Chaser
After taking lethal damage, you become invulnerable and continue to fight in your enhanced shadow form
Wpn dadao 01 04
Dragon's Roar
Arm agl 27
Northern Lights
Helm agl 27
Rng chakram 01 04
Dragon Chakrams
Nightmare Set Icon

Torturous Nightmare
Your attacks inflict Bleeding on your opponent, which damages them and reduce the damage of their next attack
Wpn glaive knives 01 04
Arm agl 33
Utopian Glow
Helm agl 33
Rng bow 02 04
Sun Synthesis
Celestial Overseer N/A
Wpn triple staff 01 04
Demons' Gate
Arm agl 34
Blazing Onyx
Helm agl 34
Gliding Dragon
Rng chakram 01 05
Verity and Virtue
Tarlan Set Icon

Steppe Prince
You can summon a pet falcon that helps you in battle
Wpn sabers 01 04
Umbral Heirs
Arm agl 35
Helm agl 35
Hawk's Peak
Rng boomerang 01 05
Barkhan Feathers
June Set Icon

Dynasty Heritage
You use special fire orbs and deal increased damage
Wpn chain knife 01 05
Hand of Justice
Arm agl 36
Natural Leader
Helm agl 36
Rng bomb 01 05
Dangerous Trophy
Butcher set icon

Demon of Wrath
You can summon a Death Cage, which strengthens you and prevents your opponent from escaping
Wpn dual cleavers 01 01


Arm agl 38
Looted Silk
Helm agl 38
Clutches of Rage
Rng hook 01
Butcher's Hook
Perfect Surface Servant

Perfect Surface Servant
You use ice energy to protect yourself with an ice shield, freeze opponents, and make them slip.
Wpn glaive knives 01 06
Seeds of Aeons
Arm agl 39
Three Icy Virtues
Helm agl 39
Lord of Absence
Rng agl knives 01 05
Fragile Constants
Widow's Favorite

Widow's Favorite
The fairest of demons protects you with the power of shadow winds: control them with shadow moves
Wpn fans 01
Wings of Perfection
Arm agl 40
Imperial Silk
Helm agl 40
Wreath of the Chosen
Rng needle 01 07
Widow's Hairpins
King of serpents set icon

King of Serpents
Poison your opponent and gain Bloom energy to unlock new abilities!
Wpn shuangou 01 04

Poisonous Fangs
Arm agl 41

Regal Scales
Helm agl 41

Basilisk's Gaze
Rng bottle 01 02

Witch's Trump

Herald Small
Set Name Ability Description Weapon Armor Ranged Weapons Helm
Gloomy Spectre Icon

Gloomy Spectre
The more successful and critical attacks you make, the higher your damage will be
Wpn claws 01 04
Cyan Talons
Arm prc 10
Agony Gleam
Helm prc 10
Mind Protector
Rng kunai 01 04
Ice Fangs
Anomaly hunter set icon

Anomaly Hunter
Accumulate shadow energy to deal increased weapon damage and lure enemies into a net of electromines
Wpn katana 01 04
Arm prc 16 old
Shadowdiving Suit
Helm prc 16
Shadowdiver's Muzzle
Rng electromine 01 04
Judge Set Icon

Divine Judge
You are bound by a special shadow vow to the Void Room and execute its orders, which can strengthen you of weaken your opponent
Wpn katana scabbard 01 04
Fate's End
Arm prc 15
Final Judgement
Helm prc 15
Crescent Visor
Rng needle 01 04
Dragonfly's Bite
Tracker N/A
Wpn naginata 01 04
Improved Pruner
Arm prc 11
Helm prc 11
Rng harpoon 01 04
Glacial Harpoon
Creator Set Icon

Shadow Artisan
In battle, you are assisted by various shadow bot models
Wpn kusarigama 01 04
Blood Reaper (SF3)
Arm prc 22
Obscure Jacket
Helm prc 22
Stealth Visor
Rng folding shuriken 01 04
Future Keeper N/A
Wpn sai 01 04
Nocturnal Clutches
Arm prc 27
Helm prc 27
Rng shuriken 01 07
Steel Dragonflies
Warden Set Icon

Void Warden
Contaminate your opponent's shadow energy and summon the mysterious power of Wasteland to your aid
Wpn whip katar 01 04
Arm prc 32
Helm prc 32
Rng prc blaster 01 04
Ling Project
Predator N/A
Wpn ninjato 01 04
Arm prc 34
Helm prc 34
Jackal Paradigma
Rng kunai 01 05
Okada's Razor
Ling Set Icon

Raven of the Looming Night
The Raven of the Looming Night appreciated your skill and gifted you with a special tea recipe and a unique katana technique
Wpn katana 01 05
Raven's Talon
Arm prc 36
Midnight Flight
Helm prc 36
Master's Beak
Rng bottle 01 01
Coveted Vessel
Stranger Set Icon

You can dash toward an enemy, dealing a powerful attack, and are proficient in shadow arts
Wpn katana 01 06
World Slicer
Arm prc 35
Burden of Loneliness
Helm prc 35
Eye of Time
Rng electromine 01 05
Spatial Trap
Lynx Set Icon

Demon Prince
Control your opponents and steal their health
Wpn claws 01 05
Order's Claws
Arm prc 37
Luxurious Furs
Helm prc 37
Egomaniac's Crown
Rng kunai 01 06
Jealous Kiss
Itu set icon

Destroyer of the Epochs
Outstanding katana technique, time manipulation, and mastery of traps are available to you
Wpn katana scabbard 01 05
Blade of Timelessness
Arm prc 39
Demon's Robe
Helm prc 39
Gaze Into Infinity
Rng needle 01 06
Shards of the Maze
Mnemos Set Icon
Chorus of the Void
Switch between the three Void energies to gain their special bonus and abilities in battle
Wpn composite sword 01 01
Battle of Laws
Arm prc 33
Council of Seven
Helm prc 33
Infinite Journey
Rng prc blaster 01 05
Void Anibot Icon
Void Anibot
Control the Chaos of the Void, but be careful - it knows neither friend nor foe!
Wpn dual kama 01 05
Will of Many
Arm prc 40
Shell of Genesis
Helm prc 40
Duality Hypothesis
Rng folding shuriken 01 05
Chaos Blades


As their rarity name suggests, these sets are more unique than the other four rarities in the sense that they are time-limited sets. Unique equipment has a special theme and can only be obtained while their respective events are ongoing. There are a total of 10 Unique Sets, 4 of which come with a set bonus usable in fights. Collecting all the items of an Unique Set will reward the players with 50 gems and 150 stability points. As of the update 1.32.1, the rarity's power is equivalent to the Legendary sets. Similar to the legendary sets with bonuses, it can now be upgraded and improved.

Set Name Ability Description Weapon Armor Helm Ranged Weapons Event
Monkey Set Icon

Festival King
Taking a sip from a mysterious flask will give you a random blessing from the Monkey King
Wpn monkey king staff

Monkey King Staff
Arm monkey king

Monkey King Outfit
Helm monkey king

Monkey King Mask
Rng bottle monkey king

Monkey King Flask
Lunar Festival
Verdict of the Elder
Wpn executioner sword

Sin Eater
Arm str 19

Sanguine Cowl
Helm str 19

Eye of the Reaper
Rng axes executioner

Sanguine Forest
Sakura Set Icon

Spring Champion
You receive shadow energy from other creatures, tap into rare Bloom energy and use it for festival tricks
Wpn glaive sakura

Iron Foliage
Arm sakura

Sakura Phantom
Helm sakura

Blossom Mask
Rng harpoon sakura

Petal Thrower
Blossom Festival
Blizzard Master
Wpn sabers frozen dragon

Snowstorm Blades
Arm frozen dragon

Frozen Dragon
Helm frozen dragon

Frost Helmet
Rng bomb frozen dragon

Glacier Orbs
Dragon Lesson
Vampire Set Icon

Immortal Lord
The Power of Rot allows you to inflict Bleeding, steal health, and return to life after receiving lethal damage
Wpn onehanded sword halloween

Call of the Cursed
Arm halloween

Crimson Thirst
Helm halloween

Rng arbalest halloween

Blood Spit
Creepy Party
Miracle Maker
Wpn kusarigama new year

Icy Reaper
Arm new year

Shadow of the Snow
Helm new year

Steel Focus
Rng folding shuriken new year

Winter Star
Winter Frenzy, Jewels of the North, Winter Festival or other Christmas and New Year events
Wpn guandao korean ny

Sacred Empire
Arm korean ny

Helm korean ny

Royal Guard
Rng bow korean ny

Family Tree
Brilliant fakir set icon

Brilliant Fakir
You can exhale fire, weakening your opponent
Wpn deerhorn 01 03b

Stage King
Arm agl 18b

Performer's Soul
Helm agl 18b

Talent Sparks
Rng chakram 01 03b

Opening and Finale
Dangerous Show
Storm of the Seas
Wpn twohanded hammer 02 03

Surge of Anger
Arm str 38

Master of the Seas
Helm str 38

Eye of the Storm
Rng pistol 01 05

Captain's Word
Big Splash
Azuma set icon

Best Specialist
You start the round in shadow form and gain powerful shadow abilities
Wpn naginata 01 05

Arm prc 38

Practical Model
Helm prc 38

1st Grade Visor
Rng needle 01 05

Honor Needles
Market Madness
Jailer set icon

Legitimate Authority
By landing successful attacks without taking damage, you collect Symbol of Authority, that allow you to land powerful and critical hits to your opponent
Wpn axes 02 04

Law and Order
Arm str 39

Fortress Keeper
Helm str 39

Seized Property
Rng knives 01 05

Jailor's Friends
Prison Break
Liberator set icon

You avoid defeat as long as possible and turn your opponent's fate against them
Wpn naginata 01 06

Arm prc 41

Fate of the Telepath
Helm prc 41

Three Eyes of Tenebris
Rng electromine 01 06

Side Effect
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