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This article refers to Equipment in Shadow Fight 3. For other uses, see Equipment (disambiguation).

Equipment sf3

Equipment in Shadow Fight 3 can be purchased from shop, using either coins or gems. It can also be obtained via Booster Packs which can be bought by using gems, coins (once per day); by winning event fights or claiming in the Marathon, Chests won from Duel, or as a reward after winning a match. A player's equipment includes weapon, armor, helm, and ranged weapon.

They are further categorized as Common, Rare, Epic, Legendary, or Unique equipment. Each equipment come with slots, which can be used to insert moves, perks, or both. All equipment, except for the Common equipment, also contain Shadow Ability that can be used in fights.

Players can upgrade their equipment by using one of the three methods below:

  1. Upgrading it from the shop. The equipment that appears in the shop is randomized and gets changed every 24 hours. If a piece of equipment in the shop is already owned, players can use either coins or gems to upgrade the equipment.
  2. A chance to be upgraded from winning fights, opening chests or booster packs. If the players receive an equipment that is already owned by them, a part of an upgrade bar fills up. When the upgrade bar is fully filled up, the equipment gets upgraded and a number of Shadow Energy is given to the player.
  3. Using Shadow Energy. Shadow Energy can be bought from the shop and obtained as a drop by winning fights. They are also given if the players receive an already owned equipment from winning fights, chests, or booster packs. Players can access this upgrade option from the equipment menu. Equipments with higher rarity require more Shadow Energy for an upgrade.

Equipment pieces[]


Weapon none sf3

Weapons increase the damage inflicted through attacking with "punch" button, also changing the animations. They also determine Critical hit chance and different boosts depending on its factions.

For further knowledge of Weapons list, see Weapon Classes (SF3)


Armor none sf3

Armors reduce the damage of Body hit and increase the power of unarmed attacks (punches, kicks, and throws). Armors also define the fighting style of a character.


Helm none sf3

Helms reduce the damage of Head hit and increase the power of Shadow ability. Compared to weapons and armors, helms come with less slots.

Ranged Weapon[]

Ranged none sf3

Projectiles or traps that can be thrown from a distance or planted on the ground to inflict damage upon the opponent respectively. It is the only equipment without a slot, regardless of rarity.

For further knowledge of Weapons list, see Ranged Weapon Classes (SF3)

Equipment Sets[]

There are some unique equipment sets and cards, obtainable at the time of their respective events. Some special events have skins associated with them, as the ultimate reward. Some of them can be even acquired by playing the lucky board on special occasion, which is mostly depend on luck to get, instead of depending on effort. In several instances, some of these event items/ skins are obtainable as marathon rewards for opening special booster packs, during festive occasions such as an anniversary celebratio or the new year.

Equipment Sets/Cards/Skins Event Faction Rarity
Monkey King Set Lunar Tournament Dynasty Unique
Executioner's Set Sanguine Forest Legion Unique
Steel Sakura Set Blossom Festival Heralds Unique
Swamper's Set

Swamper's Grinders

Menace of the Swamps Legion Epic

Unique (Maces)

Frozen Dragon Set Dragon Lesson Dynasty Unique
Pirate Set Big Splash Legion Epic
Feldsher Set Market Madness Heralds Epic
Jailguard's Set Prison Break Legion Epic
Carnival Set Dangerous Show Dynasty Epic
Vampire Set Creepy Party Legion Unique
Scientist Set Side Effect Heralds Epic
Bad Okada Set Winter Frenzy

Winter Frenzy 2.0

Heralds Unique
Nagil's Set Family Tree Dynasty Unique
Octopus Set Throne Race Heralds Legendary
Judge Set

(Grand Arbiter skin)

Deep Color Heralds Legendary
Warmonger Set

(Immortal skin)

Wheel of History Legion Legendary
Nightmare Set

(Midnight Lotus skin)

Full Moon Riddles Dynasty Legendary
Onyx Set Hidden Treasure Dynasty Legendary
Living Legend Set

(The Greatest Gryphon skin)

High Society Legion Legendary
Snowball Star of Hope Dynasty Unique
Circlets of the Elders Legion Legendary
Arrow Set

(Sphere Pilgrim skin)

Dynasty Legendary
Blade of Cognition Heralds Legendary
Guardian Dragon Set

(Fenghuang Adept skin)

Festival Miracle Dynasty Legendary

All items within the sets are of the same rarity, with the exceptions of Swamper's Set; which all the items except the weapons are of Epic rarity, available even before the event was held, and still obtainable after the event was over. is the only ranged weapon which is not belong to any particular sets. The same applied to the other two legendary cards Blade of Cognition and Circlets of the Elders.