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This article refers to Energy in Shadow Fight 1. For other uses, see Energy (disambiguation).


In Shadow Fight, Energy granted the player permission to do battles. It could be replenished after waiting for a certain period of time, by receiving Energy Boosts, by using Energy Potions or by paying rubies. The maximum amount of Energy a player could have was +100%, with the maximum number of energy increasing by 1 every time the player leveled up.

How to Earn Energy

Energy Potions in Shadow Fight
  • Waiting. - 1 Energy Point could be earned after every 2 minutes. This method was free but it took a long time to get many Energy Points.
  • Energy Potions. - If players did not wish to wait, they could use Energy Potions. Energy Potions could be earned from completing battles or could be bought from the Shop under the 'Items' category using rubies.
  • Energy Boosts - Players were able to receive energy boosts from their friends who played the game as well. To send an energy boost, players had to click on the Gift icon and select a gift. Then, the players were shown a list of friends they could send the gift to.
  • Rubies - If players were all out of Energy Points, they could use rubies to pay for them.

Where to Spend Energy

  • Battles - Players required energy for most battles. 40 energy points were needed for unarmed battles and 10 energy points for the first daily Friendly duel.
  • Tournaments - To fight someone in a tournament, players required energy as well.
  • Bosses - To fight bosses, players had to spend 40 energy points for each battle.

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