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Dyes are a special feature which first debuted during the Prison Break event back in July 2020, along side with skins. A dye allows the player to change the color of their equipment. Dyes come in three rarity variants, Common, Rare and Unique.

Earning Dyes

A dye can be earned from the Unique Prism or Pack of Colorist. The dye earned is Rare, but the color isn't guaranteed. Other than events, they can be earned far more quickly by using in-app purchases or from the Shadow Pass, it appears as a fixed reward for a certain day. Common dyes have so far only been made available through certain revisions of the Lucky Board, A booster pack from the Halloween event of 2021, or from Sprint of the Key Master marathon.

The latest addition: Unique dyes, were only available through the Lucky board and the event marathon of the Dragon Lesson event held in March, 2022, through special booster packs. They were also added as rewards in the High Society event held in April of the same year.


Dyes allow players to color their equipment in any given way. Sets can be colored as a whole, or items of the same set can be colored separately.

  • To color a single item, players need to go to the Equipment section and select the item they want colored. They should then tap on Customization, where the dye palette will be shown. The pallet contains all the dyes available, and players can tap on the dye, then press the "Apply" button.
  • To dye a set in full, the player have to go to the Collections menu and tap on Customize. The Skin can also be applied here.
  • To restores the default design of the equipment, player can using the "Bleach" dye.

The amount of dye required to color a set are depends on rarity.

  • 1 dye for Common set.
  • 2 dyes for Rare set.
  • 3 dyes for Epic set.
  • 4 dyes for Legendary and Unique set.

List of Dyes


  • Bleach is always available at all times. Its function is to return an equipment to their original color.
  • Currently, Unique dyes are obtainable last Dragon Lesson event, and were not available right now.
Name Picture Rarity
Jar white.png
Smashed Grapes
Jar red 1.png
Old Oak
Jar orange 1.png
Wet Straw
Jar yellow 1.png
Ancient Mosses
Jar green 1.png
Chaotic Dream
Jar light blue 1.png
Cold Breeze
Jar blue 1.png
Deep Meditation
Jar purple 1.png
Boiling Rage
Jar red 2.png
Smooth Burning
Jar orange 2.png
Sunny Day
Jar yellow 2.png
Sleeping Swamp
Jar green 2.png
Shadow Limits
Jar light blue 2.png
Inner Skies
Jar blue 2.png
Aesthetic Mind
Jar purple 2.png
Veil of Darkness
Jar black.png
Snow Rare
Silent Marshes Unique
Secret Reliquarium Unique
Sleepless Night Unique


  • Dyes don't have any effects, they are merely vanity items. However, tapping on a colored card shows a "Bleeding" effect. Players claim it is a boost, but this hasn't been established.
  • The counterpart for the dyes is a Skin, which does not only change a set's color, but even fully changes the design.
  • Dyes only have an effect on herald weapons, which can change the critical charge original color to the equipped dye color.
  • When an opponent has the same equipment as the player (mostly armor), the opponent's equipment is dyed with a random color by default. This effect does not apply for same skin/aspect.