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The Emperor is still alive? Where? Relaxing while his people die for the Dynasty? The war will end soon and I'll become Emperor. Because I spill blood on the battlefield for the Dynasty's freedom. Not your father. And not you...
– Deng Rao claiming his right to the throne.

Deng Rao is an antagonist from Shadow Fight 3. He is met in Chapter I: Legion. Deng Rao is the warlord of Dynasty, who has a dream of tumbling the Emperor from his throne.


Chapter I: Legion

Deng Rao initiates an attack to the Legion by attacking the Bamboo Fort. After he is punished by the player, Sarge warns him that they will kill ten Dynastians for each fallen Legionary and Deng Rao must deliver this message to their Emperor. Later, it is revealed that the invasion was Deng Rao's plan all along; the Dynasty never had the same intention at all.

Chapter IV: Consequences

Deng Rao reappears along with the Ambassador to meet with the leader of the Insusceptibles. He brought an assassin from the Order of the Damned which shocked June as it was dismissed by her father. He also badmouths June and the Emperor after his assassin is defeated, hoping to be the new emperor. Once the leader of Insusceptibles shows himself, however, he has no choice but to leave.

Chapter VI: Heart of the Legion

Deng Rao initiates yet another invasion to the Legion Fortress, this time using the help of the Dynastian prisoners and the Legion soldiers who have been bribed, in addition to his own army. Thankfully, Sarge knows and plans to stop this. With the help from the player, Marcus, and Itu, they thwart the invasion. Sarge then captures him and throws him in the prison, hoping that this will teach him a lesson to reconsider his dreams.

Sometime after the player entered the time portal with Shadow Mind, Shadow takes over the Legion and destroys both the Dynasty capital and the Heralds Dome. What happened to Deng Rao remains unknown.

Transformation: June's Plane

Fights against Deng Rao

Deng Rao is fought as the first boss of Chapter I. Deng Rao fights with the Dynasty fighting style, and he wields a legendary shadow sword called Dragon's Roar. Deng Rao utilizes three Shadow abilities and two perks. The fight can consist of five rounds, and the players must win three rounds in order to win.

Deng Rao is also fought as an opponent in Chapter VI. This time, he wields the Crown Defender as his weapon. The fight can consist of three rounds, and the players must win two rounds in order to win. At least one Epic card is guaranteed as a reward yet again.