Dandy is Lynx's fifth and final bodyguard in Shadow Fight 2. He is an arrogant fighter who sees The Order as merely an opportunity to enrich his skills, and does not take it seriously. He wields Swords as his weapon.

When he meets Shadow in Act I, Dandy tries to intimidate him by telling him about his success, "already impressive sword skills" and strength. However, when defeated, Dandy says that he plans on leaving the Order to "resume his seat of high power", and that Lynx will not be as easily defeated as he was. Defeating him will unlock the multi-player mode, Underworld. Dandy returns as Lynx's bodyguard in the fight to break the seals in the Interlude.

Quotes Edit

  • Honor and tradition? Ha! The Order is merely a playground for me, a minor amusement, a way to hone my already impressive sword skills. - Dandy boasts about himself
  • And I am more than happy to show my skills to you now. - Dandy challenges the player
  • I've grown bored of this life, the Order. I wish to return to my true place, my seat of high power. But don't think that Lynx will be so easy. He will not fail! - Dandy defeated

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Trivia Edit

  • Being a wielder of swords makes Dandy the one of the only two bodyguards to do so. The other is Wolf from Act V.
  • Despite claiming he is leaving The Order, he returns to fight Shadow on Lynx's side in the Interlude.