Dadao is a weapon in Shadow Fight 2. It is the second Two-handed Weapon which can be bought with coins, the first one being the Two-handed Mace. Like the other Two-handed Weapons, Dadao is heavy and slow, but it is compensated by its high damage. It is used by Kraken, Wasp's first bodyguard, the fighter Backsword, and their Ninja counterpart. It is also used by Ermine, an enemy from the Special Edition.


Attack Overview

Move Name Power How to Perform Combo
Two-handed Stance Start of Fight
Two-handed Weapon Slash 12Base damage Punch
Two-handed Weapon Double Slash 12Base damage
8Base damage
Punch, Punch
Two-handed Weapon Strong Slash 20Base damage Forward+Punch
Two-handed Weapon Low Slash 12Base damage Down+Punch
Two-handed Weapon Spinning Slash 17Base damage Backward+Punch
Two-handed Weapon Upper Slash 16Base damage Up+Punch
Two-handed Weapon Super Slash 10Base damage
12Base damage
16Base damage
Forward+Punch, Punch


  • Its Double Slash can be used in "No double strikes" rule.
  • Dadao is based on a real-life Chinese weapon with the same name.
    • In actual fact, this hardly resembles the real-life Dadao. The actual Dadao has a shorter handle, and a slightly curved blade.
  • In Chinese characters, Dadao is written as "大刀", and roughly translates to "big blade".
  • It has a challenger counterpart, called Ronin's Dadao. It has rings on the blunt edge.
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