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This article refers to Currencies in Shadow Fight 3. For other uses, see Currencies (disambiguation).

SF3 coin gem

Shadow Fight 3 features three major types of currencies - Coins, Gems and Shadow Energy. In addition to this, special currencies exclusive to an event may also be introduced from time to time. Each type of currency is obtained in different ways and is used to fulfill a special purpose.

Main Currencies[]



Coins are the most common type of currency in the game. They can be obtained as rewards from main and side quests as well as duels and Secret Fights, opening chests, marathons, battle pass, Lucky Board minigame. Additionally, players will be rewarded with extra coins as a reward for special conditions (e.g., perfect, highest combos) on some fights (mostly from the main/side quest, Secret Fights, and Faction Wars fights). Event fight doesn't give extra coins rewards.). Alternatively, players may convert some of their gems into coins from the in-game store. Coins are used for buying and upgrading items from the daily store. When starting a new game, players start with 900 coins.



Crimson, diamond shaped gems are a premium currency which can be obtained as rewards from boss battles as well as daily missions and Transformation quest fights, marathons, battle pass, Lucky Board minigame and duel seasonal rewards. In addition, they can also be bought from the store via in-app purchases. They are much rarer than coins, and can be used for buying and upgrading items from the daily store as well as opening Booster Packs and chests, or customizing the base character. Rare Booster Packs in all chapters can be bought for 100 gems while Epic Booster Packs cost 400 gems and Legendary ones can be obtained for 2,000 gems. When starting a new game, players start with 90 gems.

Shadow Energy[]

Shadow Currency

Shadow Energy is a type of currency which is used to upgrade equipment. It can be bought from the shop with coins at a considerably high price. Shadow energy also can be obtained by winning any fights, be it main quests or missions, Secret Fights, marathons, battle pass, Lucky Board minigame, opening chests and claiming Bonus cards. Additionally, stacking an equipment piece that is already owned will give the player an amount of shadow energy. Players will gain more if said item is upgraded, and even more with higher item's rarity. Players can use them for upgrading items via the player's equipment section and cannot be utilized for any other purpose.

Shadow Energy can be obtained by stacking the equipment that the player already have and if the item was upgraded (power increased) by this way. However, it is not obtainable by upgrading items through the shop and marathons. The stronger the item power, the more shadow energy will be given. The player also can obtain Shadow Energy through various activities rewards like quest rewards, chests drop, marathon, events, and the Battle Pass. When starting a new game, players start with 150 shadow energy.

  • Common item: Gives 1 shadow energy
  • Rare item: Gives 5-15 shadow energy
  • Epic and Unique item: Gives 50-150 shadow energy
  • Legendary item: Gives 500-1400 shadow energy

Event Currencies[]

These currencies are available during an event and are only valid at that event. All accumulated event currencies will be reset at the next event launch.


Tokens were a special type of currency which first introduced during the Chinese New Year 2018 event. They're act as main rewards for defeating the final stage or round of an event fight. The number of tokens awarded may vary, depending on the event itself. These tokens could be used to purchase event packs in the shop section.


Dangerous Show Ticket

Tickets are used to participate in event fights. Tickets can be obtained through an event fight that reward tickets, marathons, battle pass, offers or buy them for few gems in shop.

Trophy Coin[]

Trophies currency

Trophies Coins were a unique type of special currency that appears and used during a certain events. Trophy Coins can act like both tickets or tokens.

Lucky Ticket[]

Lucky Tickets are special currency that are used to spin the Lucky Board minigame. Players can obtain them from certain event fights (if the event features Lucky Board like Market Madness), or purchase them at the shop for few gems.

A more expensive and valuable variation of Lucky Ticket called the Treasury Ticket sometimes appear with more rewarding Lucky Board that usually features certain sets (e.g. Destroyer of the Epochs set) as it's main reward. These tickets are very limited and expensive than the normal Lucky Tickets (Can be bought for 1 ticket for 1000 gems, 3 tickets for 2500 gems, 6 tickets for 4500 gems or for real life money in the shop offer section).

Even though it is usually known as Lucky Ticket, but the names of this currency can vary over time (e.g. Stash Ticket, Moon Ticket, Mark of the Damned), depending the event it holds.

Other Currencies[]


These crystals are used to increase the level of Perks and Special Moves. They can be obtained from Void Chests, marathons, or duplicate compensation.


Mnemonium can currently only be used in Adventure for skipping the synch point fight and purchasing the Premium reward. Mnemonium mainly can be obtained from marathons.

Upgrade Tokens[]

Unlike other special currencies, Upgrade Tokens can only be used to upgrade Unique equipment in the game (as it name suggest). The player can obtain Upgrade Tokens from marathons and battle pass during specific event that features an unique set.

Currently, there 11 different upgrade tokens:

  • Sanguine Tokens: Used for upgrading Verdict of the Elder (Unique two-handed sword) set
  • Festival Tokens: Used for upgrading Festival King set
  • Ice Tokens: Used for upgrading Blizzard Master (Unique sabers) set
  • Blossom Tokens: Used for upgrading Spring Champion set
  • Creepy Tokens: Used for upgrading Immortal Lord set
  • Winter Tokens: Used for upgrading Miracle Maker (Unique kusarigama) set
  • Family Tokens: Used for upgrading Sacred Empire (Unique guandao) set
  • Circus Token: Used for upgrading Brilliant Fakir set
  • Pirate Tokens: Used for upgrading Storm of the Sea (Unique two-handed hammer) set
  • Madness Tokens: Used for upgrading Best Specialist set
  • Prison Tokens: Used for upgrading Legitimate Authority set


These currencies is used to upgrade the set bonus of a set. They can be obtained from Faction Wars fights, Ling's Emporium, marathon, battle pass and upgrade packs.


  • According to the game's storyline, Shadow Energy is a very precious and expensive resource, as is revealed during Chapter I when Gizmo becomes extremely rich by selling his cache of Shadow Energy for a huge amount of money.
  • At the conclusion of the Sanguine March event, all spare Trophies in possession of the players were transferred to the next event (the Blossom Festival) instead of converting into coins.
  • The name "Trophies" was changed to "Tokens" in a later update.

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