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This article refers to Currencies in Shadow Fight 2. For other uses, see Currencies (disambiguation).

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In Shadow Fight 2, currencies are monetary items received as rewards and used to purchase items in the game. There are three types of currencies: Primary Currencies and Secondary Currency and Special Currencies who are used in raid during certain event. The top bar in the game denotes the amount the player possesses of each type of currency.

Primary Currencies

Three different units are used as the primary currencies, which can be used to purchase and upgrade most weapons, armors, helms, ranged weapons, and magic amulets. In addition, these primary currencies can also be purchased with real money by making an in-app purchase.


Gold coin

Gold coins are the first primary currency, used from the very beginning of the game until the Interlude. They are used for a major part of the game, and form the most important method of purchasing items and upgrading them. All Modes of Play (except the Underworld) award gold coins as the main prize in differing amounts until the start of the Interlude.


Platinum coin

Platinum coins are the second primary currency in Shadow Fight 2, that are introduced at the beginning of the Interlude and used till Act VII. At the beginning of the Interlude, Sly tells Shadow that platinum coins are now in fashion and have completely replaced gold coins. He says that he has already succeeded in exchanging all  of Shadow's money for platinum at a "favorable rate" (1 platinum coin for 100,000 gold coins). All Modes of Play will now award platinum coins as the main prize in differing amounts until the start of Act VII.



Credits are the third primary currency in Shadow Fight 2, used in Act VII. They completely replace platinum coins upon introduction. They are introduced when Shadow visit the shop for first time after reaching Titan's realm. Since platinum are "nothing but junk" there, Kali loans some Credit to Shadow (1 credit for 100,000 platinum coins). All Modes of Play will now award the players with credit as the main prize in differing amounts.

Secondary Currency

Main Article: Gems


Gems, also known as Rubies, are the premium currency of Shadow Fight 2 which can be used throughout the game. They can be used as a substitute for the primary currencies, as they allow the player to buy and upgrade equipment (except for knives, which can only be bought using coins). In addition, they enable the player to buy special items in the game which are not available for purchase with primary currencies, such as items which are readily enchanted by the game. They are also the only currency used in the Underworld. Players start with 9 gems at the beginning of the game (50 in the Special Edition).

Special Currency

Tokens are the exclusive currency for events update. They can be used to purchase a Chest from the in-game shop. Otherwise, players can use tokens to buy Elixir. The numbers of tokens rewarded depend on the players' position. They can get up to 50 tokens from a single raid with the event bosses.


  • Exchange rate between primary currencies and real money will change when Shadow proceeds to the next Act. To avoid wasting money, it is recommended to purchase only the necessary amount of primary currency for that act, or to purchase gems (as they are independent of the act).

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