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This article refers to Currencies in Shadow Fight 1. For other uses, see Currencies (disambiguation).

Shadow Fight 1 featured two primary types of currencies. They were gold coins and rubies, of which the latter was the premium currency of the game.



There were several ways to earn Gold, also known as Coins, in the game:

  • Finishing battles - If players won the battle, they earned gold.
  • Playing Try Your Luck! - After fighting the first wave of enemies, players would earn 5 gold each time they beat the next row of henchmen.
  • Completing the Tower Of Death every week - Each time the player's record of defeated opponents was beaten, they would earn gold (5 for another round, 10 for 2 more rounds and so on).
  • Making an in-app purchase.
  • Completing a collection.

It was primarily used to buy items from Shop or for participating in Tournaments.



Although much more difficult to obtain that Coins, there were still several methods players could use to obtain Rubies:

  • Completing daily objectives - If the player completed all three objectives of the day, they would earn 1 ruby.
  • Players could choose to buy rubies using real-life currency.
  • Players could earn rubies for free by inviting a friend to play the game. The friend had to reach level 7 in order for the player to earn 15 rubies.
  • Players could go to the Shadow Arena and play under Master Sigil. Getting into one of the top positions earned the player rubies.

Rubies could be spent in various ways. At the Shop, players were able to use rubies to buy the following items:

  1. Advanced Weapons.
  2. Items, such as energy potions, scrolls and jars of Ki.
  3. Players could also buy seals.
  4. Change location of the player's dojo.
  5. Change silhouette.

They could be used it in the Try Your Luck! section to:

  1. Replay the game.
  2. Add more lives (hearts) to that session (temporary).

At the Dan Test, if the players did not have enough friends but still wished to participate, they could do so by paying rubies.

Players could also spend rubies at the Shadow Arena to participate in the Master Sigil section.


  • Both gold and rubies have a counterpart in other Shadow Fight games. They are known as Coins and Gems respectively.
  • As a farewell gift, players who opened the game after it was announced that the servers would shut down received 900,000 rubies.

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