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The Crude Sword is the first weapon introduced in Chapter I of Shadow Fight 3. It is a Common One-handed Sword and belongs to the Legion faction. It features 1 perk slot for Perks. It does not have any Shadow Ability.

During the tutorial, the player is given the Crude Sword while Sarge guides them through the process of equipping and using their gear. Once the tutorial ends, they may keep the sword for free.

Other variants include:

Attack Overview[]

Disclaimer: The preview below uses Light Brim as the weapon. Since both the Crude Sword and Light Brim are One-handed Swords, they share the exact same moveset, with the only differences being the rarity and design.

Move Name Controls
One-handed Sword Stance Start of Fight
One-handed Sword Slash SF3Punch, SF3Punch
One-handed Sword Heavy Slash Hold SF3Punch
One-handed Sword Spinning Slash SF3B + SF3Punch
One-handed Sword Upper Slash SF3U + SF3Punch
One-handed Sword Low Slash SF3D + SF3Punch

Shadow Ability[]

Being a Common weapon, the Crude Sword does not possess any Shadow ability.

Special Move[]

Being a Common weapon, the Crude Sword does not have special slot for Special Move.

Item Set[]

Weapon Armor Helm Ranged Weapons
Wpn onehanded sword 01 01
Arm str 02
Helm str 03
Rng axes 01 01
Crude Sword Mountaineer's Doublet Mountaineer's Cap Training Hatchets


  • The Crude Sword is based on an arming sword, a straight, double-edged sword with a one-handed, cruciform hilt and a blade length of 70 to 80 centimeters. It was widely used in the European High Middle Ages.