Crane is the fifth and final bodyguard of Hermit in Act II of Shadow Fight 2. He, like other Hermit's disciples, wants to learn Hermit's magic power. Crane was earlier a disciple of Sensei. Sensei informs Shadow after Shadow defeats Lynx that his disciple (Crane) has gone missing and that Sensei wishes to search for him in the nearby town where events of Act II occur.

After Shadow wins the fight with Hermit's fourth disciple, Tiger, Shadow and his company learn the fifth disciple is none other than Crane himself who ran away in search of knowing and learning Hermit's secret power which is magic. He prevents Shadow from going ahead to battle Hermit so that only he acquires the secret power of Hermit. But after Shadow wins against him he accepts defeat, apologises to Sensei, and admits that Shadow has made him realize his mistakes. However, he returns in Interlude to fight as Hermit's fifth bodyguard.

Quotes Edit

  • Sensei, my old teacher. Come to witness the new way? Your teachings are outdated, unimaginative! And this new apprentice... weak and unworthy! - Crane challenges the player
  • Forgive me, Sensei. I have brought shame to you and to myself. Your apprentice has shown me the error of my ways. - Crane defeated

Trivia Edit

  • Crane is the only bodyguard in the entire game to fight barehanded.
  • Crane's name, like all the previous bodyguards of Hermit, comes from a style of fighting: the Fujian White Crane.