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Cleric is a character who appears in the Special Edition of Shadow Fight 2. He is the second and final bodyguard of the young Lynx, encountered in Old Wounds during Act I. He, along with Lynx and Spark, was tasked with bringing the Prince back home. It is later revealed that their real task was in fact to eliminate the Prince.

Before his fight with Sensei, Cleric discloses that Lynx's clan is involved in doing work which would be considered "too dirty even for the gods". They clean up other people's mess and correct their mistakes. By letting himself get involved in the Prince's affairs, Sensei has become one such mistake and needs to be eliminated.

He uses the Knuckles as his weapon and Throwing Daggers as his ranged weapon.


  • Our clan does work that is too dirty even for the gods. We solve problems and correct others' mistakes. And you are one of these. - Before fighting him.