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And who are you supposed to be? Leave my island immediately. I won't ask twice.
– Chief warning the player about trespassing the Shadow Island.

Chief is a character from Shadow Fight 3, and the primary antagonist of Chapter V. He is the current chief of Shadow Island. Chief had been exploiting the shadow energy, which is referred to as Power by the Locals, to powering himself and took away the whole island under his hands. He is capable of draining the shadow energy of the island for instant usage. As a side effect, his beard and both his hands have turned into the same color as shadow energy. Chief used the shadow power to drift away visitors, to make sure no one could enter the island. The locals are very scared of him, as if he was a god.


Chapter V: Shadow Island

When the party explored the island and encountered Moira, Chief immediately threatens them to leave and tells Moira to return to the cave. However, Moira refuses, and reveals the Chief's dirty business with the island shadow energy to the party. Chief has no choice but to deal with the intruder himself. He performs an awesome control over the island, using the island against the player. Despite this, he loses from the player. June then asks Moira to come with them and search for Shadow together. The Chief does not let this happen, as the shadow energy will disappear if Moira leaves. With his power, Chief uses the island to stop the party from leaving the island.

Eventually, the party succeeded in taking Moira away from the island, leaving the Chief powerless. With June's help, the tribe confronts the Chief and ends his reign. A new chief is then elected in order to replace him.

Transformation: Marcus's Plane

Boss Fight

Chief as a boss in Chapter V.

Chief is fought as the second boss of Chapter V. He wields Golden Crescents as his weapon, utilizes three shadow abilities and five perks. Chief is capable of controlling the island to bend to his will, using vines and roots against the player. Defeating him rewards the player with Leash, the Legendary Special Move for Kusarigama.