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This article refers to Characters in Shadow Fight 2. For other uses, see Characters (disambiguation).

Main Characters

The main characters of the whole story of Shadow Fight 2.


The Shadow Demons that escaped from the Gates of Shadows when Shadow broke the "Laws of The Elders" by opening the gates.


Eternals are powerful beings that have lived for thousands of years and they started their aim to destroy the world after the Gates of Shadows are opened.


Bodyguards are fighters who protect the demon bosses. All demons have five bodyguards.

Act I: Hero Reborn

Act II: Secret Path

Act III: Trail of Blood

Act IV: Pirate Throne

Act V: The Greatest Temptation

Act VI: Iron Reign

Act VII: Revelation


The mercenaries of General which hired to find and execute Shadow and his allies.


Challengers are skilled fighters that appear in Shadow Fight 2 exclusively to challenge Shadow, having heard of his remarkable skills and seeking a good fight.


Fighters are the opponents which fought both in tournament and challenge battles. They wielded various weapons from each Act.


Ninjas are fought at duel and survival battles from Act I to Act VI. Unlike fighters, all ninjas are equipped with Snake Mask as their helmet, Leather Jacket as male ninja armor and Snake Harness as female ninja armor. They wielded various weapons from each Act.

Old Wounds

The characters which appear during Sensei's Story.

Hideout Champions

The heroes from innuberable planes, which they find themselves stuck after Titan annexed their worlds. Cypher managed to unite them under his command to fight Titan.

Factory Inhabitants

The looters that pillages somethings at their camps near factory.

Ghosts of the Stone Grove

The champions which claimed to fight Titan. Most of them are fails and fall to Titan's leash. Ancient keep they memory which came before. Some of the ghost determined to protect Ancient and the secrets of the Stone Groove from intruders.

Titan's Army

The armies built by Titan to conquer the world.


Scavengers are the prisoners which Titan used them for experiments.

Special Enemies

These are special enemies which ecountered during a certain event in the game.


Other character which makes appearance, aside from the main storyline.

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