Capra is the third bodyguard of Widow. He is one of the many men who have been charmed by Widow. He wields the Silver Spear, and wears blue clothes as well as silver wrist guards and a belt with a Capra's head symbol on it.


  • Maybe I'm not as young or strong as I used to be, but my experience will win over your arrogance! The woman will be mine. - Capra challenges the player
  • Am I cursed? Love has driven me to madness and brought me to my knees, turning me into a mindless youth. - After defeating him
  • But my body can't keep up with my ambitions. I'm just a lonely, pathetic, old man.


  • Capra is a name of a species of goat, which justifies the Capra's head symbol on his belt.
  • Like other bodyguards of Widow, he is named after an animal that resides in a cold climate.
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