This article refers to Butcher in Shadow Fight 1. For other uses, see Butcher (disambiguation).
Once a great master, his unrelenting bloodthirst made him a monster. The blood of a hundred great warriors, and more, stained his brutal cleavers.

Butcher was a boss in Shadow Fight 1. He had 300 HP, the lowest among all the bosses, and used a weapon named Butcher's Cleavers.

Butcher's CleaversEdit


After defeating Butcher, the player could randomly earn a fragment of his Cleavers as a battle drop. Once they had five fragments, they could combine them into a weapon in the Workshop section of the Inventory. Once merged, they could equip and use the weapon in battle.

Butcher sf1
The weapon added 75% more power to the player's attacks. This weapon was also the only weapon required in the Sixteen Tons tournament and could also be used in other tournaments with no weaponry requirements.


Upon defeating Butcher for a certain number of times, players could earn rewards and also more glory.