Brick is a bodyguard in Shadow Fight 2. He is the second bodyguard of Lynx. Brick is a member of the secret organisation called The Order. Brick serves as the intimidator of The Order, and scoffs at Shadow when he is challenged. He uses his size to intimidate challengers. Brick uses batons for weapons. He is well built and has a yellow mohawk. Brick fights Shadow first in Act I and again later in the Interlude.

Quotes Edit

  • Such an insignificant creature like you is hardly a challenge for me. Prepare to be crushed, little man! - Brick challenges the player
  • I... I don't understand. How could one so small defeat me? - Brick defeated

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Trivia Edit

  • Brick is one of the three bodyguards in the game to use batons. The others being Bull and Irbis.