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Breaking The Void is the name of a main quest and boss fight of Chapter III in Shadow Fight 3. It is the second boss fight of Chapter III, which takes place at the Legion village, inside the time glitch.


According to Lost Scout, the trio can escape from the time glitch by defeating Marcus' copy and they, along with Marcus, will be freed. The player then proceeds to challenge a glitched Marcus.

Fight Info

Marcus is glitched.

The fight consists of up to five rounds, and the players must score three victories in order to win. The timer for each round is 99 seconds, and the players must defeat Marcus before the timer ends, otherwise, they will lose that round.

Enemy Info

  • Name: Glitched Marcus
  • Fighting Style: Legion
  • Weapon: Old-Timer (Giant Sword)
  • Armor: Valor’s Might
  • Helm: None
  • Ranged Weapon: Gilded Hatchets (Throwing Axes)
  • Recommended Power: 3300

Special Ability

  • Through the Glitch

Glitched Power Swing.

Glitched Move.

Marcus is glitched in this fight, which causes him to blink and warp erratically in and out of existence when executing special moves, providing an extra degree of unpredictability and can cause his attacks to be faster than expected.



A chance to increase Marcus' defense for 2 seconds after receiving a body hit.

  • Basher ICON PERK BASHER.png

A chance to stun the player for 3 seconds with a hit from his giant sword.

  • Damage Return ICON PERK DAMAGE RETURN.png

A chance to deal a portion of upcoming hit damage to the player.

  • Damage Absorption ICON PERK DAMAGE ABSORPTION.png

A chance to reduce incoming body damage.

  • Rock ICON PERK ROCK.png

A chance to withstand a Critical hit without falling, reducing its damage.


  • So you are with the Heralds?! - Start of fight
  • For the elders!
  • Another pawn of the Sphere... I see. - When the player enters shadow form
  • Didn't get it the first time? - Start of fight, after the player loses one round
  • You aren't half bad. - Start of fight, after Marcus lose one round
  • You are a stubborn one. - When the player loses two rounds
  • I'll eliminate shadow energy! - Start of fight, after Marcus lose two rounds


Winning this fight rewards the players with some golds, 5 gems, and 20 experience, and they level up to level 9.

The amount of gold given depends on the number of:

  • Head hits dealt by the players.
  • Shadow abilities performed by the players
  • Critical hits dealt by the players.
  • First Strikes dealt by the players.
  • Maximum combo performed by the players.

4 cards (plus one bonus card) are also obtained. These cards can be either items, special moves, or perks with a rarity of Common, Rare, Epic, or Legendary.



  • Marcus' signature special move is the same combo used against Itu in the Cinematic Trailer, only glitched - spinning around and swinging his Giant Sword twice, before letting it go and using his momentum to leap into a flying punch.