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Bosses are opponents with increased health, high damage, and unique abilities in Shadow Fight 3, which are fought at the end of each level. They often have some important roles in the plot. Some bosses have their own unique way of fighting, mainly in their special abilities and to some extent, their battle mechanic that are exclusive to each boss. In some cases, the players will need to change their playstyle and try new tactics in order to overcome certain abilities and mechanic of certain bosses. Boss fights require three rounds to be won instead of the usual two. Defeating them will reward the players with 5 gems, along with other rewards, with some boss fights guarantees one fixed card of up to Legendary rarity.

Chapter I: Legion

Avatar Description
Man RanDi
Main article: The Golden Breaker

Deng Rao is the first boss in Chapter I. He is the warlord of the Dynasty. Deng Rao destroyed the Bamboo Fort to break the truce between Legion and Dynasty. He is later escaped to the Falcon's Gorge, but the player manages to catch up to him and then fights him. Deng Rao wields a Dadao called Dragon's Roar. He fights with the Dynasty fighting style.

Man Gizmo
Main article: Old Friend

Gizmo is the second boss of Chapter I. He is a member of the Shadow Squad. It is a squad in the Legion that uses Shadow Energy in its missions. Gizmo initially appears as the trainer for the player, who is a new recruit of Shadow Squad. He is later fought as a boss in the middle of Chapter I. Gizmo is equipped with a Battle Sword. But he prefers to abandon it and fights bare-handed once the player gets stunned. He uses two exclusive unarmed abilities and fights with the Legion fighting style.

Man Sarge
Main article: You Were A Son To Me

Sarge is the third and last boss of Chapter I. He is the sergeant of the Shadow Squad. Sarge is trying to get the Shadow Sphere, which contains great power that he wants for himself.

Sarge wields twin hammers called Bonecrushers as his weapon, and he fights with the Legion fighting style. In the first round, Sarge forbids the use of any shadow abilities. No one, including Sarge, is allowed to use Shadow form. After he loses once, Sarge ditches the rule and uses his Shadow form to prevent the player from winning, utilizing a permanent Shadow form. He also has an exclusive boss ability called Sarge's Walk, in which he can strengthen his armor to protect him from knock-back effects (although he can still take damage). Once he is close enough, he can also smash the player's stomach followed by a blow on top of their head.

Chapter II: Dynasty

Avatar Description
Man itu2
Main article: Itu (Quest)

Itu is a main character and the first boss of Chapter II. He is the first Herald met in the game. Itu is fought after the player and June arrive in the Dynasty palace. Itu blames the player for what has happened to the Sphere and the Emperor.

Itu fights with the Heralds fighting style, and he wields Hermit Katana, a type of Iaido Katana as weapon. Iaido Katana is used in a unique manner, focused on making precise, deadly strikes. He utilizes two Shadow abilities, and an exclusive boss ability, which allows him to regenerate his health for about 5 seconds and deflect all attacks hit at the front while he is healing. This can be stopped with a Shadow Ability or an attack behind Itu.

Man student2
Main article: Newly-Fledged Herald

Xiang Tzu is the second boss of Chapter II. Xiang Tzu was a disciple of Galen and the best fighter of his school. Losing against the player caused him to leave Galen's school and join the Iron Beaks school. He is fought as a boss in the final of the Hundred School Tournament.

Xiang Tzu wields a type of glaive as his weapon and he fights with the Heralds fighting style, both of which he has not fully mastered. This causes him to constantly trip and fall when trying to pull a difficult combo, where he hits himself in the process.

Shadow Kibo
Main article: Rig Blown Up

Kibo is the third and last boss of Chapter II. She is a childhood friend of June. According to June, Kibo was very obsessed in becoming a Herald. Kibo owns a Heralds school in the Dynasty capital called Iron Beaks school. She is also an agent of Three Arrows. She is fought at the conclusion of Chapter II.

Kibo wields a recolored Scalpel as her weapon and she fights with the Heralds fighting style. Kibo has an ability to dash forward when performing any attack. She also utilizes an exclusive shadow ability, in which she knocks the player up to the sky while continuously slashing them airborne, and then finally slamming the player to the ground.

Chapter III: Heralds

Avatar Description
Man bolo
Main article: Bolo The Sixth

Bolo is an antagonist and the first boss in Chapter III. He is a member of Three Arrows. Bolo has performed many experiments, including but not limited to cloning himself, manipulating time, and experimenting with Shadow energy. He is fought after he reveals his plan to extend the Dome and trap common people in a time illusion.

Bolo wields a Naginata called Shadow Piercer as his weapon and he fights with Heralds fighting style. He can utilizes an exclusive boss ability where he can create a vortex made of Shadow energy to the floor, which can trap the player if they steps on it.

Man Marcus glitch
Main article: Breaking The Void

Marcus is a main character and the second boss of Chapter III. Marcus is the general of Legion, who led an army that aimed to destroy the Heralds, the Dome, and the Shadow Sphere. He almost succeeds, before Bolo sends him to the timeless dimension, trapping him in an endless time loop. The player challenges Marcus to fight in order to escape the time glitch.

Marcus wields a Giant Sword called Old-Timer as his weapon and he fights with the Legion fighting style. Marcus is glitched in this fight, which causes him to blink and warp erratically in and out of existence when executing special moves, providing an extra degree of unpredictability and can cause his attacks to be faster than expected.

Man Imperator 01
Main article: Shadow Descendant

Emperor is the third and last boss of Chapter III. He is a member of Three Arrows and he rules the Dynasty. Emperor was the keeper of the Shadow Sphere. Not only keeping it, Emperor sometimes used it, in an attempt to research the Sphere. Bolo helped him overcome the side effects by creating the Void room, which the Emperor used and he often spent times there releasing himself from the Sphere. Emperor is fought at the conclusion of Chapter III, after he got possessed by a shadow beast. He fights with the Dynasty fighting style.

Emperor gained a Shadow monster form while being possessed. After transforming, the Shadow monster form will not wear off and the Emperor will stay in Shadow monster form for the rest of the fight. While in Shadow monster form, he utilizes an exclusive boss ability, in which he turns a part of his back into a tentacle. Emperor then extends it and attacks the player with series of devastating blows.

Chapter IV: Consequences

Avatar Description
Man marcus shadow
Avatars-girl june shadow
Avatars-man itu shadow

Main article: Shadow Lord

Main article: Shadow Empress

Main article: Shadow Observer

Shadow Mind is fought as the first boss of Chapter IV. Depending on the decision the player made towards the conclusion of Chapter III, the Shadow Mind can possess either June, Marcus, or Itu. The intentions of each of them when possessed differ as well. Whoever possessed by Shadow Mind, will have access to permanent shadow form throughout the entire fight.

Shadow Marcus will be fought if the player chose to Destroy The Sphere. He fights with the Legion fighting style and has an ability to stun the player with his sword with the effect of Rift for 2 seconds.

Shadow June will be fought if the player chose to Preserve The Sphere. She fights with the Dynasty fighting style and has an ability to snare the player to bow for 7 seconds, rendering them to be unable to move.

Shadow Itu will be fought if the player chose to Exploit The Sphere. He fights with the Heralds fighting style and has an ability to use his katana to make a wave of shadow blasts.

Avatars-girl yukka
Main article: Cat Person

Yukka is the second boss of Chapter IV. She is a member of the Insusceptibles, a rebel group formed after the rig explosion.

Yukka along with a shadow-infused cat, Shade form a deadly combo as she can summon Shade overtime and apparently strike down towards the player. Yukka wields a Deerhorn Knives as a weapon and she fights with the Dynasty fighting style.

Avatars-man ling warrior
Main article: Last of the Shamans

Ling is the third and last boss of Chapter IV. He is the last shaman who lived at the forge and later found the Insusceptibles and became its leader.

Ling has many abilities like jumping onto his katana and hurls it forward and drinks a shadow potion which heals him, replenishes his shadow gauge and spits it back, damaging those caught by the liquid in his Shadow form. Ling wields a katana called Shadowslayer as a weapon and he fights with the Heralds fighting style.

Chapter V: Shadow Island

Avatar Description
Avatars-man okada
Main article: Creator of Shadows

Master Okada is the first boss in Chapter V. He is a master of shadow bots and former assistant of Bolo. After Bolo betrayed him, Okada bought Captain Phang's ship to escape.

As the master of shadow bots, Master Okada can control his shadow bots to help him in fight. He can summons them randomly to attack his opponent. Master Okada wields a kusarigama called Blood Reaper as a weapon and fights with the Heralds fighting style.

Avatars-man chief
Main article: Shadow Times

Chief is the second boss of Chapter V. He a corrupt tribal chieftain in the Shadow Island.

Chief wields Golden Crescents as a weapon and he fights with the Dynasty fighting style. He also has a unique boss ability to control the entire battlefield by pushing players far from him as he continue to summon waves of tangling roots and drops damaging vines to push back the player. He will stop if either player is defeated or Chief takes damage. He can also be stopped if the player cleverly goes back of him. In that case, he will stop continuing his ability.

Boss Angel Sprite
Main article: Inner Evil

Angel is the third and last boss of Chapter V. It is the physical manifestation of Scourge, a type of shadow beast that infected Moira. When Moira left Shadow Island, the Scourge returns and manifests itself in the form of angel.

Angel wields Arbitrator as weapon. It fights with the Legion fighting style and utilizes three shadow abilities, two of which are unique abilities.

Chapter VI: Heart of the Legion

Avatar Description
Avatars-man xander
Main article: Triple Style Fighter

Xiang Tzu returns as the first boss of Chapter VI. After the events in the Hundred Schools Tournament, Xiang Tzu vowed to master all the fighting styles to defeat the player. His journey led him to the Legion prison through some unknown ways. Xiang Tzu's quest in learning all the known styles resulted in him vastly improved in both fighting skill and physical build. He managed to won five gladiator-styled prison fights, making him gained the respect of every Dynastian prisoners and donning the alias Xander.

The player will face Xiang Tzu once again when the party are trying to stop the prison riot. Xiang Tzu utilizes a mixed fighting style of Legion, Dynasty, and Heralds. He wields three types of weapons (One-handed sword, Staff, and a pair of Sai) at once, which he is capable of using skillfully. He does not utilize shadow bar anymore. Instead, Xiang Tzu has a rage bar, which will be filled everytime he takes damage. Once the rage bar is fully charged, Xiang Tzu can enter Rage Mode, increasing his attack power and defense significantly. While in Rage Mode, Xiang Tzu will not lose his balance when attacked, and he cannot be knocked off his feet.

Avatars-girl queen herald
Main article: The Doll

Queen Iolanda is the second boss in Chapter VI. She is the Queen of Legion. However, Iolanda had violated the old Legion ways herself. She blamed the Elders and their old percepts, which according to her had caused their land to be vulnerable.

Bolo had upgraded Iolanda's body by installing many devices to her body, turning her into a doll-like being. These devices allow her to regenerates her health. She fights with the Heralds fighting style and she wields blue-colored Accusers as her weapons. Iolanda has a special ability where she can detach her limbs to extend her reach, which she will use after losing one round.

Avatars-man shadow mind
Main article: Perfect Fusion

Shadow Mind returns as the third and final boss in Chapter VI. After the player heard its story of Shadow, May, and The Three Arrows, Shadow Mind reveals the risk of Shadow's actions. He can help the player stopping Shadow, but the player must prove that they are worthy for its power by defeating it in battle.

Being a sentient being made of pure shadow energy, Shadow Mind is invulnerable to physical attacks. In order to damage it, the player must enter shadow form. Attacks delivered while in shadow form (be it weapon attacks, unarmed hits, ranged weapons, or shadow abilities) are the only thing that can damage it. Furthermore, dealing or receiving damage to/from Shadow Mind will quickly increase the player's shadow energy bar drastically. Shadow Mind utilizes a fighting style different from other opponents and bosses, its main offense are its shadow attacks. Shadow Mind can use at least 5 shadow abilities and 3 special abilities.

Chapter VII, Part I: Forget the Past

Avatar Description
Avatars bolo 7
Main article: Deja Vu

Bolo returns as the first boss of Chapter VII, part I. Unlike the previous Bolos the player had encountered, this Bolo is the real one. He had performed many time travels that resulted in many clones of him being formed.

Bolo fights the player as a way to test of the player is really Shadow's Descendant. He wields Nodachi as his weapon. It has the appearance of a large, oversized Scalpel and has roughly the same length as Giant Swords. Bolo can parry any attacks thrown by the player by enhancing his own reflexes, reverse backs time in order to return his health to the full state, and stops everything around him.

Avatars gizmo 7
Main article: Gizmo the Immortal

Gizmo is the last boss of Chapter VII, part I. He has become a chief in the new Legion. Gizmo had been injected with shadow energy many times, resulting in him gaining powers and his mind to going mental. Gizmo fights the player to recall the good old days.

Gizmo wields an One-handed Sword as his weapon, but he is still a fan of hand-to-hand combat. When he enters shadow form, he change his weapons into a pair of shadow shields attached on both arms, which he treat as if they were brass knuckles. Gizmo's fighting style when using the shields is the same style as the Legion unarmed style. Gizmo also has the ability to absorbs the player's shadow form, damaging the player and making himself entering shadow form instantly.

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