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This article refers to Bosses in Shadow Fight 1. For other uses, see Bosses (disambiguation).


Bosses were enemies that were superior in difficulty to other enemies encountered in Shadow Fight. They could be found in the Boss Fights structure. Bosses possessed higher HP and dealt more damage than regular opponents as they had stronger weapons. Defeating a boss would yield great rewards. The players were given a time limit of 6 hours to defeat their chosen boss. However, there were different requirements to fight each of the bosses. Every battle would cost 40 energy, therefore being in a clan was very beneficial. After defeating a boss, players had a chance to get fragments of their weapon and could use them at the Workshop to merge into a weapon.

The maximum number of players to fight bosses was 100. If the numbers reached the maximum, players would receive an error message. Players could also use various charges during boss battles to add damage to a stunned boss. There were a total of seven bosses in Shadow Fight:


Once a great master, his unrelenting bloodthirst made him a monster. The blood of a hundred great warriors, and more, stained his brutal cleavers.

  • Requirements : None
  • HP: 300
  • Rewards: 100 EXP, 1 Temporary Glory and 1 Red Seal


She is beautiful and treacherous, her smile as cold as her steel fans. Beware - she will cut out your heart without warning or remorse.

  • Requirements: 3 Red Seals
  • HP: 750
  • Rewards: 200 EXP, 3 Temporary Glory and 1 Blue Seal


Long ago many fighters sought him for his wisdom and guidance, but a growing madness twisted the wanderer and turned him evil. He is powerful. You must stop him!

  • Requirements: 3 Blue Seals
  • HP: 2000
  • Rewards: 400 EXP, 9 Temporary Glory and 1 Green Seal


He sees himself as a champion of the oppressed, and sees enemies in everyone he meets. Be cautious, warrior, this fight is not an easy one.

  • Requirements: 3 Green Seals
  • HP: 5000
  • Rewards: 700 EXP, 36 Temporary Glory and 1 Purple Seal


This quiet, ruthless killer lives in the mountain wilderness. Don't attempt to play cat and mouse with him - his terrible claws are fatal.

  • Requirements: 1 Purple Seal
  • HP: 15000
  • Rewards: 1400 EXP, 180 Temporary Glory and 1 Turquoise Seal


Once she was a cute and kind girl, but an unfulfilled love story turned her heart into ice. She considers every man as her enemy and remorselessly slashes him with her naginata. Women should better not cross her way, too.

  • Requirements: 3 Turquoise Seals
  • HP: 40000
  • Rewards: 2500 EXP, 900 Temporary Glory and 1 Orange Seal


Legend has that his great mind made him the most powerful of all masters and he spends his time locked in his laboratory conducting horrific experiments on his prisoners. His power suit gives him the strength to swing his enormous blade. Beware of Titan!

  • Requirements: 3 Orange Seals
  • HP: 120000
  • Rewards: 4500 EXP, 4500 Temporary Glory and 1 Black Seal

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