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Boss Fights in Shadow Fight 2 are the climatic battles against the main antagonists of each Act, the demon bosses.

Boss battles are different from other battles, as special rules affect combat and, apart from the bosses being exceptionally powerful, they also have unique and powerful abilities, combat advantages and enchantments.


The bosses are fought at the conclusion of every Act, once all of their bodyguards have been defeated. The Act is considered completed after defeating the boss, and the player can then advance to the next Act (if any); though the player is forced to complete all Tournament and Challenge (if any) stages in order to level up and unlock equipment in the new Act. The bosses in the game are, in order of appearance:

  • Lynx, leader of The Order, a group of assassins. He is fought at the conclusion of Act I, at level 6.
  • Hermit, an old teacher with a devastating magic power. He is fought at the conclusion of Act II, at level 12.
  • Butcher, a brutal gang leader that raised children into bandits. He is fought at the conclusion of Act III, at level 18.
  • Wasp, the daughter of Pirate King; she killed her father and seized his power. She is fought at the conclusion of Act IV, at level 24.
  • Widow, a cruel woman that has the power to charm men. She is fought at the conclusion of Act V, at level 30.
  • Shogun, the mighty warlord who had conquered countless lands and enslaved whole nations. He is fought at the conclusion of Act VI, at level 36.
  • Titan, the conqueror of worlds. He brought countless worlds and their inhabitants to his control. Titan is the final boss of the game, fought at the conclusion of Act VII: Chapter 3, at level 52.


In a boss battle, three rounds out of five must be won instead of the usual two out of three in order for the winner to be declared. The timer for each battle is 99 seconds, as per usual conditions. If the player runs out of time before depleting the boss' health, they lose that round.

Boss Abilities

Each boss in Shadow Fight 2 has a special ability that they can use against Shadow in combat. These abilities will only be used after a boss loses at least one round, or in an Eclipse rematch and Gates of Shadows.

  • Lynx can turn invisible and stay as such until considerable damage or a critical hit is dealt.
  • Hermit can summon lightning bolts that target the player.
  • Butcher can cause an earthquake by pummeling the ground.
  • Wasp can launch off either boundary of the battlefield and fly across, leading with her weapon, to the other boundary; dealing damage on impact.
  • Widow can teleport from any location to the side opposite to that which Shadow is facing, dealing damage thereafter.
  • Shogun can recruit one of his bodyguards into battle, who will try to hit Shadow once and then fly off.
  • Titan uses his recharging shield, which protects him against one hit regardless of its type or strength. Not only is the damage of the hit completely nullified, but Titan does not get knocked back or impacted by the hit at all, as if it didn't happen entirely. 

Combat Advantages

Bosses are more powerful than normal enemies, and they have several advantages over the player.

  • They wield devastating weapons that have strong and quick attacks, with unique or rare super slashes, and deadly enchantments more powerful than what the player has access to.
  • They have significant defense and damage tolerance, with armor and helms that are often enchanted as well.
  • Each boss has a unique ability.
  • Some of them use attack methods foreign to the player, which they only unlock after defeating the respective boss.
    • Lynx uses ranged weapons, when the player has not unlocked them yet.
    • Hermit uses magic, when the player has not unlocked it yet.
  • They become more powerful during the same fight, and can even switch equipment and enchantments, each time they are defeated in a round (this resets after the fight is over).


Bosses utilize enchantments on their equipment. The player may obtain equipment with enchantments through purchasing Gem-exclusive gear, or through enchanting with Shadow Orbs. However, the bosses' enchantments are still stronger because their enchantments power is always stronger than what can be obtained by the player through aforementioned methods.

  • Lynx: Poisoning, Time Bomb
  • Hermit: Magic Recharge, Enfeeble
  • Butcher: Bleeding, Frenzy
  • Wasp: Damage Return, Precision
  • Widow: Lifesteal, Regeneration
  • Shogun: Damage Absorption, Overheat
  • Titan: Lifesteal, Magic Recharge/Regeneration, Enfeeble/Weakness

Preferred Weapons

Preferred Magic