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Booster Pack is a stack of cards in Shadow Fight 3 which can be bought from the in-game shop for a determined amount of price. They also can be obtained by participating in duels, by gaining higher Dan.


Booster Pack contains 5 cards, which can be either equipment, Special Move, or perk. It is one of the available methods to obtaining or upgrading players' equipments, the other ones are from the store, Chests, or dropped by opponents. In order to open a Booster Pack, the players must swipe the screen in order to slash the pack.

Each faction has its own set of Booster Packs, which will give the players the kits that belong to that faction upon opening. At first, the only Booster Packs available are the ones that belong to Legion. Advancing further into the story will unlock Booster Packs of the other factions; Chapter II for Dynasty packs, and Chapter III for Heralds packs. Booster Packs introduced in earlier chapters, however, will not disappear and still can be bought even if the players already passed that Chapter, i.e Legion Booster Packs are still buyable in Chapter II.

There is also a type of Booster Packs called Archive Booster Packs. Unlike the usual booster packs, these archive packs contain only the old items from previous chapters that are removed when the players entering a new chapter. Aside from that, archive packs do not differ much from the usual booster packs.

Booster Packs are classified by the rarity of cards they contain.

Booster Packs[]

Rare Booster Pack[]

Contains at least 2 Rare cards and 3 Common cards. There is a chance to get cards with higher rarity.

Rare booster packs are the only type of booster pack that are obtainable for free every 1 day 12 hours. In order to get it again, the player can wait till free, buy it with 100 gems or rewarded through marathon.

Rare Booster Pack categorized by Faction pack and Archive pack.

Epic Booster Pack[]

Contains at least 2 Epic cards and 3 Rare cards. There is a chance to get cards with higher rarity. Epic booster packs can be bought with 400 gems or rewarded through marathon.

Epic Booster Pack categorized by Faction pack and Archive pack.

Legendary Booster Pack[]

Contains at least 2 Legendary cards and 3 Epic cards. Legendary booster packs are the most expensive type of packs, priced at 2,000 gems or rewarded through marathon.

Legendary Booster Pack categorized by Faction pack and Archive pack.

Archive Packs[]

These packs contains the archived items from previous Chapter. They're has same amount of gems cost and methods to obtain like normal booster pack. But unlike the normal booster pack, archive pack aren't categorized by faction, and contains items from all 3 factions.

Special Booster Pack[]

Unique Booster Pack[]

Unique Booster Pack is a type of pack obtainable only when an event is being held. It contains items that has similar drops like Chests (without the coins and shadow energy). The player can obtain Unique packs from either purchasing it in the shop using tokens, event marathon, or from the additional rewards after completing an event fight. Unique packs are further classified into two common known types: Basic and Premium pack.

Furthermore, Unique booster pack expanded into more varied unique packs. These packs now not only drops item cards, but also several currencies (Shadow energy, gems, keys, crystal, upgrade tokens, mnemonium), or dyes.

Other Booster Packs[]

A variety of special booster packs are available to the player, either for special events, or to commemorate special occasions such as the new year or an anniversary of Shadow fight 3. Some such booster packs are:

  • Set Pack: A booster that contains full random set. These packs are categorized by Rare, Epic, Legendary, and Unique Set Pack. Furthermore, Legendary set pack is splitted into Legendary Faction set pack.
  • Prism: A pack that contain 1-3 Rare dyes.
  • Pack of Colorist: Same like Prism pack, but contain more amount of dyes, from 4 up to 24.
  • Adept: Similar to Pack of Colorist. Contains 4 random Rare dyes.
  • Disciple: Same as Adept, but contains Unique dyes instead.
  • Anniversary packs: Special booster packs which have been released to commemorate the anniversary of shadow fight 3. Later, they were commonly available in special offers and from the lucky board minigame. They give a random legendary card of the player's chosen faction, an amount of shadow energy, legendary keys or gems.
  • Legendary Item Pack: Legendary booster packs available in the lucky board. They contain a random legendary card. Legendary Item Pack are categorized by:
  • Legendary Glacier: Contains a random Legendary set, perks and special moves, or crystal resources if the perks or special moves already owned. Only can be obtained from in-game offer.
  • Legendary Blizzard: Contains a random resources, such as shadow energy, gems, keys, lucky tickets (if lucky board minigame is available), or dyes. Only can be obtained from in-game offer.
  • Support: Same as Blizzard, but is categorized as Unique pack instead of Legendary.
  • Abundance/Elegance: Same as Glacier.
  • New year pack: Unique booster packs available as free gifts during the 2022 new year celebration. They contain an amount of gems, coins, epic, or legendary keys, and an amount of shadow energy.
  • Update: The 1.34 update countdown pack(s) (From 8 to 1). Contain a number of Banzai Coins currency.



  • Booster Pack can be slashed multiple times as the player wishes, however, slashing it once is enough to open it.
  • The picture on the Booster Packs is the main character that is representative of the pack's faction. Marcus for Legion packs, June for Dynasty packs, and Itu for Heralds packs.
    • Stranger also can be seen in several special packs.

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