Bodyguards are fighters who protect the demon bosses. All demons have five bodyguards. Before one can actually battle the demon, they have to beat their five bodyguards. Bodyguards have their own speaking roles (except Shin).

Lynx's Bodyguards

Lynx is the leader of assassins group known as "The Order", all of his bodyguards are members of The Order.

Bodyguard Picture
Shin - Bodyguard armed with Kunai Man kunai
Brick - Bodyguard armed with Steel Batons. Man batons
Needle - Bodyguard armed with Sais. Girl sai
Ghost - Bodyguard armed with a Ninja Sword. Man night
Dandy - Bodyguard armed with Swords. Man swords

Old Wounds Bodyguards

Bodyguard Picture
Spark - Bodyguard armed with Triangle Knives Character savage
Cleric - Bodyguard armed with Knuckles. Character philosopher

Hermit's Bodyguards

Upon building his school, Hermit held a competition to find the one he deems worthy to be taught with his secret power. There are five fighters who compete in his competition, who act as Hermit's bodyguards. They actually do not respect Hermit, their goal is to use his secret power for their own benefit.

Bodyguard Picture
Dragon - Bodyguard armed with a Staff. Man staff
Buffalo - Bodyguard armed with Crescent Knives. Man crescent
Mantis - Bodyguard armed with Oriental Sabers. Man chinese sabre
Tiger - Bodyguard armed with Steel Claws. Man clutches
Crane - Unarmed bodyguard Man heronkungfu

Old Wounds Bodyguards

Bodyguard Picture
Lotus - Bodyguard armed with Emerald Cutters. Character asian
Harbinger - Bodyguard armed with Ninja Sword. Character ronin

Butcher's Bodyguards

Butcher rules a bandit gang. His bodyguards are members of his gang, whom he had raised ever since they were children to become criminals.

Bodyguard Picture
Bird - Bodyguard armed with Knives. Girl knives 2
Rhino - Bodyguard armed with Crescent Knives. Man deerhorn
Bull - Bodyguard armed with Steel Batons. Man batons 3
Redhead - Bodyguard armed with Tonfas. Man tonfa
Reaper - Bodyguard armed with Kusarigama. Man scythe

Old Wounds Bodyguards

Bodyguard Picture
Torment - Bodyguard armed with Sickles. Character sadist
Razor - Bodyguard armed with Machetes. Character fanatic

Wasp's Bodyguards

The first three of Wasp's "bodyguards" are the members of New Blood, a group consisting of crew members who had rebelled against her. The last two bodyguards are the older crew members who still serve her.

Bodyguard Picture
Kraken - Bodyguard armed with Dadao. Man big sword
Cleaver - Bodyguard armed with Big Swords. Man big swords
Shark - Bodyguard armed with Krises. Girl keris
Bosun - Bodyguard armed with Glaive. Man glaive 2
Whaler - Bodyguard armed with Trident. Man trident

Old Wounds Bodyguards

Bodyguard Picture
Trickster - Bodyguard armed with Oriental Sabers. Character pirate
Cougar - Bodyguard armed with Kusarigama. Character indean

Widow's Bodyguards

Widow's "bodyguards" are mainly composed of men who have been charmed. The only exception is Puma, a woman who serves Widow to help her achieve her ambitions. Most bodyguards attack Shadow in an attempt to eliminate the competition, because they are mistaken in the belief that Shadow desires Widow as they do; He merely wants to obtain her Demon Seal, and has no interest in her whatsoever. After being defeated by Shadow, they are released from Widow's spell.

Bodyguard Picture
Irbis - Bodyguard armed with Steel Batons. Man batons 4
Wolf - Bodyguard armed with Swords. Man swords 2
Capra - Bodyguard armed with Silver Spear. Man spear
Bear - Bodyguard armed with Heavy Hammer. Man heavy hammer
Puma - Bodyguard armed with Sentinel Kusarigama. Girl kusarigama 2

Old Wounds Bodyguards

Bodyguard Picture
Aster - Bodyguard armed with Yari. Character sister
Ermine - Bodyguard armed with Dadao. Character blind

Shogun's Bodyguards

Shogun is a military warlord, all of his bodyguards are officers from his army. They misrecognize Shadow as "The Prince," who ruled the Empire before Shogun.

Bodyguard Picture
Corporal - Bodyguard armed with Jumonji Yari. Man magari yari
Captain - Bodyguard armed with Nodachi. Man long katana
Major - Bodyguard armed with dual Wakizashi. Man wakidzashi
Colonel - Bodyguard armed with Bisento. Man naginata
General - Bodyguard armed with a type of glaive.
Man glaive 3

General's Mercenaries

General has five mercenaries which have to be defeated before General can be fought.

Weapon Picture
First mercenary armed with Sai.
Man sai 2
Second mercenary armed with Blade Tonfas.
Man tonfa 4
Third mercenary armed with dual Wakizashi.
Man wakidzashi 2
Fourth mercenary armed with Three-pronged Claws.
Man claws
Fifth mercenary armed with Spiked Axes.
Man axes 3

Titan's Bodyguards

Titan's bodyguards are the evil counterparts of Shadow from another dimensions. In those dimensions, they were not strong enough to resist the pull of Shadow Energy and ended up getting corrupted by it. After defeating the Demons, instead of moving on to the next province, they ended up staying and taking over their syndicate.

Bodyguard Picture
Assassin - Bodyguard armed with Devastator. Character assasin
Master - Bodyguard armed with Composite Sword. Character master
Guru - Bodyguard armed with Thunder Hammers. Character guru
Corsair - Bodyguard armed with Plasma Rifle. Character corsair
Emperor - Bodyguard armed with Cobra's Tooth. Character emperor


  • Most bodyguards have their names based upon their personality or weapons.
  • No demon has more than one female bodyguard.
  • Hermit, Shogun and Titan do not have any female bodyguard.
  • Shin is the only bodyguard with no speaking role.
  • Crane is the only bodyguard who fights barehanded. This is a reference to an actual martial arts style, the Fujian White Crane.
  • Corporal is the only bodyguard who uses an unavailable Magic, Ice Ball. As of Christmas 2016 update, players can however, obtain the Shard of Eternal Ice magic which functions in a similar manner.
  • General is the only bodyguard who has his own mercenaries.
  • Shin, Bear, Puma, and all of Shogun's bodyguards wield unobtainable weapons.
  • Ghost, Cleaver, and all of Titan's bodyguards (except Guru) wield gem weapons.
  • Only Titan's bodyguards utilize perks and enchantments on their equipment. 
  • Whaler is the only enemy in the game to use the Trident.
  • Titan's bodyguards have smaller level gaps compared to other bodyguards. They have 3 level difference instead of the usual 6.
    • Despite this, they also have the highest power boost if they are fought when the Eclipse mode is activated.

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