Blossom Festival is a special quest in Shadow Fight 3, available during the Spring Event. The Sakura festival is being held in Heralds' Dome. They celebrate it by displaying their best inventions. Shibata has created a fighter robot powered by Shadow energy named Steel Sakura, and he asks the players to help by fighting his creation as he wants to show the true extent of his robot's skill. Shibata suggests the player to warm up by fighting against his prototypes before the real fight.

Fight InfoEdit

This mode consists of 8 stages. Advancing to the next stage will increase the rewards value, as well as the difficulty. The level and power of the player's equipment (regardless of low or high) does not affect the difficulty in this fight. If the players loses a stage, they are allowed to try again. However, losing 3 times in any stages will causes the player to lose the event without completing it, and they will be given a determined amount of rewards. The players must then start from the first stage if they wish to try again. Players have to win all 8 stages in order to complete the mode and receive all the rewards.

There are two modes available: Regular and Grand. Grand yields higher rewards and carries random rules in each stage, making it much harder. Regular does not have random rules like Grand, but yields lower rewards instead. Regular can be played for free once per day, while Grand can be played for free only once throughout the event. Players need to pay in order to register again (up to 1,190 coins for Regular and 100 gems for Grand).

The players will faces Shibata's prototypes wielding various weapons. A single prototype appears for only one stage per run while the Steel Sakura appears in fixed stages. Each round is timed 99 seconds and the players must defeat the bots before the timer ends, otherwise they will lose.

Enemy InfoEdit


Players will face some prototypes that wield various Heralds weapons and some of them utilize Shadow abilities. They fight with the Heralds fighting style. There can be up to three rounds, and the players must score two victories in order to win.
  • Name: Prototype
  • Stages: 1, 2, 3, 5, 6, and 7
  • Weapons: Katana, Sai, Naginata, Claws, or Kamas

Weapons Shadow Ability

  • Dash (Naginata) Shadow dash
  • Prod (Sai) SHADOW SAI SLASH 1

Armors Shadow Ability

  • Blast Shadow precise armor explosion

Helms Shadow Ability


Ranged Weapons Shadow Ability

  • Bolt Bolt

Steel Sakura

Steel Sakura will be fought as a Boss at stage 4 and 8. There can be up to five rounds, and the players must score three victories to win.
  • Name: Steel Sakura
  • Fighting Style: Heralds
  • Weapon: Iron Foliage (Glaive)
  • Armor: Sakura Phantom
  • Helm: Blossom Mask
  • Ranged Weapon: Petal Thrower (Harpoon)



Turns around, thrusts the glaive backwards twice, then turns around and thrusts the glaive downward.


A sequence of 3 kicks.

Shadow Abilities


Throws the Glaive forwards. If the player is hit, the Glaive will impale them to the ground. The Steel Sakura then telekinetically pulls the Glaive and the impaled player behind him, clothes-lining the player with his arm as they fly back.

  • Blast Shadow precise armor explosion

Slams the ground with one fist, creating an upwards close-range splash of damaging Shadow energy around Steel Sakura.


Raises a hand and summons a pillar of Shadow flame directly below the player.

  • Bolt Bolt

Charges up and fires an arrow at the player. Upon contact, the player is struck by a lightning bolt from the sky.

Possible RulesEdit

These rules appears in Grand mode. There are no rules applied when fighting Steel Sakura.

  • Enemy can only be damaged while stunned
  • Enemy restores health with hits
  • Opponent has a shadow energy boost
  • Opponent is invisible
  • Opponent regenerates
  • Stacking poison effect


The rewards are the Trophies, which can be used to buy the Sakura Set from the store. Sakura Set consists of four items of Unique rarity.

  • Iron Foliage: 1100 Trophies
  • Sakura Phantom: 1300 Trophies
  • Blossom Mask: 850 Trophies
  • Petal Thrower: 450 Trophies

More Trophies will be given if the players win more stages. Some stages have an additional reward of their own, and when the players completed that stage they will be given those rewards immediately. These additional rewards can only be claimed once.

Stage Gained Trophies Additional Reward
0 15 (Regular)
120 (Grand)
1 30 (Regular)
260 (Grand)
2 65 (Regular
400 (Grand)
100 Trophies (Regular)
200 Trophies (Grand)
3 100 (Regular)
560 (Grand)
4 140 (Regular)
730 (Grand)
Flagpole (Epic Special Move, Regular)
Sweeper (Legendary Special Move, Grand)
5 180 (Regular)
930 (Grand)
6 230 (Regular)
1200 (Grand)
100 Gems (Regular)
1 Epic Booster Pack (Grand)
7 280 (Regular)
1400 (Grand)
8 340 (Regular)
1700 (Grand)
1 Epic Booster Pack (Regular)
1 Legendary Booster Pack (Grand)



  • The first Blossom Festival started on April 19th 2018 and came to an end on April 29th 2018.
  • The second Blossom Festival started on 3rd September 2018.