This article refers to Blood Reaper in Shadow Fight 2. For other uses, see Blood Reaper (disambiguation).

Blood Reaper is a super weapon from Act I in Shadow Fight 2. It has a decorated sickle and a barbed circle-shaped weight, connected with a chain. It is unlocked at level 6, along with Daggers. Blood Reaper is the second weapon that is purchased through gems in the store, with the first being the Ninja Sword. The weapon has a long attack range and, as the name suggests, comes with the Bleeding enchantment.

Attack Overview Edit

  • Kusarigama Slash: Wielder swings the sickle forward.
  • Kusarigama Double Slash: Wielder swings the sickle forward, then whips the weight forward.
  • Kusarigama Strong Slash: Wielder steps forward and tosses the sickle at a vertical angle over his head, then swings the sickle forward as he bends forward.
  • Kusarigama Super Slash: Wielder spins around as he charges forward and swings the sickle in a large circle around him three times.
  • Kusarigama Spinning Slash: Wielder steps forward, then pivots on one foot and swings the sickle horizontally.
  • Kusarigama Upper Slash: Wielder bends forward, then quickly hurls the sickle vertically as he jumps forward, then whips the sickle to the ground as he lands.
  • Kusarigama Low Slash: Wielder whips the weight forward twice.
Move Name Power How to Perform Combo
Kusarigama Stance Start of Fight
Kusarigama Slash 10Base damage Punch
Kusarigama Double Slash 10Base damage
12Base damage
Punch, Punch
Kusarigama Strong Slash 21Base damage Forward+Punch
Kusarigama Super Slash 10Base damage
8Base damage
15Base damage
Forward+Punch, Punch
Kusarigama Spinning Slash 11Base damage Backward+Punch
Kusarigama Upper Slash 11Base damage
8Base damage
Kusarigama Low Slash 12Base damage
9Base damage