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The Blazing Logic is a weapon in Shadow Fight 3 which is introduced in Throne Race event. It is a Legendary Composite Sword, which belongs to the Heralds faction. The Composite has 9 segmented blades, with each segment connected by a stretchable thread.

When swung hard enough, the segments of the Composite Sword can disconnect from each other, giving the weapon incredible range along with a fast-swinging speed. However, the damage of the sword's attacks is rather low as a result, and a lot of its attacks have long-ended lag due to needing to wait for the segments to reconnect.

The Blazing Logic has 3 perk slots and a special slot for Special Move. It carries the Void Compass Shadow Ability and is currently the only equipment to have Void Compass as an ability.

Players can obtain this weapon by completing Void Speaker's Adventure. Outside the adventure, Blazing Logic is also obtainable during Four Paths event, available at the marathon, and in-game offers.

Attack Overview[]

Move Name Controls Base damage
Composite Sword Stance Start of Fight
Composite Sword Slash SF3Punch, SF3Punch
  • 4.5 Base damage
  • 5 Base damage
Composite Sword Heavy Slash Hold SF3Punch 9 Base damage
Composite Sword Spinning Slash SF3B + SF3Punch 8.5 Base damage
Composite Sword Upper Slash SF3U + SF3Punch 8.5 Base damage

6 Base damage

Composite Sword Low Slash SF3D + SF3Punch 5.5 Base damage

Shadow Ability[]


The Composite Sword turns into a giant circular saw which spins around the user, dealing damage to the opponent if they are in contact with its blades. Additionally, the saw also pulls out the opponent closer.

Special Moves[]

Icon Name Controls Move
ICON SUPER COMPOSITE SWORD 1 Channel Shock SF3F + SF3Punch, SF3Punch, SF3Punch ChannelShock

Weapon Ability[]

  • Weapon of Fire

Successful composite sword hits will inflict a burn on the opponent, dealing an additional 25% damage over 3 seconds. The burn damage and timer resets on the next successful sword hit.

See Also[]


  • The Blazing Logic is one of the two available weapons (four if ranged weapons are counted) and the second item that has its own special ability.
    • The first piece of equipment is Dangerous Trophy, which inflicts Burn on hits.
    • The third piece of equipment is the Blizzard, which can freeze the opponent after 6 combos.
    • The fourth piece of equipment is Fire Lord, which attach an explosive bomb on the opponent after a successful bolt hit.