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The Battle Sword is a weapon in Shadow Fight 3. It is a Common two-handed sword and belongs to the Legion faction. The Battle Sword has 1 perk slot for Perks. It does not have any Shadow Ability. The Battle Sword is the weapon of choice for a number of Legionaries, including Gizmo, a member of the Shadow Squad.

It can be obtained as a random reward by winning any fight in Chapter I, by opening a Chest, or by purchasing the Legion Booster Pack.

Other variants include:

Attack Overview[]

Disclaimer: The preview below uses Ornate Two-Hander as the weapon. Since both the Battle Sword and Ornate Two-Hander are Two-handed Sword, they share the exact same moveset, with the only differences being the rarity and design.

Move Name Controls
Two-handed Sword Stance Start of Fight
Two-handed Sword Slashes SF3Punch, SF3Punch
Two-handed Sword Heavy Slash Hold SF3Punch
Two-handed Sword Spinning Slashes SF3B + SF3Punch, SF3Punch
Two-handed Sword Upper Slash SF3U + SF3Punch
Two-handed Sword Low Slash SF3D + SF3Punch

Shadow Ability[]

Being a Common weapon, Battle Sword does not possess any Shadow ability.

Special Move[]

Being a Common weapon, Battle Sword does not have special slot for Special Move.

Item Set[]

Weapon Armor Helm Ranged Weapons
Wpn twohanded sword 01 01
Arm str 23
Helm str 23
Rng pistol 01 01
Battle Sword Belted Cuirass Morion Crude Pistol


  • The Battle Sword is based on a longsword, a type of European sword characterized as having a cruciform hilt with a grip for two-handed use and a straight double-edged blade. Longswords were prevalent during the Late Middle Ages and Renaissance (approximately 1350 to 1550), with early and late use reaching into the 13th and 17th centuries.
    • The only difference is that the Battle Sword has a length of a greatsword (between 160 to 180 centimeters) instead of a length of a longsword (between 100 to 130 centimeters).
  • Despite Battle Sword can be obtained in Chapter 1, but the entire set of it's only obtainable after reaching Chapter V.