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Act VII: Revelation is the seventh and the final Act of Shadow Fight 2. Act VII is the only Act to be released in detached installments - specifically, in three chapters. Each chapter contains a different location for Tournament, Survival, Challenge, and Duel. Act VII is the most unique Act, as it is set in a completely different world and the enemies are aliens and robots instead of humans. The equipment in Act VII is technologically advanced.

The Gates of Shadows are revealed to be a portal, and Shadow is transported to a technologically advanced, alien-like world: Shadow World. It is a world far from the human world and can only be reached by entering the Gates of Shadows. The inhabitants are creatures that resemble aliens and robots equipped with high-tech equipment.

In Shadow World, Shadow makes two new friends: Kali, a female character who takes the role of his assistant and Cypher, a genius man who tells Shadow about many important things. Most of the creatures there are the refugees of the worlds and planets Titan had conquered and they are extremely afraid of Titan because he enslaved their worlds and is said to be insanely powerful.

Modes of Play

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Chapter 1

  • Hideout Tournament: In the Hideout Tournament, Shadow fights against allied warriors in Cypher's hideout. The player must go through simple fights in 24 stages one by one with a maximum of 3 rounds each and must win two rounds in each stage. Winning rewards the player with credits and XP. At the completion of stage 24, the player is awarded the achievement "The Inside Job".
Enemy Weapon Rewards
XP Credit
Various(1-24) Various 4,500,000 23,000-86,000 credits
  • Factory Survival: In Factory Survival, Shadow must fend off the Looters, which guard the factory. This mode is similar to the Survival modes of other acts in the game, except that it has six rounds to win (as opposed to ten - though in the Interlude, survival only requires six victories as well). The enemies are Looters, which replace the ninja's role. At the completion of round 6 the player is awarded the achievement "Presumed Innocent" for the completion of Factory Survival in Chapter 1.

Reward for completion of each round is:

  1. 7,000 credits
  2. 13,000 credits
  3. 19,000 credits
  4. 26,000 credits
  5. 33,000 credits
  6. 41,000 credits

  • Cypher (Hideout): After beating 15 tournament stages, Cypher lectures Shadow about Titan and decides to test Shadow's skill in a friendly sparring. Two rounds must be won in order to score a victory. There is a total of three rounds that can be fought. The timer for each battle is 99 seconds, as per usual conditions. Beating him will award the player with the achievement "Man of Sense".
Enemy Weapon Rewards
XP Credits
Cypher Telescopic Staff
8,000,000 148,000 credits
  • Cronos (Factory): After Cypher is defeated, Cronos can be fought at the factory. The mode is similar to a boss fight during the Interlude, in which the players have to fight six enemies without a break. The enemies are looters (all of them, except the one with the Reaver) and Cronos, with Cronos himself remaining sixth in line. Losing to any one of the enemies will make the players restart the fight from the first looter. Beating Cronos will award the player with the achievement "Robopocalypse", unlock Chapter 2, and bring Factory survival back to normal (No Cronos) with increased rewards.
Enemy Weapon Rewards
XP Credits
Looter Telescopic Staff 2,000 18,000 credits
Looter Fretsaw 2,000 37,000 credits
Looter Hack Knives 2,000 57,000 credits
Looter Mowers 2,000 77,000 credits
Looter Telescopic Staff 2,000 98,000 credits
Cronos Blaster Tonfas 8,000,000 266,000 credits

Chapter 2

  • Stone Grove Challenge: At the Stone Grove, Shadow and Kali find The Ancient. The Ancient pits Shadow against Titan's past challengers with random rules being applied to each fight. There are 16 stages, with a maximum of 3 rounds and two rounds must be won in each stage. Winning rewards the player with credits and XP.
No Enemy Weapon Challenge Rewards
XP Credits
1 Abyss Thruster No blocks, kicks only 4,500,000 151,000
2 Golem Pneumo Fists Magic level 47 4,500,000 156,000
3 Mephisto Sawblade Fight in the dark, hidden healthbar 4,500,000 162,000
4 Harpy Shocker Claws Periodical earthquakes 4,500,000 167,000
5 Invisible No weapon Invisible enemy, you lose on ring out 4,500,000 173,000
6 Golem Pneumo Fists Hot ground, you lose if you fall 4,500,000 178,000
7 Mephisto Sawblade Score victory, head hits only 4,500,000 184,000
8 Harpy Shocker Claws Equipment level 47 4,500,000 180,000
9 Mephisto Sawblade Enemy takes damage in shown area only 4,500,000 182,000
10 Harpy Shocker Claws Weapon level 48 4,500,000 183,000
11 Golem Pneumo Fists Dodge enemy missiles 4,500,000 185,000
12 Abyss Thruster Throw enemy in shown area 4,500,000 187,000
13 Mephisto Sawblade Enemy regenerates constantly after hitting player, but effect ends when player hits enemy 4,500,000 189,000
14 Golem Pneumo Fists Inverted controls, dodge enemy magic 4,500,000 191,000
15 Mephisto Sawblade Reach aggressive style 4,500,000 193,000
16 Harpy Shocker Claws Equipment level 48 4,500,000 195,000
  • Hideout Duel: Just as every Duel in all areas, the Duel is the type of sparring where the player has random equipment, and the Duel generates its own additional rule. It is unlocked after all Hideout tournament stages are completed.
  • Factory Survival: It is the same Survival from chapter 1, albeit with stronger looters and better rewards. Reward for completion of each round is:
  1. 19,000 credits
  2. 38,000 credits
  3. 57,000 credits
  4. 78,000 credits
  5. 99,000 credits
  6. 121,000 credits
  • Ancient (Stone Grove): After all Stone Grove challenges are completed, Ancient will challenge Shadow to fight in an attempt to stop him from fighting Titan. Two rounds must be won in order to score a victory. There is a total of three rounds that can be fought. The timer for each battle is 99 seconds, as per usual conditions. Beating Ancient will award the player with the achievement "Buried in Oblivion".
Enemy Weapon Rewards
XP Credits
Ancient Composite Sword 8,000,000 440,000
  • Stone Grove Challenge (post-Ancient): After Ancient is defeated, there are new challenges available in the Stone Grove. There are 8 stages, with a maximum of 3 rounds and two rounds must be won in each stage. Winning rewards the player with credits and XP. At the completion of stage 8, the player is awarded the achievement "The Flashback" for the completion of Stone Grove Challenge.
No Enemy Weapon Challenge Rewards
XP Credits
1 Mephisto Sawblade Aggressive enemy, you win on timeout 4,500,000 204,000
2 Abyss Thruster Armor level 49 4,500,000 205,000
3 Golem Pneumo Fists Shrinked fight location, thorns on walls 4,500,000 207,000
4 Harpy Shocker Claws Hot ground, score victory 4,500,000 209,000
5 Abyss Thruster Passing burning effect, enemy returns damage 4,500,000 211,000
6 Mephisto Sawblade Disarm 4,500,000 213,000
7 Harpy Shocker Claws Equipment level 49 4,500,000 214,000
8 Golem Pneumo Fists Periodical earthquakes, inverted movement 4,500,000 216,000
  • Incubator Tournament: The one who bests all of the other soldiers in the Incubator Tournament will be promoted to Titan's best soldier, "Faceless". Shadow fights here to get closer to Titan. The player must go through simple fights in 8 stages one by one with maximum of 3 rounds each and must win two rounds in each stage. Winning rewards the player with credits and XP. At the completion of stage 8, the player is awarded the achievement "Rare Specimen" for the completion of Incubator Tournament.
No Enemy Weapon Rewards
XP Credits
1 Emerald Sawblade 4,500,000 195,000
2 Garnet Thruster 4,500,000 199,000
3 Topaz Pneumo Fists 4,500,000 204,000
4 Beryl Shocker Claws 4,500,000 208,000
5 Garnet Thruster 4,500,000 212,000
6 Topaz Pneumo Fists 4,500,000 216,000
7 Emerald Sawblade 4,500,000 220,000
8 Beryl Shocker Claws 4,500,000 224,000
  • Shroud (Hideout): After infiltrating Cypher's hideout, Shroud will set an ultimatum for Shadow to come to the Hideout and fight him or else, he will find Cypher (who is hiding) and do away with him. Two rounds must be won in order to score a victory. There is a total of three rounds that can be fought. The timer for each battle is 99 seconds, as per usual conditions. Beating Shroud will award the player with the achievement "Curtains Fall" and unlock Chapter 3.
Enemy Weapon Rewards
XP Credits
Shroud Reaver 8,000,000 799,000

Chapter 3

  • Spaceship Challenge: While Cypher holds May as prisoner, Shadow and Kali go to Titan's Citadel, but Scavengers attack them and Shadow must fight against the Scavengers. It replaces the Hideout. The player must go through fights with altered rules and conditions in 24 stages one by one with maximum of 3 rounds each and must win two rounds in each stage. Winning rewards the player with credits and XP. At the completion of stage 24, the player is awarded the achievement "Cleaning Up!" for the completion of Spaceship Challenge.
No Enemy Weapon Challenge Rewards
XP Credits
1 Various Scavengers Thunder Hammers Inverted movement, perform a 5 hit combo to win 4,500,000 138
2 Flame Clubs Weapon level 50 4,500,000 150
3 No weapon Invisible aggressive enemy, stay alive for 60 seconds to win 4,500,000 162
4 No weapon Armor level 50 4,500,000 173
5 Thunder Hammers Hot ground, vision darkens periodically, score victory 4,500,000 185
6 Flame Clubs Score 5 critical hits 4,500,000 196
7 Orbs of Pain Passing burning effect, enemy regenerates 4,500,000 208
8 No weapon Kicks only, reach brutal style 4,500,000 225
9 Thunder Hammers Enemy regenerates, magic kills you instantly 4,500,000 239
10 Flame Clubs Armor level 51 4,500,000 253
11 Orbs of Pain Ranged weapon replaced with landmines for this round 4,500,000 267
12 Cobra's Tooth No blocks, you lose if you fall 4,500,000 281
13 Thunder Hammers Periodical earthquakes, no jumps 4,500,000 295
14 Plasma Rifle Equipment level 51 4,500,000 309
15 Orbs of Pain Earth disgorges magic in irregular intervals 4,500,000 323
16 Cobra's Tooth Reach brutal style, you lose on ring-out 4,500,000 337
17 Thunder Hammers Throw enemy in marked zone, dodge enemy ranged weapons 4,500,000 348
18 Flame Clubs Weapon level 52 4,500,000 415
19 Orbs of Pain Walls have spikes, you lose if you fall 4,500,000 481
20 Plasma Rifle Helm level 52 4,500,000 547
21 Thunder Hammers You lose on ring-out, enemy recharges magic quickly 4,500,000 614
22 Flame Clubs Health drops but regenerates in shown area 4,500,000 680
23 Orbs of Pain Equipment level 52 4,500,000 746
  1. No weapon
  2. Thunder Hammers
  3. Flame Clubs
  4. Orbs of Pain
  5. No weapon
5 enemies in a row, random rule and weapon each round 4,500,000 813
  • Stone Grove Tournament: When Kali And Shadow reach the Stone Grove, they find the ghosts of Titan's late soldiers protecting it. They are the deceased soldiers that were defeated by the Ancient. Ancient has revived them and Shadow must fight them. Ancient himself is missing. It replaces the Stone Grove Challenge. The player must go through simple fights in 24 stages one by one with maximum of 3 rounds each and must win two rounds in each stage. Winning rewards the player with credits and XP. At the completion of stage 24, the player is awarded the achievement "Dead Stay Dead" for the completion of Stone Grove Tournament.
No Enemy Weapon Rewards
XP Credit
1 Wraith Flame Clubs 4,500,000 93
2 Pandemia Mowers 4,500,000 104
3 Whiplash Composite Sword 4,500,000 115
4 Smother Orbs of Pain 4,500,000 127
5 Whiplash Composite Sword 4,500,000 138
6 Pandemia Mowers 4,500,000 150
7 Wraith Flame Clubs 4,500,000 161
8 Smother Orbs of Pain 4,500,000 172
9 Whiplash Composite Sword 4,500,000 206
10 Pandemia Mowers 4,500,000 237
11 Wraith Flame Clubs 4,500,000 269
12 Smother Orbs of Pain 4,500,000 300
13 Whiplash Composite Sword 4,500,000 332
14 Pandemia Plasma Rifle 4,500,000 364
15 Wraith Flame Clubs 4,500,000 395
16 Smother Orbs of Pain 4,500,000 427
17 Pandemia Cobra's Tooth 4,500,000 490
18 Whiplash Composite Sword 4,500,000 536
19 Wraith Plasma Rifle 4,500,000 583
20 Smother Orbs of Pain 4,500,000 630
21 Whiplash Composite Sword 4,500,000 676
22 Pandemia Cobra's Tooth 4,500,000 723
23 Wraith Flame Clubs 4,500,000 769
24 Smother Orbs of Pain 4,500,000 816
  • Incubator Survival: Shadow fights with Titan's army in the Incubator. It is similar to the Factory Survival in earlier chapters, which consists of six rounds to win. The enemies are Titan's army (Beryl with Shocker Claws, Emerald with Sawblade, Garnet with Thruster, and Topaz with Pneumo Fists), which replace the looters' role. At the completion of round 6, the player is awarded the achievement "Survival of the Fittest" for the completion of Incubator Survival. This survival is unique in the sense that it only has 4 opponents, so any of the enemies may appear more than once.

Reward for completion of each round is:

  1. 55 credits
  2. 110 credits
  3. 164 credits
  4. 219 credits
  5. 273 credits
  6. 328 credits
  • Factory Duel: Shadow duels with the looters at the factory, with random equipment and an additional rule. It replaces the Factory Survival.
  • Titan:

Check: Titan for Titan and his bodyguards for further information

Shadow has to defeat Titan's 5 bodyguards and May before he can fight with Titan. Shadow fights them on the Citadel. It is unlocked after the players complete 7 stages of Spaceship Challenge.

Enemy Weapon Rewards
XP Credits
Assassin Devastator with "Precision" enchantment 8,000,000 436 Credits
Master Composite Sword with "Magic Recharge" enchantment 8,000,000 533 Credits
Guru Thunder Hammers with "Stun" enchantment 8,000,000 793 Credits
Corsair Plasma Rifle with "Lifesteal" enchantment 8,000,000 969 Credits
Emperor Cobra's Tooth with "Magic Recharge" enchantment 8,000,000 1,040 Credits
May Blaster Tonfas with enchantments "Magic Recharge"

and "Overheat"
"Invisibility" perk
"Teleportation" perk

4,000,000 1,280 Credits
Titan Desolator with "Lifesteal" enchantment
Recharging Shield (protect him from attacks once the shield is fully charged - appears after getting defeated once, and regenerates faster after getting defeated twice)
4,000,000 3 Gems


Chapter 1

Shroud welcom.png
Shadow goes through the Gates and is approached by a mysterious figure called Shroud who commands Shadow to put his weapons down but Shadow instead challenges him to a fight. Shroud, being a very strong foe, is almost about to defeat Shadow when Kali interferes and manages to temporarily immobilize him, giving Shadow and herself the time to escape.
Kali Helps.png

Kali takes Shadow to a secret Hideout where their leader, Cypher, questions his presence. Kali tells him how Shadow survived the Gates and how Shroud was sent to capture him on his arrival. Cypher is impressed by this and deduces that Shadow must be someone of great importance if Titan sent his strongest fighter to intercept him. Kali gives Shadow a tour of the hideout explaining that all the creatures hiding here have had their lands and people claimed by Titan while they were too powerless to overcome him. Kali tells Shadow that he must earn their respect through combat. After Shadow defeats all the fighters, Cypher and Kali tell Shadow that Titan never conquered a world without resistance. Each time a champion went on to challenge Titan, but they failed, and then, another world followed the same fate. Shroud is one of the champions. However, Titan ended up gaining control over his mind and making him a slave. Cypher then challenges Shadow to a friendly fight to test his powers. Cypher proves to be an adept fighter but Shadow eventually defeats him.


Cypher then tells Shadow about a race of powerful ancient creatures who inhabited the land before Titan took over. When Titan arrived, he used his powers to change the will of all the creatures in the land, making them his slaves. However, he could not change the will of the ancient creatures as they were too strong so instead he ordered their extermination. Titan was almost successful. Only one ancient managed to escape and go into hiding. Cypher built a machine several years ago to track this ancient down. The machine was called Cronos, an advanced humanoid robot. Cronos found the Ancient but the creature, having advanced powers, changed the will of Cronos. It planted the idea of cleaning the world of all vices in Cronos' head. As a result, Cronos became insane. 

Cronos Defeated.png

Shadow, accompanied by Kali, then decides to track Cronos down as he was their best hope of finding the Ancient. They find Cronos at the Factory where a Survival-style fight takes place between Shadow and the five Looters guarding Cronos. Shadow defeats them all and finally Cronos, too, is disabled. Shadow and Kali manage to trace the Ancient to the Stone Grove by checking Cronos' memory chip. They reach the Grove and start their search for the Ancient. However, they are interrupted by Shroud who threatens Shadow and mentions their earlier fight, claiming that they have unfinished business to attend to.

Chapter 2

Shroud then reveals himself to be Ancient in disguise. Kali introduces Shadow as the Champion who has come to defeat Titan, but the Ancient does not believe that Shadow is capable of it. He recalls meeting the warriors who had sought to defeat Titan before. They had all been confident and strong. However, when Ancient saw them again, they had all become Titan's mindless soldiers, destroying the very homelands they had sought to protect. 

Shadow's new appearance, disguised as Titan's soldier.

Ancient summons the ghosts of the warriors who fell to Titan's Sword as a test to find the extent of Shadow's capabilities. Shadow defeats all the ghosts and the Ancient admits that Shadow was indeed very powerful and a skilled warrior. He asks Shadow to not fight Titan and hide like he does before disguising him as one of Titan's soldiers to help him escape notice. Kali asks Ancient if he really thinks Shadow will stop in his quest. Ancient admits that his need to stop Shadow was much greater because Titan must not have control over a warrior as formidable as Shadow. He challenges Shadow to a fight but is defeated.

Ancient Victory.png

He then admits that Shadow was indeed even stronger than Shroud as Shroud could not manage to defeat the Ancient. Kali and Shadow are surprised to learn that Ancient had taught Shroud. The Ancient reveals that he had believed Shroud would manage to defeat Titan but instead Titan made a slave out of him. Kali asks Ancient if he believes Shadow now, and Ancient says it has been a long time since he believed in someone and tells them to leave, as he has nothing more for them.

Cypher demands a progress report from Kali who tells him that it was nothing but a useless meeting, however, the Ancient did disguise Shadow as one of Titan's soldiers. Cypher says that Shadow will not be allowed near Titan, but there is tournament going on, the winner of which will be promoted to "Faceless", Titan's elite soldiers. This would be a good opportunity for Shadow to reach Titan. Shadow agrees to fight at the Incubator Tournament. The Incubator is also the hatching place for warriors that Titan had been breeding. After Shadow defeats a number of the fighters at the Incubator, Cypher radios Shadow and informs him that Shroud has become insane. He has learned this information by intercepting messages from Justice, a warrior personally sent by Titan to neutralize Shroud and capture Shadow. After winning some more rounds of the tournament, Cypher again informs Shadow that Shroud has become even more unstable. When Shadow wins the tournament, he receives news that Shroud has broken into the Hideout and has taken on the entire force of warriors, all of whom are powerless against him. Cypher alerts Shadow of this crisis while he is locked in his panic room, trying to come up with a solution.

Shroud holds Cypher and the others at ransom, demanding Shadow to fight him. Shadow agrees to the challenge. He has improved immensely since their first encounter and manages to defeat Shroud with little difficulty. Shroud then discloses that he is not under Titan's mind control and that all his actions were carried out of his own free will. He believes that Titan's conquest and rule save the worlds from destroying themselves. Suddenly, Justice appears. Interrupting the dialogue, she orders that Shroud be placed in the Incubator's feeding tube to "serve as nutrition for a new generation of Titan's military". Afterwards, Justice recognizes Shadow as an extraordinary fighter and commends his style, saying that despite his disguise, she knew who he was all along.

Chapter 3

Justice then reveals her true identity: she is none other than May. Completely under Titan's control, her eyes are now white like a demon's. She asks Shadow if he wishes to take Titan's place. Then she sees Kali and thinking that Shadow had already moved on and found a new "girlfriend", she says that Titan was right about him all along. Shadow is not saving the world. All he wants is "chicks" and "power". Kali rebukes May and tells her that she is nothing but Shadow's liaison officer and that Shadow had come across the Gates for May. Cypher interrupts, revealing that he had now activated the Hideout's defense circuit, effectively trapping May. She realizes that she has been tricked and threatens that Titan would kill them all. Cypher states that May lost her mind because of Titan and as long as Titan holds grip over her, she will remain like that.

Shadow and Kali then go to Titan's Citadel with the hopes of defeating him but they are attacked by a group of Scavengers - prisoners on whom Titan conducted horrible experiments. They can sense the shadow energy which makes up Shadow's body and are attracted towards its smell. One by one, Shadow defeats the Scavengers. The pair then proceeds to enter the citadel but are surprised to find Titan inside, already waiting for them. Titan tells them that there have been Shadow's different dimension counterparts who had survived the Gates of Shadows but none of them have been as strong as Shadow. Shadow then battles Titan's bodyguards. After their defeat, Titan admits that he was surprised that Shadow was victorious against his bodyguards. Titan is very impressed and says that Shadow is incredible, his capability unimaginable. To test Shadow's limits, he summons May which surprises Kali. Kali questions her escape. May reveals that she killed her captors back at the hideout and managed to escape which enrages Kali who abuses her. May tells her to restrict herself and challenges Shadow to fight. She taunts him by saying that she doubts Shadow can win as she knows all his fighting styles. After a challenging fight, Shadow defeats her and Titan's control over May breaks. Kali tells May to go back through the Gates, saying that after freeing her, Shadow has only one thing left to do - fight Titan. Although reluctant at first, May finally leaves. 

The final battle begins. Titan goads Shadow by saying that after Shadow loses, he will let him live only long enough to witness his vast empire. He makes the mistake of underestimating Shadow and holds back, making simple attacks with his Desolator, which gives Shadow the upper hand. After Shadow wins the first round, Titan activates his shield which blocks one incoming damage then deactivates itself until charged. He uses his extendable arm to catch Shadow and magic to grab and choke him. Despite everything, Shadow prevails. As Titan's suit starts to explode Shadow dashes back towards the Gates. 

Shadow got his body back

On the other side, an anxious May awaits his return. As the Gates begin to crumble, she spots a silhouetted figure emerging from the dust and rubble - Shadow has not only managed to avoid the explosion and return through the Gates, he has also got his physical body back. Shadow has also won the Eternals' Sphere from Titan. The two hug and then decide to return home while a mysterious slithering shadow is seen following them.

Characters Introduced In Act VII

New Equipment And Items

Soundtracks used in this Act

  1. Factory: Used during fights in Factory survival and duels.
  2. Fat Boss: Used during fights in Hideout tournament and duels.
  3. Stone Grove: Used during fights in Stone Grove tournament and challenges.
  4. Hive: Used during fights in Incubator tournament and survival.
  5. Spaceship: Used during fights in Spaceship challenge.
  6. Stardocks: Used during fights with Titan's bodyguards.
  7. Final Boss: Used during fight with Justice/May.
  8. Titan Epic Fight: Used during fight with Titan.


  • Kali becomes Sly's replacement in Act VII, taking over all of his usual speaking roles during the Interlude.
  • At the first encounter with Shroud (after entering the Gates of Shadows), it is nearly impossible to defeat him, no matter how powerful the player's weapon is. His attack power is too strong and his armor is too defensive; even if the player does manage to survive the battle, the player will never be able to deal enough damage to beat him within 99 seconds.
  • All enemies in the Cronos fight do not use ranged weapons or magic.
    • However, Looters do use ranged weapons and magic in normal Factory Survival.
  • Even though the Cronos fight says it gives 267 credit as a reward for defeating Cronos, the fight only gives 266.
  • Ancient always says the player can stand for five seconds during Hot Ground challenges. However, he is not always correct; the timer is sometimes seven seconds.
  • This is the only Act where "Dodge Enemy Missiles" rule does not kill the player instantly with one ranged weapon hit.
  • Titan's soldiers in Incubator are named after gemstones.
  • Act VII is longer compared to the previous Acts, due to it being divided into chapters.
  • Act VII is the only Act that does not have any Challengers.
  • The soldiers at the Chapter 3 Survival do not use magic.
  • Hideout Tournament uses the same soundtrack as Tournament in Act VI: Iron Reign.

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