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Act VI: Iron Reign is the sixth act in Shadow Fight 2. Act VI comprises 7 modes of play: Tournament, Challenge, Gates of Shadows, Storyline fights, Survival, Duel and Old Wounds, exclusive game mode in Special Edition

Act VI Sets in Ivory City. After Shadow defeats Shogun's first bodyguard, Corporal thinks Shadow is the "Prince" which ruled the Ivory City before he was assassinated by Shogun, which takes the place of his position.

Modes of Play


The player must go through simple fights in 24 stages one by one with maximum of 3 rounds each and must win two rounds in each stage. Winning rewards the player with gold coins and XP. The tournament takes place in an icy cavern, silhouettes of people frozen in the ice can be seen in the background.

Enemy Weapon Rewards
XP Normal Eclipse
Various(1-24) Various 400,000    613,000-5,620.000 Coins       -


Challenges are unlocked after six stages of tournament. The player must go through fights with altered rules and conditions in 24 stages one by one with maximum of 3 rounds each and must win two rounds in each stage. Winning rewards the player with gold coins and XP. Challenge fights take place in a barren, mountainous area near the Gates of Shadows.

Enemy Weapon Rewards
XP Normal Eclipse
Various(1-24) Various 400.000     811,000-6,020.000 Coins       -

Storyline Fights

Check: Shogun for Shogun and his bodyguards further information

Shadow has to defeat Shogun and his 5 bodyguards to collect the Jade seal. Shadow fights them in the burning Ivory City.

Enemy Weapon Rewards
XP Normal Eclipse
Corporal Jumonji Yari 800,000  1,540,000  Coins     -
Captain Odachi 800,000  1,780,000 Coins     -
Major Wakizashis 800,000  2,580,000 Coins     -
Colonel Bisento 800,000  4,190,000 Coins     -
General's Mercaneries 1st=Sai

2nd=Blade tonfas

3rd=Dual Wakizashis

4th=Three pronged claws

5th=Spiked axes

75,000   760,370 Coins     -
General type of Glaive 800,000   10,000,000 Coins     -
Shogun Shogun's Katana 4,000,000     3 Gems     Shogun's



In Survival, the player must endure ten successive rounds consisting of simple fights. They are playable in every act from the beginning. Rewards include gold coins and very small amounts of XP. At the completion of round 10, the player is awarded the achievement Sunstroke for the completion of Survival in Act VI. Survival takes place in a desert containing a ship graveyard.


Duels are unlocked after defeating the first two bodyguards of Shogun.

It has a maximum of rounds in every try, two of which are required to be won. Rewards are coins and small amounts of XP. It has altered rules and conditions. It is only available to fight in every 4 hours and need internet connection. Duels take place on a floating island surrounded by other suspended landmasses.

Old Wounds (Special Edition only)


Old Wounds is an exclusive game mode which tells the past of Sensei, narrated by Sensei himself. It is available only in the Special Edition, unlocked after completing three tournament stages. In order to play Old Wounds in Act VI, players need to complete the Old Wounds in Act V.

When Sensei finds Prince, he says, with flaming eyes, that justice has triumph as Shogun's mind is in his control now. Prince makes Shogun fight Sensei. After he defeats Shogun, Sensei tries to reason with Prince, which is useless, because the Prince has totally lost his mind. Thinking that Sensei wants to take his throne, Prince proceeds to take out Sensei. But, Sensei manages to stop Prince and defeat him, before he can do anything harmful.

Enemy Equipment Difficulty Reward

Weapon: Shogun's Katana
Armor: (enchanted with Damage Absorption)
Helm: (enchanted with Damage Absorption)
Ranged Weapon: Keen Chakram
Magic: Asteroid

Hard 45 Gems

Weapon: Keen Katana (enchanted with Lifesteal)
Armor: Sentinel's Coat (enchanted with Magic Recharge)
Helm: Closed Helm
Ranged Weapon: Throwing Daggers
Magic: Minor Charge of Darkness

Hard 48 Gems


The group arrives in the great Ivory City. Sensei is alarmed to discover that it has been destroyed, being burnt in a cursed fire. Suddenly, the group is approached by Corporal, the first of Shogun's official and elite bodyguards. Shadow defeats Corporal, and as a result is mistaken as a "Prince" who has come to defeat Shogun.

The group is aware that Corporal has merely mistaken Shadow's identity, but, as suggested by Sly, they play along. Shadow is continually mistaken for a prince for the entire hierarchy of Shogun's army. Most reveal their intense hatred for the "prince", some show concern for the safety of the "prince", urging him to leave to save himself from Shogun.

After Shadow battles and defeats Shogun's next four bodyguards, he is faced with far more difficult battles. Shogun orders General to use whatever resources he deems necessary to defeat Shadow and execute his associates. General deploys his best mercenary unit to fight Shadow but they are defeated. General himself steps forward and challenges Shadow but he too is defeated.

The path to Shogun is clear. Shadow challenges the mighty warlord to a battle. Shogun has also mistaken Shadow's identity, taking him for a prince like all of his warriors. The battle takes place in a scorching and arid landscape, in the heart of a burning city. Cursed flames engulf all buildings in sight and make the scene hazy, limiting visibility. Shadow is outnumbered during the fight, and, battling a powerful adversary, is unable to focus on the soldiers that Shogun fights alongside; as such, he takes a few hits and is pushed around during the fight. However, despite being outnumbered, he manages to defeat the samurai warlord and take his seal.

Shogun is devastated when he is defeated in battle. He is in disbelief and denial, refusing to belief that he has been defeated. He states the importance of his empire, and, still under the false impression that Shadow is a prince, reveals his fear that Shadow is going to claim his empire for his own. However, he manages to mask some of his fear by claiming that his followers would not submit to a "petty prince".

Shadow collects Shogun's jade seal and proceeds to the Gates of Shadows ... but he, and his friends, discover that getting there will not be so easy.

Gates Of Shadows

The six demons have all joined together to form a formidable force. Lynx, Hermit, Butcher, Wasp, Widow and Shogun have united to prevent Shadow from sealing them away. Lynx, Butcher and Wasp attempt to intimidate Shadow, with Butcher discussing his plans for Shadow's corpse, Lynx stating that it has been a long time since their last encounter and Wasp stating the odds are six to one.

Shadow battles all six demons in a row and proves to be greater than all of them combined. Shogun is shocked once more and says that despite being the "most powerful warriors who ever lived", they were still overwhelmed by Shadow. Hermit remarks that Shadow is too powerful and that he does not belong in their world because of his skills. Widow tells Shadow that this will not be their last encounter and begrudgingly congratulates him on his victory.

Note: Unlike other boss battles, if the player loses the fight in Gates of Shadows, there are no special dialogues and the player can try again until they win.

His path to the Gates cleared once more, the seals activate the Gates of Shadows. An extremely powerful wind is summoned, and the Gates of Shadows begins drawing in torrents of dust and air. The characters struggle to remain standing, but May is not able to hold her ground and begins being pulled in towards the Gates. Shadow tries to catch her but her hands slip and she is whisked away. The Gates suddenly slam shut, and Titan chuckles malevolently.

Characters Introduced In Act VI

New Equipment And Items 

Soundtracks used in this Act

  1. Burning Town: Used during the fights with Shogun, his bodyguards and General's Mercenaries.
  2. Fat Boss: Used during Tournament fights.
  3. Graveyard Ships: Used during Survival fights.
  4. Flying Rocks: Used during Challenge, Prince and Shogun fight in Old Wounds.
  5. Heavenly Clouds: Used during Duel and Ronin's fights.
  6. Gates of Shadows: Used during Gates of Shadows fight.
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