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Accelerator is the name of a main quest and boss fight of Transformation: Itu's Plane of Shadow Fight 3. It is the fourth boss fight of Itu's Plane, which takes place at the crypt.


Proxy is reactivated once the party has arrived at the Crypt. Shibata asks for everyone to hear for what Nanami has to say, only to be harshly scolded by Jet. She does not waver however, and instead refuses to negotiate for the sake of keeping the work of her mistress and the Empire. Jet then tries to attack the bot, but Proxy quickly defends her. Jet proceeds to change her target and tries to attack Proxy.

Fight Info

Jet is fought as the fourth boss of Itu's Plane. She can inflict a poisoning effect to the player from a successful hit or a blocked hit. The rates of health drops is depends on the player's stability; the lower their stability, the more health to be depleted. The fight can consist of up to five rounds, and the player must score three victories in order to win. The timer for each round is 99 seconds, and the players must defeat Jet before the timer ends.

Jet wields Composite Glaive, a pair of blades which can be linked together to form a glaive and unlinked at will. Fighting style using this weapon features many swift, agile jumps and leaps.

Enemy Info

  • Name: Jet
  • Fighting Style: Dynasty
  • Weapon: Stream (Composite Glaive)
  • Armor: Prince of Wasteland (Recolored)
  • Helm: None
  • Ranged Weapon: Luna Chakrams
  • Rule(s): Cruel Snake Charmer
  • Recommended Stability: 18750

Special Ability

  • Nomad's Art

Jet is capable of utilizing shadow energy to assist her movements, conjuring glass-like barriers to help her maneuver around the battlefield to either dodge the player's attacks or perform sneaky attacks. There are 4 ways for Jet to utilize her ability:

  • Conjures three thin barriers in front of her, which Jet uses to step on. This is a defensive-oriented move, which Jet uses to either side step around the player to dodge their attacks and get behind them, or to close gaps quickly. Jet will become invulnerable while stepping on the barriers.
  • Conjures a pole-like barrier behind her. Jet then quickly holds on it and spins herself around horizontally to kick the player, and then slashes forward with a blade. This is an offensive-oriented move, Jet is capable of dealing 4 combo hits at most with this move. She starts using this move after she is losing one round.
  • Conjures a wall-like barrier behind her. Jet uses the wall as a medium to perform a wall-jump, and then performs a combination of cartwheel kick and Glaive slashes as she lands. Another offensive-oriented move, Jet is capable of dealing 4 combo hits at most with this move. She starts using this move after she is losing one round.
  • Using shadow energy, Jet can cloak herself in invisibility. She stays that way until she get hit successfully by the player or she enters shadow form. Jet starts using this trick after she is losing two rounds.

Shadow Abilities


Leaps forward while spinning horizontally with a whirl of Shadow energy around her, knocking back the player.

  • Peg-Top SHADOW AGILE ARMOR 2.png

Tucks into a breakdance windmill, rapidly spinning horizontally forward while twirling her legs in the air, kicking the player many times.

  • Burst SHADOW MINE.png

Slams a fist into the ground, causing a close-range explosive burst of Shadow energy around Jet, and teleporting her backwards.


Charges up and rolls a Chakram charged with Shadow energy on the ground, which spins forwards through the player's legs, before returning and hitting them again from behind.


  • So you're with them now?
  • Don't involve the bot into this!
  • The councellor will deal with you.
  • Back off!
  • Have a rest, scrap!
  • Stay away for your own good!
  • You bots are all the same!
  • So tiresome you are!
  • Mister Shibata!
  • Who do you think you are?
  • You have no soul.


Winning this fight rewards the players with experience points and 20 gems.

The amount of coins given depends on the number of:

  • Head hits dealt by the players.
  • Shadow abilities performed by the players
  • Critical hits dealt by the players.
  • First Strikes dealt by the players.
  • Maximum combo performed by the players.

2 cards (plus one bonus card) are also obtained. These cards can be either items, special moves, or perks with a rarity of Common, Rare, Epic, or Legendary.